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Spiders in the Bible Spiritual Meaning: Is It a Bad Sign?

Whenever a spider is mentioned, there's someone in the room who'll freak out and run away. Why is that? These tiny, sometimes big creepy crawly creatures aren't pleasant to look at. Yes, they are intimidating, but they may not be as villainous as you think. Spiders are excellent species because they can protect themselves against enemies using their webs. You'd be surprised to know that these eerie creatures have a spiritual meaning in the Bible, and their symbolism is here.

Spiders in the Bible have both good and bad meanings. They are considered as auspicious spiritual omen and symbols of evil and sin. On a positive note, spiders in the Bible symbolize higher calling, humility, and protection. Meanwhile, spiders also signify weakness and fragility.

Throughout each passage, the spiritual meaning of spiders in the Bible differs. Hence, let's get to know both the positive and negative biblical meanings of spiders.

The spider is seen as a symbol of great work. You'll find different passages in the Bible where this tiny creature is given high regard for its wisdom and exceptional skills in web weaving.

The latter is interpreted as a sign of higher calling, asking all living beings on earth to work on their dreams and goals just like the spider.

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This creature is excellent in pulling itself back every time it falls off the web to renew its effort. Like spiders, you should also know how to weave your web to bounce back and strive forward to achieving your purpose in life.

The spider also means humility. As it creates its web, it carries the next task ahead.

Hence, spiders teach you to keep on striving and achieving your goal. It's also a great teacher for wisdom and patience.

When you strive for excellence, you may expect challenges and hurdles to come your way. Initial failure is typical, so don't give up on achieving your goal.

To overcome this, you should pick up yourself and bounce back as if you never failed. Only fools cry over spilled milk.

Meanwhile, spiders also symbolize God's protection. Have you ever wondered why spiders spent hours to days creating an excellent web? It is to protect themselves from harm and shield them from potential enemies.

The spider web serves an excellent purpose to trap all kinds of harmful insects in your homes, protecting your children from unwanted insect bites.

Hence, this web reminds you of God's protection, protecting you from the evil (represented by harmful insects) through the web that serves as your home. Meanwhile, there are some references in the Bible where the Lord uses spider web to protect His disciples.

God used these webs to seal a cave housing for His followers to provide spiritual protection against all war and evil in such a scene.

However, not all spider and their webs hold positive meanings. They have negative meanings too.

For instance, it's a symbol of weakness. The spider web is often seen in the Bible as signifies fragility.

You'll find different passages in the Bible that use spider web as a familiar metaphor to denote weakness, uselessness, or unworthiness. In the book of Job, you'll find references where a spider web is used as an analogy of placing trust or faith in a hypocrite.

Like trusting a hypocrite is seemed to be useless or foolish. Specific passages in the Bible state that depending on the spider web is nearly the same act.

Moreover, the spiritual meaning of the spider web is often compared to the acts of the devil Isiah. You'll see references where these evil acts are futile and fragile, like the spider web.

Take note that the spider web isn't deemed necessarily evil. For example, specific passages in the Bible indicate that it may be futile or just a waste of time to spin spider webs.

You shouldn't trust a hypocritical person or put faith in something weak as the spider web itself.

Biblical Meaning of Spiders in Dreams

Did you dream of spiders last night? If you're intrigued by the meaning behind this dream, you have a good reason because dreaming about it can have different interpretations.

Dreaming of a spider is common and nothing to worry about. Many people experience spider dreams, mainly because of their fear of spiders.

In different cultures around the globe, these spiders are not considered harmful but are often associated with lots of symbolism.

Some people call spiders creators because they can perfectly weave and construct webs. And because of this, it represents their creativity and knowledge.

Many stories about these creatures are often thought to have a spiritual meaning. Moreover, please take note of other details in your dream, like what's the spider doing to you, is it chasing you, biting you, or crawling in your body.

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The biblical meaning of spiders in dreams denote higher calling. Many people are scared of spiders because they are small and wise creatures with extraordinary abilities.

The presence of a spider signifies your dream to weave your world. This creature is also humble and patient. 

Another meaning is that they are sent to you by the universe as a sign of protection. If you notice, the spider's web is seen as a shield.

It traps problems so that they will not harm you. The web of the spider is also seen as a weakness.

Spider webs are compared to evil acts because they are useless and break easily. Seeing a spider web in your dream means that God is here to protect you, and you must not do evil acts.

When you see a spider, it could also be a metaphor for your fears. This dream could mean all the insecurities and hopelessness that you're experiencing.

It's a sign that you should stop holding onto your fears and be open-minded to other things.

On the other hand, seeing a spider web in a dream means that you're stuck in a situation or trapped in your life's circumstances. The web of a spider is thin and not easily detectable, which means that you cannot see and interpret your problem and find a solution since you don't know where the exact problem is.

In short, you're unaware of the problem holding you back.

A spider building or weaving a web in your dream means trying to arrange your goals, focus on life, and think of new ideas. You are concentrated on achieving something in life, allowing you to be contented and happy even in situations where life throws at you. 

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When you dream of a wheel-shaped web, it indicates that certain events or situations will happen in your life. It can happen quickly, and you must deal with them effectively.

Don't allow these fast-changing circumstances to overwhelm you. Meanwhile, a sheet-shaped web in your dream signifies that you need to focus on your communication to overcome your problem.

If you see a dead spider in the web, it suggests that you're too focused on your life. You are ready to move forward and let go of the things that hold you back.

It is a good sign because you have no problem moving forward from things and getting out from them. It is necessary to succeed in life, and you have to get rid of all the bad experiences that are holding you back from achieving your goal.

When you dream of walking through spider webs, it indicates nature. It means that you're carefree and have a pleasant nature.

Do not try to imitate others; instead, awaken your consciousness. Use your energies on your true passion for positively showcasing your creativity.

Another weird dream is seeing a bird caught in a spider web. Since birds are symbols of freedom and creativity, your creativity is being held back by your currency situations.

Your freedom is suppressed, and your energies stop you from making progress. You might feel hopeless and pessimistic, but you need to make an effort to move forward.

If you see yourself killing spiders, you can be calm even you're trapped. However, if you see and kill lots of spiders, you'll encounter many difficulties in the coming days.

It could also mean that you'll face misfortunes that will hit you hard. Hence, it's time to think of your present situations and look for solutions.

When you dream of a spider crawling on you, there's a hidden danger in your life that's slowly walking to you. It's a warning that you should be aware of the dangers you may face and think ahead of time to prepare you to deal with such problems.

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If the spider falls on your head, it tells you that you are dependent on the advice of your family. This kind of dream also means that you lack resources or information.

Seeing a spider running away from you in your sleep means that you be careful of who you approach in your workplace. It would be best if you were optimistic about your workplace.

Spiders symbolize deceit, and this dream can denote that you're running away from a dishonest person in your work.

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