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Eight of Swords Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

Eight of swords is part of the minor arcana group. It depicts a woman wearing long clothing. The striking element that’s on the woman is the blindfold covering her eyes. The woman is also bound by the same garment used to blindfold her.

Around her are eight swords stabbing the ground, seemingly forming a human-sized cage. She is oblivious of the enormous gap in front of her on where she can escape. The blindfold=old is blocking her vision.

The ground on which she stands seems to have bits of water pooling on her feet. Perhaps her feet can sense the cold as she stands heedless, not knowing anything happening around her. If we look closer, the ground on where she stands seems to be fertile and healthy as it has the gift of water around it too.

Eight of Swords Upright Keywords

  • Negative thoughts
  • Restrictions
  • Limitations
  • Paralyzed
  • Feeling powerless
  • Imprisonment
  • Trapped
  • Victim mentality
  • Unproductive
  • Hopeless
  • Lack of awareness
  • Backed into a corner
  • Hands tied
  • Anxiety and fear
  • Silenced
  • Crisis
  • Persecution
  • Dilemma
  • Consequences
  • Negative attitudes
  • Drama
  • Helpless

Eight of Swords Reversed Keywords

  • Productivity
  • Finding a way out
  • Taking control
  • Regaining awareness
  • Awareness
  • Light at the end of the tunnel
  • Self-limiting beliefs
  • Inner critic
  • Releasing negativity/ negative thoughts
  • Opening up your mind
  • Freedom
  • Surviving
  • Surrender
  • Empowered
  • Escape
  • Hopeful
  • Overcoming
  • Triumph
  • Healing
  • Facing fears

Eight of Swords General Meaning

The woman is seen blindfolded, and she seems unaware of the things around her. And so, she exhibits fear and anxiety as she waits for nothing. The blindfolds are her thoughts and feelings. They seem to prevent her from seeing the picture, the whole situation.

It could also be the fears, worries, anxieties she has that restrict her from moving. The swords planted on the ground also represent a jail. She is trapped inside her limiting beliefs. As we can see, there is a vast opening in front of her, which she is oblivious about.

This applies to a lot of situations in our lives. We might be in cases that trap us because of the thoughts and feelings we acquire. These emotions blind us to the right choices to make. Not only that, we feel paralyzed and seemingly unable to think straight. It’s essential to keep your ground and try not to get too caught up. The land where she stands has pools of water. This can indicate the possibility of growth only if she recognizes it.

Her feet are on these pools, representing she might know a lot more than she sees. This can be a sign to pay more attention to her intuition and gut feeling. Perhaps she was neglecting her surroundings because of various factors affecting her decisions.

Eight of Swords (Upright) Meaning

Eight of swords speaks of your feeling of entrapment in a particular situation. You might feel like you have limited choices and almost no way out. This feeling is highlighted more because of your feelings and thoughts. They cloud your objectivity, and you are likely to succumb to them.

Unlike the King of Swords tarot, this card speaks of what you can do only if you put your emotions and thoughts in their places. There is still too much to uncover. Entrapping yourself in a situation just because of unnecessary feelings and ideas is very stagnating. Your overthinking is causing harmful effects on your life and how you live it. It can be limiting you that you are unable to do your best. This card encourages you to try and stop overthinking. The negativity can blind you if you let it continue.

Try to shift your thoughts to the positive side. This way, your actions are more informed, and you can find the best way to deal with the problem. Nurturing positive thoughts and positive energy will bring you a better situation. It’s also essential for you to keep your mind open. If you close your heart and mind too soon, you might not find the solution you are desperately looking for.

This card can also represent your confusion. Perhaps you do not know what to do during a particular situation. Are you going to leave or stay? Maybe you are thinking about the consequences, and they’re making you more confused. This card tells you to be more aware of the situation. It encourages trusting your guts and intuition. Do not get drowned in your emotions and thoughts. Trust what you think is right, and don’t get swayed by your feelings.

Eight of Swords (Upright) in In Love and Relationship

Eight of swords speaks of feeling trapped inside a relationship. Perhaps you want to leave but are unable to. You might feel overwhelmed inside your relationship. Maybe you are shutting yourself out from your partner and have become distant from each other.

Unlike the Ace of Swords tarot card, this card can tell you that you may be overthinking things. Perhaps you have inner fear and anxiety in communicating. This can count as being afraid of confrontation. While it can be nerve-wracking, it’s essential to set you both free or rebuild the relationship. To create change, you need to be able to take the first step. In a relationship, there should be a compromise. Both of you should have a good talk and decide what’s better for the relationship, to let go or grow together.

This card can tell you that you are pretty passive with your romantic life if you are single. You are not in a place where you are eager to meet people and date. It’s totally okay to feel this way. Perhaps you need time by yourself and grow alone at the moment. When you are ready, and the timing is good, love will come to you.

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Eight of Swords (Upright) in Career and Finance

Eight of Swords can indicate feeling trapped in your career or position. Perhaps you would want to leave, but you are afraid to. Mainly because your job is your source of income, and quitting it can cause a massive change in your life. You also think that it is hard to find a job that serves you like this one, financially. You might feel like you are helpless and you have no backup plan. There are no visible opportunities around you. This increases your doubts.

This card is a reminder that you are in control of your life. You might feel like you are helpless, but everything can be changed only if you want to. If you think you are no longer growing in that career path, it would be best to leave. If you love it and believe you can still regain control and growth, then it’s up to you if it’s worth saving.

In the aspect of your financial matters, you may also feel trapped. Perhaps you are anxious about your bank account and in search of how you can improve your situation. Frequently, the answer is just around you. However, because of overthinking, you are unable to see them clearly. You need to open your mind and think outside the box. You might not see the good things and solutions around you. Be open to change and possibilities.

Eight of Swords (Upright) in Health

Eight of swords in the aspect of your health can represent mental issues and disorders like PTSD, depression, panic attacks, etc. It would be best to visit and ask for help from a professional. This card is also a card for losing weight. If you have been subjecting yourself to some diet to lose weight, this card gives you good news. This card also encourages you to take care of your eyesight as it can be a sign of blindness.

Eight of Swords (Upright) in Spirituality

In the aspect of your spirituality, this card can tell you that you are entrapped in a religious practice or limiting beliefs. Again, this card reminds you that you are the captain of your ship. Navigate towards wherever you feel is right and help you grow spiritually.

Eight of Swords (Reversed) Meaning

Eight of swords in reverse is a card representing recognition and acknowledgment of responsibility. You are now more mature and can make more sound decisions for yourself. You have better control of your emotions and thoughts, allowing you to make a more informed decision.

This card in reverse can also tell you that you might be being too hard on yourself. Perhaps your inner critic is being too judgmental and might leave you feeling helpless and insecure. This can also cause worries about one’s self. This card in reverse encourages you to free yourself from the grasp of insecurity, worries, and doubts. It’s time to trust yourself more and trust your intuition. This card in reverse can signal your openness to change and possibilities.

Eight of Swords (Reversed) in Love and Relationship

If you are in a relationship, this card indicates that both of you are developing a clearer perspective of your relationship. You are more understanding of each other and are ready to make necessary changes to strengthen your relationship. The anxieties and worries you have may be starting to clear up. You now know what you have to do to save the relationship. You can find the happiness that has been missing as you grow together.

If you are single, this card in reverse indicates your readiness. You are now ready to let go of all the emotions and thoughts that may have been limiting you from opening up. You are now more willing to take the right course of action in your love life. The anxiety and fears that once blocked you are now slowly being lifted.

Eight of Swords (Reversed) in Career and Finance

This card in reverse tells you of a clearer vision. The situation you are in is getting easier as you have better control of your emotions and thoughts. This card can also indicate that you may have new opportunities open for you. If you have been waiting for an application response, this can indicate positive news for you. You are closer to yourself as you unlock and gradually appreciate your potential. It’s essential to listen to what your intuition is telling you.

This card speaks of your triumph over the negative situation you have been in. You have finally had the strength to leave whatever it is that has been restricting you and limiting your potential.

On your financial aspect, you are becoming more open to possibilities. Finally, you are opening and widening your horizons. The opportunities and a clear picture are available to you now. You now have the resources to make a healthy decision for your finance and your health as well.

This card reminds you that you have the power to change the course in your sail. Your future is in your hands, and you can make the necessary changes to help yourself. Do not let your fear and worry take over. Remember that you can always interfere and decide for the best.

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Eight of Swords (Reversed) in Health

Eight of swords in reverse signifies recovery. You are now recovering from the disorder and mental issues you have been struggling with. This card in reverse is also a sign of a successful eye operation or medication.

This card can also speak of depression and suicidal tendencies. You might feel like there’s no way to escape but death. However, there is still so much in life. If you are struggling with this, it would be best to seek help from a trusted friend or a professional. Do not give up, and you can overcome this!

Eight of Swords (Reversed) in Spirituality

This card in reverse speaks of feeling empowered. You may find a particular thing that can help you grow spiritually. You are exercising your freedom to explore the spiritual realm and are hopeful and eager to learn more.

Eight of Swords: YES or NO?

Eight of Swords is a card of restrictions, limitations, and feeling helpless. This card speaks of being blinded by thoughts and overwhelming emotions. You need to be more objective in making your decisions. For these reasons, the answer to your yes or no question is NO. If you draw the card and it appears upside down, pick another one for confirmation.

Eight of Swords Advice

The Eight of Swords as advice wants you to rethink a situation. Maybe now’s not the right time for you to start moving forward.

It’s important that you evaluate the pros and cons of this situation. Think about how it will impact you in the future and if you can handle it.

You don’t need to act impulsive just because you want something. If something is really for you, then you’ll still have it at the right time.

The universe reminds you not to pressure yourself. You shouldn’t focus on rushing things that are worth the wait.

Please stay patient.

Eight of Swords Reversed Advice

The Eight of Swords, in reverse, wants you to fall back. You don’t have to remain in a toxic and overwhelming situation.

If you feel like something isn’t for you, take that as a sign to leave. Remember, not everything and everyone is meant to stay.

Just because you already have a job mean that you’ll not resign. There will come a time when you’ll realize that the work environment isn’t worth staying in.

You have what it takes to walk away from a situation. Don’t continue to make it harder for yourself.

You’ll do more extraordinary things soon enough.

Eight of Swords as a Person

The Eight of Swords card as a person is someone who is lost. You may be someone who only chooses to see the narrow and apparent parts.

You’re someone who doesn’t want to see the bigger picture. Once you realize this, it will be easier for you to analyze situations and people.

You’re someone who focuses on unnecessary situations. It’s time to get hold of your priorities and set them straight.

It is also possible that you don’t have a clear vision of what you want. So you continue to focus on the things that are only presented to you.

Eight of Swords Reversed as a Person

The Eight of Swords, in reverse, is someone who would self-sabotage. You may be the type of person who continues to have intrusive thoughts.

You’re someone who is finding a hard time differentiating right from wrong. You want to move forward to be better, but you’re struggling with that.

You’re someone who would always choose the easy route. If you continue to do this, you’ll never learn to grow as a person.

You’re someone who continues to have low self-esteem. You’re hesitant to present yourself to others because you believe that you aren’t capable.

You’re someone who continues to hide.

Eight of Swords Present

In the present, you're facing a significant challenge in your life. Because of an abundance of responsibilities, you're starting to feel overwhelmed.

But don't give up because this is just the starting point. You'll have to experience more challenges in the future.

Because of intense pressure, you're starting to distance yourself. You're moving away from the opportunities that are fit for you.

You're someone who is currently doubting your full potential. You refuse to believe you'll get through the day because of pressure.

In order to relax, you need to provide more time for yourself. Just treat yourself more.

Eight of Swords Past

In the past, you used to ignore all the opportunities around you. This is because you used to have a lack of confidence in yourself.

You were the type of person who would self-sabotage. Every minor inconvenience has led you to doubt your abilities.

You experienced countless rejections in the past. And this slowly made you lose your faith in yourself.

But the past has taught you to see a silver lining. It taught you that no matter how many times you fall, you’ll still stand up.

Because you have no choice but to adapt to change for the best version.

Eight of Swords Future

In the future, you’ll have the courage to check on yourself. After years of looking after others and focusing on your career, you’ll apply self-care.

This is important, especially since you’re slowly shifting. You’ll eventually move into different places where you need to grow.

This card wants you to focus on your mental health. Life can be exhausting, so you need to provide a time for rest and relaxation.

It’s okay if you’ll feel a sudden burnout or outburst. You don’t have to figure everything out when you’re already there.

But you’ll continue to fight for your dream life.

Eight of Swords as How Someone Feels About You

Someone feels confused about what they should do with you. If this is a love interest, they’re still uncertain of what they want.

This person is currently juggling many responsibilities. And they don’t know if they can manage their time for you in the future.

This person feels confused about where they stand in your life. Perhaps you’re also confused as to how you’ll manage this connection.

This person feels like you have more room to grow. They believe that you shouldn’t hesitate to leave everything when the time is right.

This person wants to give you advice about life.

Eight of Swords Outcome

The Eight of Swords as the outcome shows you’re stuck. You’re stuck between what you want and people’s expectations.

Maybe your family is currently putting you under pressure. Or your partner wants you to be someone you don’t want to be.

You feel like a mirror ball in every struggle you face. You feel like you are made to exist for the convenience and standards of others.

But deep down, you want to walk away and leave everything behind. You’re exhausted from hearing the demands of people.

This pressure would often reflect your career. It slowly takes out your constant motivation.

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Eight of Swords Pregnancy and Fertility

The Eight of Swords can be a sign of pregnancy. But this may show that you’re currently overthinking this situation.

Maybe because you’re still having second thoughts, if you aren’t pregnant yet, then you’re uncertain if you want this to happen.

So it’s important that you evaluate this situation first because you may end up with regrets if you choose to act impulsive.

It’s important you realize that this decision is for you. Therefore, you have the ability to have the upper hand in making a choice.

Don’t let external factors intervene in your decision because this is your life.

Eight of Swords Energy

The Eight of Swords is energy of isolation. You may feel like you’re currently locked up in a cell with no way to escape.

This is because you feel like options are only limited to you. The opportunities that you can receive are only minor, as well as the chances.

You feel like you don’t know what you really want. This energy remains in a dormant state of isolation.

You’ll not be able to grow if you don’t start moving. You’ll not have the chance to receive opportunities if you have this mindset.

So start changing what you think.

Eight of Swords as Action

The Eight of Swords continues to be in a dormant state. So this could mean that you refuse to take immediate action.

This is because you continue to doubt yourself. You feel like you only have limited choices for your future goals.

You continue to sabotage yourself into believing that nothing is for you. But when in reality, you’re free to accept any opportunity.

You continue to have intense anxiety and fear. This is the reason why you refuse to come out of the box.

You’re someone who is always strong at resistance. You refuse to grow to be better.

Eight of Swords as Intentions

The Eight of Swords as intentions show resistance. You intend to build a life for yourself, but you lack determination.

This is because you continue to doubt yourself. You continue to have the mindset that everything may not work out.

You intend to plant the best version of yourself. But it’s also you who continues to prevent yourself from changing.

Nothing will happen if you remain in your old place. You need to have the courage to leave your comfort zone in order to explore.

There’s so much in store for you in the future. You just have to believe.

Eight of Swords as How Someone Sees You

Someone sees you as the type of person who is narrow-minded. Maybe because they often see you ignoring the bigger picture.

They see you as someone who would choose the easy route. You don’t want to exhaust yourself by going the hard way.

This person thinks that you have to grow more. They believe that you need to provide more room for yourself to improve.

This person sees you as someone who is always confused. This is because you’re still uncertain of the goals you want to achieve.

You’re someone who refuses to see things from a different perspective.

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Eight of Swords Time Frame

The Eight of Swords can have a specific time frame. But this will still depend on your current situation and energy.

The Eight of Swords can represent a period of eight weeks. This card has a connection with Jupiter in Gemini.

The specific event may be related to providing room for self-growth. A period may start on May 21 that will end on May 31.

The Eight of Swords has a connection to the element of air. This timing may represent staying in practicality or releasing your ego.

Whatever the outcome is, be sure to get ready for individual change.

Eight of Swords as a Woman

The Eight of Swords card can be a representation of a woman. You may be someone who continues to be uncertain of everything.

You feel like you’re not improving; this is because of resistance. You continue to feel like you’re not capable of showing your abilities.

You’re someone who continues to have negative thoughts. You’re the type of person who would self-sabotage due to struggles.

But don’t worry too much, you’ll go where you need to be. Everything happens for a reason, and you’ll soon be okay.

But please keep in mind that you’re always more robust than you think.

Eight of Swords as a Man

The Eight of Swords is a representation of a man. You may be someone who continues to have low self-esteem.

Opportunities are making their way toward you. But the only problem is that you refuse to accept these opportunities.

You may be someone who has a lot of goals you wish to achieve. But you don’t know the starting point to become successful.

You continue to doubt yourself and the abilities you have. This is also the reason why you continue to hold on to resistance.

You’ll not be able to grow if you keep on staying in one place.

Eight of Swords Communication

The Eight of Swords can be an essential card for communication. This means that you may experience touch that’s not proper.

So you need to work on implementing healthy communication. And it should always start first with having a mindset that can listen and understand.

You must be willing to open yourself to feedback or criticism. These are essential tools to consider in order to improve your skills.

This card may represent communication that lacks understanding. You’ll not be able to understand the other if you don’t choose to listen.

You should start being honest and expressive to other people.

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Eight of Swords Reconciliation

The Eight of Swords is a sign of reconciliation. But this could mean that a person is still hesitating to reconcile.

This past person believes that they need to improve more. They want to focus on themselves after a significant fallout from this relationship.

Maybe it’s not in their right mind to think about reconciliation. They don’t want to rush into thinking about this since individual growth is more important.

This past person still chooses to lock themselves in a cage. They refuse to come out and confront the consequences of their actions.

You’ll know if they’re the right ones.

Eight of Swords Physical Appearance

The Eight of Swords can have a specific physical appearance. But it will always depend on the person who received the card.

You may look like someone who is a nerd. Maybe your clothes would always look in place, or your hair is perfectly combed.

You may be someone who looks vulnerable on the outside. But what they don’t know is your ability to stay resilient on the inside.

Others may call you “weird” often. But this doesn’t necessarily need to be in the wrong way.

Maybe others find you weird that you have exquisite interests in your life.

Eight of Swords in a Love Reading

The Eight of Swords in a love reading may show that you’re trapped. It seems that you can’t quickly get out of a situation.

If you’re currently in a relationship, it’s already consuming you. Which is why you have this urge to leave your partner and move on.

But you choose to be stuck because part of you wants to stay. You should also be aware of the fact that this relationship isn’t for you.

You don’t allow yourself to feel free to love again. You continue to isolate yourself in a relationship that cannot be fixed.

Choose yourself now.

Eight of Swords Reversed Love Reading

This means that you’re starting to have a clear vision of what you want.

You may be someone who is currently trying to move on. You now realize that you need to grow more, even if it means walking alone.

You now understand that this relationship isn’t for you. But it taught you how to be stronger and more independent than ever.

You’re not resisting yourself from the change in your life. You’re now opening yourself to hundreds of possibilities available to you.

So fall in love with yourself.

Eight of Swords Reversed Outcome

The Eight of Swords, in reverse, shows that you’re now certain. You’re now ready to take a leap of faith to achieve your dreams.

You’re already aware that you’ll face countless challenges. But this shouldn’t stop you from believing in your skills and strengths.

You’re starting to see the bigger picture now. So you continue to broaden your options and make yourself feel seen.

This is the time when you’ll start leaving things behind. You’re done with people who continue to pressure you to be someone you’re not.

Try to keep the faith burning. You’ll soon manifest your dream life.

Eight of Swords Reversed Pregnancy

The Eight of Swords in reverse may show that you’re now ready. You’re done overthinking this situation, and it’s time for consideration.

So you’re currently thinking of entering the stage of parenthood. But you’re aware that the road is risky and filled with challenges.

This won’t stop you from achieving what you want. But before you make the decision, you’ll first evaluate.

You’ll have to think about this more carefully because your life and someone’s life can be in your hands.

The universe isn’t rushing you to take this step. So don’t pressure yourself to come up with a conclusion.

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Eight of Swords Friendship

The Eight of Swords may be a sign of friendship. It’s possible that your friends aren’t the right people for you right now.

It’s okay to feel exhausted from keeping up with your friends. Your emotions are valid when it comes to people invalidating your feelings.

So keep in mind that it’s also okay to detach from people. It’s okay to move on from toxic people that continue to consume you.

You don’t have to figure everything out right now. What’s important is that you’ll be able to choose yourself this time.

So carefully think about your decision before stepping.

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