Nine of Wands Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

Nine of Wands Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

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This tarot card represents resilience, compassion, patience, and strength in times of circumstances, obstacles, and hurdles.

They say that the Nine of Wands tarot card appears to people who are facing difficulties in life.

This tarot card is the Nine of Wands, which is a tarot card in the minor arcana.

This tarot card has a powerful bond with the element of fire, the moon, and the astrological sign of Sagittarius. The Nine of Wands tarot card's key dates range from the 3rd of December to the 12th of December.

Symbolism Of Nine Of Wands

The depiction of the Nine of Wants shows a man who is clutching his staff. Aside from clutching his staff, his eyes, directing over his shoulder at an upright wand's row, which is just behind him. He seems to be in battle, and he looked injured. You can tell that he is hurting, for on his head is a bandage while using a staff to keep himself standing.

If you observe the look on the man's face, you will see determination. He aims to be in battle again, and he is hoping to win it, and this time, he shall win it.

Nine Of Wands Keywords


  • Boundaries
  • Close to success
  • Courage
  • Fatigue
  • Grit
  • Last stand
  • Perseverance
  • Persistence
  • Protecting what is important
  • Resilience
  • Stamina
  • Standing your ground
  • A test of faith


  • Defensive
  • Giving up
  • Going at it alone
  • Inner resources
  • Lack of trust
  • No compromise
  • Overwhelm
  • Paranoia
  • Refusing compromise
  • Rigidity
  • Struggle
  • Stubbornness
  • Suspicious nature

Upright Nine Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Even in the face of adversity and diversity, one must stand tall and should be strong. That is what the Nine of Wands tarot card means.

You are already at the edge of the line, but you already feel the exhaustion and tiredness. But know that you will not get it to the end if you stop now. If you do not let exhaustion take over you, and if you have persistence and you are resilient, you will make it and achieve it. That is the way to victory.

When you feel overwhelmed with all that is happening to you, and you feel insignificant, that is the time that this tarot card appears to you. This tarot card tells you to have trust and faith in yourself because you really can do it; you need to believe in what you have. The Nine of Wands tarot card tells you that what you encounter right now is just a test for you. The tests you will encounter on your way to victory will be your key to becoming more robust and more vital.

Remember to trust yourself because you do have what it takes to make it to the finish line. Even if the situation may seem impossible, do not lose faith because you really can achieve anything as long as you believe that it is possible.

This tarot card will be your motivator and reminder that you will not achieve anything if you stand there and do nothing. This card will tell you that if you fail at first, do not lose hope. You need to try again.

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The Nine of Wands tarot card will be one of those that will push you to strive harder to get that victory that you long desire. Never let your exhaustion tell you to give up: you are near victory; you are making your dreams a reality: you need to strive harder.

During your race for your dreams, you need to be strong and firm to achieve it for dreams are these races are not for the weak-hearted.

Oppositions of others may be making things difficult for you, but do not let them get to you. You are you, and you can do it, so do you. Do not let others dim your light because you can shine more and offer more if you do not let them hinder you. People who hinder you are just insecure of you, so do not mind them.

However, even if there people who oppose you, you need to remember that the count of those who believe, support, and love you is greater than those who do not. You have got yourself some cheerleaders, and they are waiting for you at the end of the finish line, cheering you to go on because you are near and you will get there.

Do not let others get in your way; protect yourself from hindrances. You need to clear your mind and focus on reaching your goals.

Nine Of Wands (Upright) in Health 

In the past, you got yourself some sickness and injuries. This upright tarot card is a signifier that if you do not let these sicknesses and injuries get the best of you and pair it with a healthy lifestyle, you will receive a reward such as healing and good health.

Nine Of Wands (Upright) in Career

The halfway mark in a battlefield is what the Nine of Wands tarot card says. This tarot card tells you that you are not happy with your job now, and the reason is because of your overthinking.

You fear that because all of these things are too good to be true, you start to doubt and imagine bad things that might happen to your career in the future. Stop overthinking. Do not let your fears, worries, and anxieties take over your wheel of life and judgment.

You need to regain control of your wheel and continuously hold yourself up; remind yourself that you are the master of your life and you can overcome whatever it is that may come. As long as you are patient and as long as you work hard, everything will go smoothly.

Nine Of Wands (Upright) in Money

This tarot card signifies that poor choices and decisions that you chose in the past. This tarot card reveals that since you made these poor choices and you gave your trust to the wrong person, this person betrayed you financially.

Even with all those problems, this tarot card tells you not to lose hope and believe in yourself. It would be best if you also would be more careful in decision-making and with that, you will become financially stable.

Nine Of Wands (Upright) in Love & Relationships

The upright Nine of Wands tarot card reveals that you and your partner are currently walking on a rough path. 

Perhaps one of you is facing significant difficulties. You’re having trouble expressing yourselves to one another. 

Your partner may refuse to open up to you. As a result, you can’t decide if you should stay or leave the relationship. 

This tarot card reminds you that a relationship should have faith, trust, and communication. If you genuinely love each other, you would do anything for your relationship to work out.

On the other hand, if you are single, the Nine of Wands reveals that you just got back from a painful heartbreak or are still not ready for it. If it is the first one, this tarot card will be your reminder that it is okay to take some time for yourself. There is no need to rush to get back into a relationship.

For specific information, check Nine of Wands as feelings.

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Reversed Nine Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

If it is the Nine of Wands tarot card in a reversed position, well, then it tells you that you are currently trying to reach your goals, but you are having a hard time in doing so. Moreover, the reason you are having a hard time is the challenges you encounter on the way to success; these challenges make you want to give up. You may have lost your light while on your flight.

You need to relax and remind yourself that you are not alone and that you are very close to finishing the race to your goals. You need to find and fix yourself so that you may keep going. Just so, you know, you have what it takes to finish it, so buckle up and keep fighting. Trust yourself, you will get there.

In other situations, the Nine of Wands tarot card may also appear to you if it seems like darkness is taking over you. Setbacks are just temporary; do not let them take over you. If anything, these obstacles and hurdles, you should push them out of your way. Remember that you have the power and the control in your race for success.

A reminder for this kind of situation is that do not keep accepting and taking things to your plate if it is already full because that will hinder you from getting anywhere else. If anything, you need help.

The Nine of Wands in a reversed position may also indicate the defensiveness, concern, and paranoia that you are experiencing. You are overthinking. You think that everyone surrounding you is your enemy and that they will get you to get rid of you. You are very much paranoid that people will attack and target you when you are at your lowest point. If this is the situation, it means you are afraid and fear everything and everyone.

That is the problem nowadays, you are very much concerned about how people will view you. That is wrong. You do not need to please others; the only person that you need to please is yourself. Who cares what others think or say about you, do not mind them. Just focus on yourself and win that game of yours.

Nine Of Wands (Reversed) in Health

In a health context, this tarot card implies your fear of change. It says that you want to have a healthy lifestyle, but you cannot change your bad habits and remove your vices because you are afraid of the change you will go through. There is no need to fear. Pack some determination and persistence and be on your way.

Nine Of Wands (Reversed) in Career

This reversed tarot card reveals that you are working diligently and dedicatedly, but your workmates disrespect and discredit you even with those resources. If you feel like you should go out of this direction, then do so.

Take a break and spend more time with family, friends, and of course, with yourself.

Nine Of Wands (Reversed) in Money

The Nine of Wands tarot card reveals that you encountered a setback and felt down and discouraged after that. Moreover, of course, your feelings are valid and understandable. Nevertheless, you must keep in mind that your life should not stop because of one fall. Go up on your feet and move on. Do not let your bad experiences hinder you from moving forward.

Nine Of Wands (Reversed) in Love & Relationships

If you are in a relationship, this tarot card speaks of the feelings you are feeling recently. You are currently in a relationship, and you are questioning if this person is worth it or if this relationship is still worth fighting. 

The Nine of Wands in reverse may show that you’re starting to let go. 

You and your partner continue to have a series of arguments. You refuse to compromise and understand what the other has to say. 

If you have been in this relationship for so long and want to get out, but you are contemplating, go and find your guts to finish the relationship. You will not want to hurt this partner if you stay longer while not seeing any more reasons to fight for it. That would be exceedingly unfair to your partner.

Nine of Wands Advice

The Nine of Wands enhances you to fight for yourself. You have what it takes to stand up and protect yourself from all costs.

 You’re expecting you’ll face countless hardships. But you’re already preparing yourself to accept and defeat the worst scenario. 

 You’ll not let yourself undergo the same pain you did in the past. You’re now ready to guard your heart against any possible heartbreaks. 

 You believe that you don’t deserve to experience a particular situation again, which is why you’re now prioritizing and providing for yourself.

 Change is always better than staying the same; you’ll be okay.

Nine of Wands Reversed Advice

The Nine of Wands, in reverse, wants you to give up. Do you feel like everything’s not working out how you intend it to be? 

 It’s not always a good thing to show that you’re bold. As human beings, we’re capable of falling and feeling fragile when everything’s falling apart. 

 It’s okay to be vulnerable instead of forcing the situation to happen. You need to be patient in waiting, or you can simply give up. 

 It’s okay to let your guard down from years of building it. Remember, you can always be vulnerable with the right people.

Nine of Wands as a Person

The Nine of Wands as a person is someone consistent. If you have this card, you don’t stop until you get what you want. 

 Others should not underestimate or hesitate about your abilities. You’ll be able to intensify your strength whenever you face challenges.

 Most of your goals are suited in the long run. Therefore, you’ll never hesitate to plan and organize your long-term goals beforehand. 

 You’re the type of person who will not surrender. You continue to thrive even if you’re seeing signs of giving up or being vulnerable. 

 You’re open to learning new ideas and insights about life.

Nine of Wands Reversed as a Person

The Nine of Wands, in reverse, is someone who quickly gives up. You can be this person who doesn’t hold on to long-term goals. 

 If you see signs that you should give up, you’ll do it without hesitation. This is because you believe you’re not suited or capable of taking a specific opportunity. 

 You often show that you’re fragile and vulnerable to others. You like expressing what you genuinely feel, mainly when venting your problems. 

 You’re someone who doesn’t want to follow the hard way. So you refuse to choose the path that can make your strength and skills prevail.

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Nine of Wands Present 

In the present, things may be working out in your favor. Finally, after years of waiting, you’ll finally see results or progress. 

 You’re currently climbing toward a steep and large mountain. Despite the rocky paths you’re taking, you’ll not give up. 

 A job opportunity may continue to linger around your space. If you take this, it may be the blueprint for your personal development.

 This is also a time when you have to broaden your perspective. You have the ability to seek new places and ideas that may get your interest. 

 You’re currently changing into the best version of yourself.

Nine of Wands Past

In the past, results from your hard work left you wounded. This is because the results presented a negative impact that changed your mindset.

 You almost lost your intense desire for hope and optimism. You feel like all the sacrifices and efforts you made were thrown in the bin. 

 It’s okay to feel vulnerable and remember how the past treated you. It’s okay if it hurts on the inside, even when you laugh on the outside.

 The past changed your mindset about success. It made you see a world that’s often cruel and unjust. 

 But you’re trying to get better.

Nine of Wands Future

In the future, you know that you have the ability to achieve your dreams. You’ll have full control over the things that you can maintain and manage. 

You’re not fond of surprises, so you’ll continue to work hard. You’ll try your best not to immediately expect a positive response from your efforts.

The future will also teach you how to appreciate your efforts. You’ll learn how to be proud of your progress, even when it’s only a little. 

You’ll not just rely on daydreaming about the future. Instead, you’ll continue to thrive by just simply working hard in the present.

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Nine of Wands as How Someone Feels About You

Someone feels obligated that they should make you their priority. This obligation is being felt in a good way instead of seeing the negative impact.

This person is willing to make sacrifices for you. They want to experience what it feels like to provide and take care of you. 

This person also feels a sense of inspiration from you. They want to push better for themselves to achieve their goals. 

This person is confident that you’ll make a good team. Both of you can be willing to encounter and defeat problems along the way. 

They’re willing to exert constant effort.

Nine of Wands Outcome

The outcomes show that you’re stuck in a loophole of responsibilities. This may lead you to the possibility of feeling drained or consumed. 

Despite the hardships that you’re currently facing, you’ll never surrender. You’re aware that this is just another challenge to test your skills. 

As you go on with your journey of struggles, you’ll not look back. Instead, you’ll choose to fight your demons and confront your problems. 

This is a continuous battle between you and your hardships. Keep in mind that the sacrifices you’ll make will bear fruit on recognition. 

You deserve to have peace of mind.

Nine of Wands Pregnancy and Fertility

The Nine of Wands card can show a sign of pregnancy. This could mean that the dream you’ve been waiting for will finally appear.

This card represents the feeling of being naturally confident, which is why you’re now preparing yourself to take the next step. 

You’re someone who is willing to make additional sacrifices. You got what it takes to be devoted and consistent for your child. 

You’re aware that there’s no turning back. You’ll have to take the difficult road to aim for satisfaction. 

Your strong desire for commitment allows you to give and receive the love you deserve. 

Nine of Wands Energy

The immense energy of the Nine of Wands symbolizes hope. Whatever challenges you’ll face, you’ll always conquer them. 

This energy has the ability to inflict resiliency within you. This is beneficial in order to adapt resiliency for personal growth. 

Giving up will never be your priority or option. Instead, you’ll continue to try until you achieve what you want. 

There are days when it can be tiring, and the universe tests your patience. But at the end of the day, you’ll always remain patient. 

You believe that all your hard work will pay off because of your grasp of consistency.

Nine of Wands as Action

The Nine of Wands represents your strong desire TO ACT. You believe that achieving all your dreams are possible if you’ll work on them.

You’re willing to stick to the mindset that you should accept the worst. This means that you’re prepared to face the most difficult challenges.

As long as you don’t see any result, you’ll still continue moving. This will not encourage you to give up entirely. 

Remember, you can always take a rest from developing your progress. Building your goals may take time, so be sure to make time for yourself. 

NOW is the time to ACT.

Nine of Wands as Intentions

Your intentions remain solely on what you want to achieve. You believe everything is possible because you'll make it possible. 

Your intentions can be pure if it means prioritizing yourself. You have positive and pure intentions of making and fulfilling your goals. 

A true fighter is seen in the face of countless dilemmas. You'll still continue to thrive when you aren't receiving immediate progress. 

You understand that everything happens for a reason. This could mean your delays will lead you to where you need to be. 

So don't be too hard on yourself because you're always doing great every day.

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Nine of Wands as How Someone Sees You

Someone sees you as their role model in being resilient. You give them a dash of hope to look on the brighter side of life.

This person almost came to the point of giving up. But you showed them how giving up should never be the first option.

This person sees you as someone who overworks a lot. But they cannot deny the fact that you can handle time management perfectly.

They view you as someone who wants to cross the borders. You wouldn’t be reluctant to go too far to reach your dreams. 

This person wants to follow you.

Nine of Wands Time Frame

The Nine of Wands card can have a specific time frame. This has a relation to the number nine, which can represent days, weeks, or hours.

A specific period may start on December 3 and will end on December 12. This card has a connection with the Moon in Sagittarius. 

This card resides with the element of fire. When you have this card, it pushes you to do more by applying strength and resiliency.

This card can also represent a long period before results will show up to you. Expect a delay or stagnant situation if you don’t act immediately. 

Nine of Wands as a Woman

The Nine of Wands, as a woman, is a fighter. Your mother didn’t raise you to be a quitter; you’ll continue to fight. 

You have huge goals that you would like to fulfill in the future. You’re someone who is willing to learn, improve and grow more. 

Despite the difficulties, you continue to stand on your ground. However, it can still be exhausting whenever you experience failed attempts. 

You have no idea how much light you bring to others. You have the ability to inspire people by simply being yourself. 

As a woman, you’re the voice of change in society.

Nine of Wands as a Man

The Nine of Wands as a man can be seen in the tarot card. In the card, a man is holding up a wand despite looking frail and injured. 

This is a representation of your constant resiliency. You continue to stand still despite the hardships that life throws at you.

Your wand symbolizes your skills, views, and gifts. It also stands for your optimism that everything will fall into place. 

You’re someone who has big dreams ahead of you. You’ll do everything it takes to continue surviving. 

As a man, you show your masculinity that you can conquer anything.

Nine of Wands Communication

The Nine of Wands is an essential card for communication and being expressive. This is a sign that you can’t conquer every battle by just being alone. 

You probably have issues with abandonment or attachment. Because of what happened in the past, you refuse to let yourself be transparent. 

You refuse to let your walls crack open to someone new. You don’t receive help from others because you’re afraid it will cost you so much.

The Nine of Wands in communication wants you to be open. It encourages you to seek help from others because they’re always willing to listen.

Nine of Wands Reconciliation

The Nine of Wands presents resilience in terms of reconciliation. A past person will come back again in order to make everything right. 

This person sees the potential of your relationship in the past. But for individual paths, you both need to grow apart. 

This person wants to offer a commitment to you. They’re willing to make adjustments to take this relationship to a new level.

This person feels a strong sense of optimism. They may be confident that the reconciliation will work out. 

You’re someone who is like a diamond to them. They can’t afford to find another like you.

Nine of Wands Physical Appearance

The Nine of Wands have a specific description of physical appearance. In the tarot card, an old man is carrying a spear while guarding a pass. 

This could mean someone who is an old person. You or someone else are still fighting despite the time that passed by. 

Your physical appearance may look fragile. Perhaps you present yourself to have weak or vulnerable features. 

But your physical appearance doesn’t define your actual goals. It doesn’t determine your capabilities of exceeding to reach your dreams. 

The old man may represent that being resilient is timeless. If you want to, you would.

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Nine of Wands Reversed Outcome

The Nine of Wands outcome shows that you’re not ready. Perhaps you lack the motivation to achieve the things you desire. 

There has been a failed attempt in a project. You know you’re looking forward to accomplishing this project, but this went wrong. 

You’re someone who lacks the courage to fulfill your goals. Maybe your low self-esteem brought you here to sit in despair.

Your energy to change, resilience, and optimism are very low. So you need to step back from functioning for a while. 

You need to seek suggestions and help from other people for possible improvement for growth.

Nine of Wands Reversed Pregnancy

The Nine of Wands in reverse shows no sign of pregnancy. This means that a health problem occurred or you used contraceptives.

You’re not prepared to take the next step. You’re not certain when it comes to fulfilling your long-term goals.

You’re someone who refuses to make any sacrifices. You believe you don’t have what it takes to be a parent at the moment.

Before anything comes up, you’ll not hesitate to withdraw. You’ll change your direction or go back to square one. 

You’re not ready to commit yourself to unconditional love. Because maybe you need to love yourself first.

Nine of Wands Friendship

The Nine of Wands in friendship encourages you to be yourself. When you’re with the right group of people, you don’t have to hide. 

Perhaps you’re someone who always puts up a facade. This facade is a false impression because you’re shy to show your true self. 

It’s okay to come out whenever you’re with the right people. They will never find you weird or refuse to hang out with you.

Your friends are totally proud of the progress you make every day. They want to give you the assurance that they’ll always support you. 

Surround yourself with healthy friendships.

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