Nessus Asteroid Astrology: The Cycle of Abuse -

Nessus Asteroid Astrology: The Cycle of Abuse

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This asteroid relates to the synastry's darkness, abuse, and trust concerns. It could state obsessive thoughts and how you might try to control others.

Nessus asteroid astrology shows the energy of the Nessus signifies something you have brought into this life with you. It is something you have received from your family bloodline.

Asteroid Nessus Overview

Asteroid Nessus travels in a path that takes it between Saturn and Pluto in its orbit. 

You must confront and overcome your demons and adversities. So it is to maintain our ascent into ever-higher levels of consciousness.

A “strange bird” lives among the prominent centaur asteroids. Its name meant “baby bird” in the ancient Greek language.

It has an eccentric orbit and spins between Saturn and Pluto. But, it is without approaching them to any great extent while it does.

The word “Nessus” refers to the stuff of the darkest depths. It is passed down from generation to generation as a prerequisite for birth.

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Influencing someone's life includes it. So it is by abuse if the planet Nessus is prominent in your natal chart.

Abusive behavior is what associates with Nessus. This abuse does not hold any category, and many items are on the list.

It can take many forms. It includes verbal and physical assault and emotional and psychological abuse.

Asteroid Nessus Significance

Nessus expresses the experience of traumatic events and the efforts to overcome them. Acts of violence such as abuse, rape, and suicide cause these experiences.

Nessus additionally symbolizes terrible memories in the collective unconscious of the family. This factor makes it more difficult to realize one's potential for self-actualization.

The Nessus in a birth chart reveals that you will encounter the most challenging matters. It comprises all that no individual or family would discuss in front of other people.

Nessus symbolizes the anguish that comes from remaining faithful. Also, they are silent or unconscious of the horrors of their ancestors.

The plot of Nessus revolves around several aspects of mythology. It includes unbridled lust, acts of violence, the betrayal of trust, and the attempt to save a life.

It also includes taking the lives of others, lying, and giving in to temptations. All these different concepts are what made Nessus Astrology.

Facts about Asteroid Nessus

The number 7066 corresponds to the Nessus Asteroid. This was first found in April 1993 and can be found beyond Saturn in the solar system's farthest reaches.

The Greek mythological character Nessus inspired the naming of this particular asteroid. Saturn and Pluto are also connected to this orbit.

Unfortunately, Nessus is an asteroid that is nothing but a nuisance. The birth chart, also known as the Natal chart, provides an opportunity to search for Nessus.

You can also check for it in a chart that represents relationships called a synastry chart. Once every 122 years and four months, the Nessus Asteroid completes one orbit of the Sun.

This minor planet has an elongated shape and a dark reddish tint. Its diameter is approximately 60 kilometers or 37 miles.

According to calculations, it has an orbital half-life of 4.9 million years.

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Nessus in Signs

Nessus in Aries

Being in control, right, winning, or with your ego makes you obsessed. As a result, you may try to exert control over others through rage or domination.

Getting furious with the abuser is a standard method for breaking vicious cycles. But, the key to overcoming abuse or destruction is assertiveness.

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Empowerment may result from leadership or independence. Your problems with trust might stem from issues of pride and appearing vulnerable.

Nessus in Taurus

The material world, including shopping, money, and appearance, preoccupies you. As a result, you attempt to control others by restricting your financial dependence.

Self-sufficiency breaks cycles of abuse, particularly in the economic sense. So it is by focusing on one's aspirations or making a physical statement.

Issues of trust are related to security and loyalty. You dread abandonment and betrayal.

Nessus in Gemini

Winning debates and discussions may preoccupy you. But, it is by getting your way through persuasion and being generally heard.

Verbal abuse and deception make you control other people. You get help from a support network when you speak up for yourself.

There is a link with “revealing the truth” or, at the very least, your side of a situation/story. Issues of trust relate to deception and infidelity.

Nessus in Cancer

Family and tradition might be an obsession to you. You are likely to become the family patriarch or matriarch.

Abuse might show as being the family bully or control freak. You were abused through emotional manipulation and control, suffocation, and possessiveness.

As a result, you may need to reinterpret the concept of kinship.

Nessus in Leo

“Self-obsessed” is likely to be the dominant trait here. You are invested in your ego and its wants.

With control, you are demanding others' attention. You will do whatever it takes to have your focus and energy.

This can present you in various ways, including criticism, attention-buying, bullying, etc.

Nessus in Virgo

You are fascinated with order, cleanliness, routine, health, work, and excellence. You exert power over others by skepticism.

Also, unwanted criticism, exploiting fears, and constant nitpicking. You break the abuse cycle by focusing on physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Defending yourself may be necessary. Also, discovering the inner healer, other healers, and a “healthy” environment are essential.

You dread revealing your shortcomings or flaws to loved ones. As a result, you are singled out or unloved due to your imperfections or faults.

Nessus in Libra

You may fixate on equity, justice, harmony, or peace. But unfortunately, this fixation can lead to an inaccurate worldview and relationships.

You exert power over others through deception. Also, subtle manipulation and exploiting another's weakness or information. Breaking a cycle of abuse requires introspection.

Nessus in Scorpio

You may become obsessed with power, sex, the occult, desires, and mistreatment. As a result, you attempt to control others through sex.

It includes money, general power games, manipulation, and physical and sexual abuse. Breaking a cycle will cause the sacrifice of something.

It is a symbolic gift to begin or start the transformation. It is of an old, wholly abandoned self, a connection, a habit, a lifestyle.

Trust issues depend on control and the fear of losing power.

Nessus in Sagittarius

You will become consumed by your obsessions. But, then, you can intertwine it with education and spirituality.

It also includes expression, travel, knowledge exchange, and competition. You attempt to manage others using a know-it-all attitude.

The key to overcoming cycles of abuse or control is independence. You may need to shake off the shackles of a belief or mindset or move to a new city to start afresh.

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Nessus in Capricorn

You may fixate on career, ambition, reputation, structure, rules/laws, or self-control. You exert control over others through general dominance and financial or emotional dependence.

You break the cycle by relinquishing power and fears surrounding management. It can reach liberation by being a bit insane or by providing for yourself.

Nessus in Aquarius

You can be preoccupied with activism, technology, communication, innovation, transformation, and rebellion. Yet, you attempt to influence others by charm.

It also includes peer pressure and the exploitation of reasoning or authority deficits. But, you break patterns by having your voice heard.

It is comprehending your ego and discovering novel ways to express yourself. To gain knowledge and achieve your own goals.

Nessus in Pisces

You can be preoccupied with spirituality. You want to escape reality, love, or what you believe to be love or emotional pleasures.

There are many addiction-related themes here. You exert control over others by deception and emotional manipulation.

It includes perception as a weapon, playing the victim, and evading responsibility. You can operate as a corrupt healer, searching for those who are vulnerable or in need of help.

One can break cycles by listening to and following one's instincts. It is also creating space to be alone and with yourself.

You practice healthy detachment and seek healers who have been in identical situations.

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