Sun Conjunct Midheaven: Lock Your Eyes On Your Career Path! -

Sun Conjunct Midheaven: Lock Your Eyes On Your Career Path!

Midheaven Traits

Our birth charts define our personalities in every aspect. It is so diverse that natal charts even see the things we tend to hide. Our natal charts have four angles, and the most evident among them is the Midheaven.

Midheaven, or Medium Coeli, reveals our aspirations and career goals. In line with this, it also represents our public's perception of us. Do we want others to perceive us as dignified individuals? How important is the public's perception of us? Look for your Midheaven to know the answers. 

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Midheaven concerns itself in our public face. Hence, it also knows if we are aware of our public image. Do we want our public image to stay that way? Do we want any improvement in how the public sees us? Also, it reveals what the public expects of us and if we ever meet these expectations of us.

Midheaven represents our accomplishments and how the public views these accomplishments. Do we want to come off as ambitious individuals who brave every single obstacle? This angle also reveals the achievements that are most valuable to us. Is it our academic achievement? Is it the fact that we overcome our mental illness despite all the challenges?

Our Midheaven reveals our long-term goals and social status. It shows if we want our social standing to go up or remain. How do we want to achieve this social status? How do we plan to achieve our long-term goals? Look at your Midheaven to know the answers.

Sun Traits

Science tells us that Sun serves as the center of our Solar System. Its role is so vital that all lifeforms on Earth depend on this massive star. Sun gives plants their energy for food. Humans get warmth and vitamins from the Sun. Other planets also rely upon the Sun, albeit not their lifeforms as we know it. The Sun keeps the planets in their orbit because of the Sun's gravitational pull. 

The Sun, like the star, is the center of our personalities in astrology. Its role is so important that our personalities are all connected to the Sun. This massive star defines our whole character. If you describe yourself, you will recite your Sun traits. People around you will also describe you in your Sun trait. The Sun is the center of our personalities.

The Sun is our masculine energy. For this reason, it is no surprise that it is also associated with our ego. Do we take care of our ego and feed it well? Is our ego damaged and needs repair? Look at your Sun to know. This giant star is also associated with our confidence. Do we take pride in flaunting ourselves? Are we the reserved types of people? The Sun exposes the answers to these questions.

The Sun represents our consciousness. Rationality and logic fall under the Sun's dominion. Whatever goes into our minds, the Sun keeps it. The giant star oversees our maturity. For this reason, the Sun sees how we expand our mind and, with it, how our mind matures.

Sun Conjunct Midheaven Natal

People born under the influence of Sun conjunct Midheaven are unsurprisingly career-oriented. Career goals are their number one focus. And these people want nothing more but success in their career paths. For this reason, these people are ambitious, but they know what to do to reach their goals.

And they are successful in their endeavors. For this reason, they are popular. Everyone adores these bubbly and driven people. Your achievements add to the list of reasons why people love you. The same with the Sun-Venus aspects, people with Sun conjunct Midheaven in their charts thrive on validation by other people. Your public image is of utmost importance to you. Therefore, you keep a squeaky clean, and flawless persona.

Most likely, your ego is well-fed and satisfied. You feel good about yourself, and you are confident about the things that you do. People are always supportive of what you do. Additionally, they cheer you up on every path that you will take. Therefore, when these people encounter setbacks in their careers, it might severely devastate them. They may even plunge themselves into anxiety or depression. Their ego cracks when these people come across criticism or hindrances.

These people should take it easy. Although confidence is admirable, it is also good to take a step back and do things at your own pace. There's a tendency that too much enthusiasm will make you arrogant. And with your innate leadership skills, you may challenge those above you. There is nothing wrong with gaining more in life, but take moderation in your path. 

Try to show respect to your elders or authority figures. If possible, learn from them. They may impart knowledge that you will need in the future. And when you get to where you want to be, do not forget to look back and show your appreciation for them.

These people will find themselves involved in the business. A competitive environment such as finance, business, and sales best suits you. 

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Sun Conjunct Midheaven Transit

With Sun conjunct Midheaven transit, you may feel the urge to focus on your career. The transit may direct your eyes into your employment and profession. You will feel the need to plan for your long-term goal or change it. 

Take advantage of this by working diligently towards your goals. Gather supportive people around you who will cheer you on while you focus on your professional life. Try to take notice of your superiors and learn from their work routines. If possible, learn from them directly.

Your accomplishments may be in the spotlight during this event. Prepare to prepare those achievements you got under your belt. Recognition for your hard work will surely come during this transit. Your efforts will finally get rewarded in this period.

This transit may also give you extra confidence. It is great to be proud of what you have achieved. You deserve laudation for your efforts and hard work. But try not to rub off your achievements to other people. You may come off as arrogant and boastful. If this is the vibe you give off, your public image may suffer, and your reputation will plunge to deep depths. 

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