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7 Obvious Signs That An Aries Man Wants You: Check This Out!

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Is there an Aries man who incessantly flirts with you? Does this mean he likes you? Let's find out!

When Aries likes someone, their desire to get that person will be evident in their actions. He won't shy away from flirting with you and might tell you right away that he feels an instant connection with you. He will be a smooth talker and say all the right words to get and keep your attention.

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At first, you might doubt his intentions due to his straightforwardness. Nonetheless, this is just how this sign acts when he likes someone. He won't try to beat around the bush and tell you how he feels. You will also notice that he shows off his masculinity, especially when he's with you.

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When you notice that he gives you that flirty look and approach right away, know that he's charmed by your beauty. Aries isn't like the other signs that drop subtle hints. If he wants you, he will be straightforward with you and everyone will know about it.

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So, how can you tell an Aries man is into you? Kindly proceed below and you will find out!

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7 Obvious Signs an Aries Man Wants You

Aries men are bold and charismatic. It's in their DNA to dive right away whenever they spot an opportunity or if someone gets their attention. Nonetheless, if you're doubtful, kindly see some of the apparent signs an Aries man wants you below.

#1 He will communicate with you more often.

One of the obvious signs that an Aries man wants you is that he communicates with you more often. You may receive a series of calls or texts asking how you are and when you two can meet. He will also mention how he looks forward to going out with you again.

Despite his busy schedule, he will ensure to make time to call or text you to know how you're doing. This guy will go the extra mile for you as long as he knows the feeling is mutual. He's also not the type that finds time for other people unless they're special for him.

So, if you know that he's busy with his work and still tries to communicate with you, he's totally smitten by you.

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#2 He will tell you and the people around him will know too.

When it comes to knowing if an Aries man wants you, it won't be hard to tell as he will tell it to you without any hesitation. It's not surprising at all, knowing that this man's bold character. With him, you will not waste your time guessing if he's into you or not.

Once Aries sees your hesitation or doubt, he will exert more effort and will not give up right away. He may also tell the people close to him about you and shower you with compliments. So, if an Aries boldly tells you he likes you with matching action to prove his intention, know that he's into you.

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#3 He will do everything to impress you.

Another obvious sign that this man wants you is when he does everything to impress you. Expect him to brag a little about his accomplishments and what he's capable of doing. He may also show off his incredible physique in front of you and try to get a compliment from it.

You can also expect that he will invite you to fancy dinners and escapades to build a good impression of you. So, if you notice that the Aries man you're seeing is doing his best to impress you, it's an obvious sign that he's hooked.

#4 He will take good care of you.

Although Aries isn't the traditional type, he will make sure to take good care of you if he wants you. He will show you his nurturing side and let you see a glimpse of how life can be with him. He may check on you from time to time to see how you are doing and if you're feeling well.

Once Aries starts to want you, expect loads of surprises and gifts from him. He will make sure that you are well-pampered with and give you the best he can provide. So, if you start noticing that he's taking good care of you, there's no doubt that he's into you.

#5 He wants to spend most of his time with you.

An Aries will always want to go on adventures and seek thrilling activities alone. He's an independent soul that wants to go where his desires carry him. Nonetheless, when he starts to like someone, there will be a few changes that will take place.

He may start not to travel alone and spend most of his time with the person he wants to be with. When he feels the urge to go to another place for an adventure, he will make sure to invite the woman he likes.

So, if the Aries guy you're seeing starts to spend most of his time with you, there's no doubt that he's into you for real.

However, if he doesn't spend that much time with you and you see this as a bad sign, you might need the information and advices written in Aries Man Secrets guide. Trust me, it might help.

#6 He will be there for you & protect you.

When an Aries man starts to like someone, he will make sure to be there for you whenever you need his help. He may even drop everything to be there for you and protect you. If you feel ill, you can count that an Aries guy won't let you be alone and stay by your side.

If you go to a grocery store, he will make sure to be with you and carry the goods for you. He will open the door for you and make sure that you're walking on the safer side of the road. So, if you notice that your Arian guy does all these things to you, he's pretty serious about you.

#7 He will be extra competitive.

It's a known fact that Aries people are highly competitive, especially the men under this sign. He's not the type that backs away knowing he has competitors to the woman he likes. It will make him want to compete and exert more effort to see who will be the last man standing.

He's the type that grows more excited as the challenge gets more difficult. So, you can expect him to outperform the others fairly and show you his capabilities and charm. He will make sure that you will see the reason why you should choose him against the others.

You will see his passion for winning you over and won't stop at anything to prove that he's the best guy for you. So, if you notice that he's extra competitive with the other guys that want your attention, he's 100% into you.

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