How to attract an Aries man: Let him chase you! -

How to attract an Aries man: Let him chase you!

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Aries is a fire sign; they probably have this adventurous and very outgoing personality. 

Aries men are known for being attention seekers and enthusiastic. However, they are short-tempered, too, so you might not want to upset them. 

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How to Attract an Aries Man?

Give him all your attention.

To Attract an Aries man, you need to give him all your attention. Do not chase him. Be confident and flirt with him. 

Aries men can easily attract you as long as you play mysterious and make them chase you. Aries men like challenges. It excites them. 

It is a little bit easy to catch their attention and make them attractive to you. However, keeping them attracted to you is hard since they get bored quickly. 

Here are the things that you can do to make your Aries man attracted to you: 

But first, give him all of your attention to him.

Since they like getting attention, give them all of your attention. He will like it a lot since they are known for always wanting attention. 

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It sounds clingy, but you do not have to give him all your attention. But, of course, you have your personal space and theirs. 

You should know still when you give your attention to him. You are not supposed to cancel all of your plans for him. You also should know when he is free.

Although they like attention from you, they also want some personal space. 

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Constant compliments 

Aries men are self-centered. You should compliment him constantly and consistently. 

When you're dating an Aries man, they like it a lot when you compliment them. Even with the littlest thing he does, he will appreciate it a lot. Compliments to them are like presents. It makes their heart happy. 

He will be happy getting compliments from someone interested in them. However, if you compliment your Aries man, make sure you are sincere with it. 

Sincerity with your voice is the key; you can't just compliment him, but your voice says otherwise. No one would like to get an insincere compliment. It will only make him upset. 

A compliment a day will make your Aries man continuously talk to you. He might put it to the next level of your relationship. 

If complimenting a guy is new to you, here are some words that you can say to him: 

“You look amazing today.” 

It will surely make his day and put so much confidence in him. Say it with so much adoration, with eye contact and the tone of your voice. 

“Your hair is well fixed.” 

It will be a nice compliment to hear if you notice that your Aries man's hair is newly cut. He will surely remember that you told him this compliment. 

“You dress nicely.”

You can say this any day, especially if you go on a date with him. It feels so great if someone compliments you on how you dress.

Surprise him 

Aries men like surprises. They want the thrill of getting surprises. May it be big or small, as long as it is a surprise, it is good. 

Try to make a surprise for him at least once a month, or anytime you feel like it. You do not have to have to do it so grand. 

He might also do it to you, as they don't like the feeling of getting surprised. They also enjoy doing it for someone they like. 

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Here are some things that you can try to surprise him: 

For example, plan a date yourself and only ask him to come with you, do not tell him your plans. Instead, let him get curious about where you are going and what you will do. 

You can also try to write him a small letter telling him how much you like him and how he made your day.

You can send it through email or a handwritten note, depending on where you are more comfortable. 

You can also try surprising him with home-cooked meals. For example, try to ask him about his favorite dishes and desserts. 

There are a lot of recipes, and how you do it, you need to look them up online. You can practice first until you get the right way of it. 

Listen to him  

Since Aries men are fire signs, they have this enthusiastic side. So always listen to what he is saying. 

Aries men have this talkative side in them. They always want to tell a story. So, you better listen to them and bear with their talkativeness. 

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If he is telling you a story about how his day went or just randomly tells you how he was when he was young, listen to him. Please see someone looks so interested in your storytelling. 

You can ask questions to him relating to a story he is telling. It is to make sure that your conversation will be longer. 

Please do not make yourself look so bored with him; he will instantly stop talking.

Aries men have this side of getting upset quickly when they notice you are just listening but not minding what he is saying. 

You should not only listen but also try to remember it. You can have information about him and his favorites. 

Listening to him will attract him as he will think you are so invested in his stories. It will make him want to talk to you more. 

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Be confident in yourself

Aries men do not like someone who looks down on themselves. So always have this confident and positive energy in you. 

Being confident will make you stand out more among the crowd. Aries is an attention seeker and enjoy being the center of attraction.

They also like someone that can stand out among the others. 

Your Aries man will surely notice you first if you have this confident energy around you. Then, if you are, you will surely catch his attention. 

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If you lack confidence, maybe changing your style will help you to have more confidence. You first should know your body type. 

You can also buy new clothes if you need to. Wearing clothes that fit your body type will help you to look better in styling.

It will also make you stand out as you are more confident now. 

Don't be a killjoy  

Always go for fun with your Aries, man. It is okay to go out of your comfort zone. 

Aries men do like going for an adventure. So if he asks you to go on a date in an amusement park, do not decline.

Aries men's favorite thing is going on an extreme ride and doing a wild activity. They like the feeling of getting thrilled and find it fun to ride intense rides. 

Accept his invitation if he ever asks you, even though it is not to your liking. For example, if he asks you to do a specific activity, you are the first person he wants to go with. 

Do not miss the chance to have a date with your Aries man. You can suggest rides to ride as well. 

Tell him also where you want to ride. But, again, it should be the two of you who make choices. 

Be real 

Who likes a fake, right? So do not pretend to be something you are, not just because you want him. 

Just be yourself whenever you are around him. Do not pressure yourself too much to look so perfect in front of him. 

Your Aries man will not like it if you force yourself too much on being someone you are not. So do create a persona when you are around. Being you is such a significant factor in attracting an Aries man. 

Always look nice

Please do not look so unprepared when you are meeting him. You would look so lazy when meeting him. 

Having fixed hair and neat clothes is a big deal for an Aries man. So he will appreciate you a lot if you look friendly and ready. 

Looking nice should be a thing to you when you want to attract an Aries man since Aries men are known for looking so lovely when going out. 

You can search for tips and styles that will fit you. In addition, you can learn by watching videos if you feel like you need to know how to put on makeup. 

Here are some tips to look good and achieve a natural look: 

If you want to put some makeup on, you can use concealer, blush, lipstick, and eyebrows. Putting eyeliner is optional, but you do the softer look if you prefer. 

In styling your hair, it depends on what you are wearing. For example, wavy but curly hair fits a more girly and sweeter look. In contrast, the sleek hair holds on a more formal occasion.

Your clothing style should fit based on the event you are going to. For example, a simple look wearing a shirt and sneakers will be perfect if you are on an amusement park date.

On the other hand, if you are on a formal date, consider wearing a dress and heels.

Do not overdo it if you want to achieve a natural look. It will be best if you dress enough only for the specific event you are going to.  

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Know his likings 

Knowing what he likes is one way to make an Aries man want you

Try to know his likes and try to do it with him. Show him that you are interested not only in him but also in the things he likes. 

Please do not do it so obviously. You look like you are trying so hard. Make it look like you have a similar taste from the start. 

He will think that you are faking it if you try so hard. So only do the things that come to your liking. 

You do not have to force yourself to like everything that he likes. Instead, you can do a few things you think you can appreciate. 

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