Pluto Conjunct Midheaven: The Two Sides Of Born-To-Be-Leaders -

Pluto Conjunct Midheaven: The Two Sides Of Born-To-Be-Leaders

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Pluto traits

Probably the mortal's most feared god, Pluto, resides in the land of the dead. He is associated with death and rebirth, earning him the dominion of the Underworld. The god of the Underworld flourishes in the shadows, and he doesn't leave the dark even on the mortal world. 

Pluto wears his invisibility helmet whenever he goes to the land of the living. For what reasons, we do not know. But most likely, it is because the mortals are scared of him. Ancient Roman books tell us that Pluto is unattractive and mysterious. Hence, this aura makes him an untouchable god.

Pluto is also an ugly planet in astrology because we hide all our horrible scars on Pluto. These wounds include mental illness, childhood trauma, and unresolved issues. These things keep haunting us, don't we? No matter how much time passes by, they will always be at the back of our heads. And time will come where these things will resurface.

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And when these things come back, we can either repress them again or finally resolve this. It's hard to deal with our wounds. It makes us remember every single thing of it. Worse, we might plunge ourselves into endless despair because of these. But when we successfully face these things, then best believe those good things are about to come.

After facing your Pluto, you will face rebirth. It's like you came back from the dead, reliving your worst experience, and now you're born again. For this reason, Pluto represents transformation and regeneration. This planet encourages us to be brave and face the adversaries within. What follows is the brightness of life right after the dark encounter with your adversaries.


Our birth charts do not only have our signs and planetary placements. In addition, there are also angles and houses in it. One of the four angles in our birth charts is the Midheaven.

The Midheaven, or Medium Coeli, is one of the most evident angles in our birth chart. It sits at the top and goes south. Also called our “public face,” the Midheaven concerns itself with the public image. It's all about reputation and integrity. Do we value the public's perception of us? What do we think of our public image?

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The Midheaven also reveals the achievements that are important to us. Are these achievements academic-related? Are these accomplishments more personal? Midheaven knows the accolades we want to get recognized.

This angle also concerns itself with social status and long-term goals. How are we planning to improve our social status? Do we even want to climb up, or are we contented with what we have now? Midheaven also looks at our work ethic and career path. What are our plans for our careers? Do we plan on changing jobs, or are we satisfied with what we have now?

The Midheaven also represents those persons who hold authority over us. These people may be our teachers, parents, or superiors. These are the people who molded us and who were with us on our career paths. 

Pluto Conjunct Midheaven Natal

Similar to Pluto transit on the North natal Node, people born under Pluto conjunct Midheaven transit are career-oriented. These people's worlds revolve around their profession. This statement is not to say that these people are workaholics. It's just that they are career-driven.

These people are flexible to change. They can quickly adapt to any new environment you put them in. We all know what happens when one is in a new environment. Challenges will follow. Because of these people's determination and perseverance, there's nothing that they can do. They will worm their way out of these conflicts. 

All these people want is to climb up the ladder of their profession. Success in their employment will give them immense happiness. Just like the Pluto-Ascendant aspects, Pluto conjunct Midheaven people will feel contentment in seeing their hard work rewarded. They are born with their talents and skills, and these people know how to use them. 

Like Leo in the 1st House, these people are born with leadership skills. And when they do become leaders, they have the power to transform their workplaces into something different. But note that the alteration of the work environment depends on the personality that this Pluto conjunct Midheaven person grew up with.

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They have the power to make the workplace easy and laid back. These people are those leaders you want to have. They can brighten up the workplace, and they ensure that you are doing your best. They will encourage you when you encounter setbacks. 

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However, you can also encounter a strict Pluto conjunct Midheaven leader. They can come off as bossy and insensitive because these people want perfection in the workplace. Worse, these people may be manipulative to get what they want. Their whole lives revolve around work and falling back on their career damages their egos. 

Possibly, these people got their manipulative traits from a person in authority. Their parents control them, or these people saw someone manipulating a person in getting what they want. Either way, these people got the controlling and manipulative trait. They may try to use it on others.

But one thing is for sure. These people want to make an impact on everyone else. They want to inspire others and follow their lead. Pluto conjunct Midheaven people wish to make a difference. And they want the world to hail them as essential people. These people are honest and sincere. Pluto conjunct Midheaven people want for the world to know about the goodness of their hearts. However, everyone makes mistakes. And indeed, these people made a handful.

Soon, the bad things that these people did will come back to haunt them. There's no use in concealing it because time is the ultimate truth-teller. And once their wrongdoings come to light, all that they have worked for may come crashing down. 

When this happens, these people should remember that there is always redemption. One should own up to their previous mistakes and change themselves for the better. After all, Pluto conjunct Midheaven people are advocates of change. They believe in transforming the surroundings and themselves. People make mistakes; we all do. It's just a matter of how we are going to atone for it. Or will they repent for it?

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