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Eight of Swords as Feelings (Upright, Reversed, & Combinations)

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Eight of Swords as Feelings (Upright)

Someone’s Feelings for You

If you’re curious about someone’s feelings, they feel trapped. They’re having difficulty coming up with a final decision.

Because they choose to ignore the consequences of their actions, they feel overwhelmed whenever they think about their responsibilities.

This person lacks the accountability to solve their problems. They don’t wish to create immediate solutions whenever they harm someone.

So you’re probably disappointed with this person because they’ve done awful things to you and don’t learn how to apologize genuinely.

They’re taking their time for things to cool down before they act. They feel skeptical if they’re making the right choice because they’re always uncertain.

Your Lover’s Feelings For You

If you're curious about your lover's feelings, they feel anxious. They refuse to show their true feelings to you, so they hide them.

It's because this person isn't used to showing affection. So if something bothers them, they'll keep it to themselves.

It's not because they don't trust you, but because they got used to it. They became so private that it was hard for them to communicate.

They'll stay silent when something out of the blue hurts their feelings. Whenever you do something that unintentionally hurts them, they don't speak up.

You need to encourage your partner to be transparent with you because they need you the most whenever they're struggling with life's battles.

Your Ex’s Feelings For You

If you’re curious about your ex’s feelings, they feel stuck. They don’t know if they should move on or hope for things to change.

They’ve been going in circles for quite some time now. Sometimes they feel stagnant because they’re not focusing on themselves.

All they could think about was the potential of this connection. There are times when they regret that the separation had to happen.

But they understand that this is for the best. They know they must resolve some personal issues before reaching out to you.

So let this person work in their way and do your thing. Reconciliation is only possible if they’re willing to get their life together.

Eight of Swords Reversed as Feelings

Someone’s Feelings For You

In reverse, someone feels motivated to take the risk. They’re thinking about engaging in a higher form of commitment with you.

But they’re still trying to understand how things work around this connection. So they don’t want to dive into the unknown without proper observation.

They feel confident that they can take the shot. So they’ve been working on themselves lately to build a confident figure.

Everything is starting to be clear for them regarding this connection. They finally realize the potential of being with you despite the challenges.

So they’re ready to leave their shell to live happy lives. However, they’re still working on fighting their demons and negative thoughts.

Your Lover’s Feelings For You

In reverse, your partner feels excited about what’s to come in this relationship. They’re trying to make themselves available in building a future with you.

There’s no other way they can have the urge to find someone else. This person wants to go through life’s hardships with you, whatever it takes.

Your partner is willing to put their anxiousness to the side. They no longer feel skeptical about taking risks because they already have you.

Your relationship is starting to develop from time to time. The positive and negative changes are evident, and you’ll both need to compromise.

Your partner is ready to give you the life you deserve. Their mindset is already set for creating long-term goals for a successful life.

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Your Ex’s Feelings For You

In reverse, your ex is ready to make a move toward you. So expect that reconciliation might be lurking around the corner.

They finally understand the purpose of this enduring separation. They realize they need to work on themselves to become stronger for them.

They feel confident that they can be worthy of your love again. But they still feel anxious because you might not accept them again.

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Your ex is currently working hard to provide for you. They’re already planning potential long-term goals to build a life with you.

But it’s always up to you if you still want them in your life. There’s nothing wrong with taking a shot and giving this connection another chance.

Eight of Swords and Four of Pentacles as Feelings

This combination shows you're not content with what you have. It's a requirement to feel grateful if you're treated right in a relationship.

However, you don't feel like you're receiving the things you deserve. The current relationship you're in lacks the potential to have specific goals.

So the actions of your partner continue to confuse you. There are times when they exert effort, but there are times when they detach.

You don't know where this relationship is heading. You're sure you're giving them the love they deserve, but they don't reciprocate your energy.

Always remember it's better to leave people that drain you. It's okay to leave them, especially when you're already settling for less.

After all, you're worthy of the love you continue giving others.

Eight of Swords and Two of Cups as Feelings

Taylor Swift once sang the lyrics, “Oh no, I'm falling in love again.”

You're probably feeling stuck in your current love life. This combination shows you used to encounter relationships that immensely broke you.

So you already have trust issues in terms of creating new bonds. You have this mindset that everything will always remain temporary.

But someone new came into your life, and suddenly everything changed. You're starting to feel anxious because your feelings may intensify.

You don't want to crack the code and admit that you have feelings. Because you're afraid that this will only hurt you to the core.

But remember, there's nothing wrong with taking risks again. If you do not try, you'll never know what it's like to believe in love again.

Learn about Eight of Cups as feelings before you take risks. This can also be a beneficial card to guide you.

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Eight of Swords and King of Wands as Feelings

This combination shows you’re feeling confused by someone’s actions. This person presents a very complex identity to you.

They’re trying to pull off the hot and cold behavior towards you. And this makes you infuriated because you don’t know what the catch is.

You believe this isn’t what you deserve to receive. You want to know why they act confused around you and stick to their game.

This is a sign that you need to keep in touch with your intuition. If your gut feeling tells you to step aside, take this as a sign.

You don’t need to spend your energy on someone unsure of you. Remember, you deserve someone who has clear intentions and is a walking green flag.

Eight of Swords and Queen of Cups as Feelings

This combination shows your difficulty in dealing with someone. You often try to reach out to them, but they won’t let you.

So you’re starting to feel worried if you’ve done something terrible. You don’t want to intentionally hurt people because you’re not that kind of person.

But someone keeps on giving you mixed signals. To be honest with you, this person doesn’t want to destroy their walls.

It’s a powerful thing whenever you show your empathy to others. But you must limit yourself because some people don’t deserve you.

This is a sign to detach from this situation for a while. You need to find peace alone and figure out what you really want.

Don’t waste your positive energy on the wrong people; you deserve better.

Eight of Swords and the Tower as Feelings

This combination gives you clarity about how others perceive you. It’s inevitable to encounter negative comments about you from others.

Perhaps you recently found out someone has been deceiving you. As a result, you’re starting to distance yourself from the people you love.

You can’t afford to hear about another betrayal incident. You’re done with people who can’t be real with you when you’re always genuine.

It’s time to choose yourself this time and leave people who don’t deserve you. Life is so much better when you decide to cut off unworthy people.

In the end, you’ll still learn to get up from your feet. You’ll feel powerful once you know that you deserve more.

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Eight of Swords and the Moon as Feelings

This combination shows that there’s a possibility of gaslighting. You’re currently feeling trapped in your own emotions and thoughts.

You feel lost because you don’t know what and who to believe. There are times when you blame yourself for the wrongdoings of people.

But they choose to inflict their mistakes on you to make you the bad guy. In reality, you’re the one who always ends up being the victim.

This is a time when you need to trust your intuition. If you can sense that they’ll only suffocate you more, it’s time to let go,

You’re more than just someone who is a pushover. You aren’t made to be collateral damage; you deserve to be loved.

Eight of Swords and the Sun as Feelings

This combination shows someone who feels genuinely happy. This person may see themselves as the center of the universe.

So they feel like everything is focused on them only. They continue to harvest positive energy to achieve their goals.

But they aren’t sure when it comes to their feelings for you. It’s true that you make them genuinely happy, but they don’t want to take risks.

This is because these people are too focused on themselves. They’re currently trying to improve to fulfill their dreams.

So being in a relationship with you is the least of their concern.

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