Venus Conjunct Midheaven: How To maximize This Two-day Transit? -

Venus Conjunct Midheaven: How To maximize This Two-day Transit?

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Venus culminating people have an excellent taste for beauty. Since Venus rules them, they have a fantastic eye for fashion, style, and furniture. 

The Venus Conjunct Midheaven assures that your labors will be fruitful, and they will not go to waste. This season is also a great time to jumpstart your long-term goals and career goals. 

Venus Traits

Probably the most depicted goddess in the artsin arts, Venus is the goddess of love and intimacy. Artists and poets often make her as a subject or their artwork or literature. 

Because of this, it is not surprising that Venus loves art, and she is the protector of the artists. Venus flaunts her beauty, and rightfully so! She's the goddess of beauty, and her beauty reflects on her heart as well.

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Venus, in astrology, is no different from the goddess. The planet rules over love and relationships and everything that goes with it. 

For this reason, sex, affection, desire, and fertility falls under the planet as well. 

Since Venus is a personal planet, it concerns itself with a specific part of our personality. The brightest planet concerns itself with our characters when we commit ourselves to love or relationship. 

What is our language, and what person's love language suit us? Do we put relationships at the top of our priority list, or will it end at the bottom?

This is not to say that Venus's influence is weak on those not in love or relationships. However, it is safe to say that Venus influences them differently. 

Venus is also responsible for our perception and idea of love and connection. 

Do our relationships consist of playful fights and healthy competitions? Do we want an intense passion that has screaming, fighting, and extreme jealousy?

Venus also concerns itself with harmony and balance. For this reason, Venus people put these two traits high in their priorities. Expect that they will keep serenity and tranquility in their surroundings. 


This aspect is one of the most evident angles in our chart. Our birth chart has four angles: Midheaven, Imum Coeli, ascendant, and descendant. 

And Midheaven sits at the top of our birth chart, making it the most noticeable.

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Since Midheaven is the most noticeable, it does not come off as a surprise that this aspect plays a significant role in our birth charts. Midheaven is responsible for our life path. And life path comprises not only our career path but also long-term goals and aspirations. Midheaven signifies our status in life and what status we want in our life. 

For example, are we content at the thought of living a simple life away from the city? Or do we dream big like the vast city that we want to reside in?

This placement is essential, like its fellow angles. Midheaven reveals our achievements and which among them do we like best highlighted to others. 

These achievements are not limited only to laudable work or school achievements. 

These achievements can also relate to personal achievements like getting over a problematic aspect of life. It can also include overcoming mental illness or resolving a once unresolved issue.

Venus Conjunct Midheaven Natal (Venus Culminating)

Venus culminating people are one of the most blessed people we would have the fortune to meet. These people are warm and sincere. 

You will feel it from the first time that you meet them. You will always find them with warm and welcoming smiles on their faces. 

These people are confident in themselves. For this reason, they are well-liked for being authentic. They are true to themselves and others. 

So expect that their feelings are genuine not only to you but to everyone. These people wear their hearts on their sleeves. 

But best believe this heart hasn't experienced pain yet. 

And best believe that their eye for beauty reflects on their souls as well. These people are the ray of sunshine. 

They can quickly lighten up the room and make everyone comfortable with their aura.

People who have Venus conjunct Midheaven in their birth charts have this comforting presence. You will never get uneasy with them around. For this reason, these people are innate peacemakers. 

With their calm and mild demeanor, it is not surprising that they can calm even the fiercest of storms.

Venus culminating wants to do nothing more but what they love to do. Therefore, they would always choose what makes them emotionally satisfied. 

Never mind that it does not pay well. They do not care if their career path is not a practical choice. 

What matters for Venus conjunct Midheaven people is that they love what they do. Rest assured that the thing they love also loves them.

They will thrive in artistic and creative fields. Because these people can easily relate to others, they can also think of pursuing a business or work in sales or finance. 

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Venus Conjunct Midheaven Transit

This abundance season is something that goes away in the blink of an eye. So it is best to take advantage of this transit. 

For tips, here's the first: overwhelm yourself with good feelings. 

This event is also a great time to look for something that will make you happy. Rest assured that the happiness will last you for a lifetime. It can be a hobby or take a class that you've meant to take.

With Venus conjunct Midheaven, your creative juices will flow well too. Take advantage of this by immersing yourself in creative hobbies such as painting or writing.

Roman mythology tells us that Venus is the goddess of love and fertility. Her beauty is so alluring that it makes gods and mortals unable to resist her whims.

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