Sun Opposite Venus Synastry: The Literal Push-And-Pull Couple -

Sun Opposite Venus Synastry: The Literal Push-And-Pull Couple

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Sun Traits

We all know that the Sun sits in the center of our Solar System. The planet revolves around this giant star, and to say that we need the Sun is an understatement. All lifeforms depend on the Sun's light. Its warm rays give warmth to the humans. Furthermore, its sunlight allows the plants to make their food.

Like the Sun's role on Earth, the Sun plays a vital role in astrology as well. This massive star represents the whole of us. The Sun represents all that we are and all that we will be. The Sun is also in charge of our maturity. Hence, our growth also falls under its dominion.

The Sun is so vital that when asked to describe yourself, the traits that you will think of will be your Sun personality. People close to you will describe you in your Sun trait. In conclusion, the Sun defines our whole personality and the whole personality that others see in us.

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The Sun represents our confidence as well. Are we comfortable meeting new people? Are we at ease when we express ourselves? Confidence is somehow related to ego. Hence, it is safe to say that Sun rules our ego too.

The Sun mirrors our masculine energy, as opposed to the Moon that rules femininity. Contrary to the Moon that governs our emotion, this massive star represents our consciousness. The Sun is all about reasoning and logic. For these reasons, we can infer that the Sun plays a vital role in our decision-making. 

Utilizing the Sun's influence in the wrong way will bring a different result. A person may become a blind optimist and arrogant. Feeding the ego too much will result in being boastful. And toxic positivity will result in downplaying some severe problems.

Venus Traits

This goddess is popular for being charming and gentle. It is no surprise that she is the goddess of beauty. But Venus is also famous for being the goddess of love. Passionate lovers and tragic love stories move her. Because of her kind temperament, sometimes, she rewards these lovers and couples who meet tragedies.

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In astrology, the planet rules love and its accompanying emotions: desire, lust, and passion. Venus is a personal planet, meaning it governs a particular part of our personalities. Hence, Venus oversees our identities when we are in a romantic relationship or love.

Are we affectionate when it comes to our partners? Are we shy in expressing our love for them? Venus knows the answer to this. But this does not mean that only those in love can feel the influence of Venus. This brightest planet knows our perception of love and relationships. Do we believe in love? Are we so desperate to find it?

Venus rules over lovely things. These things include aesthetics, arts, and precious items. Oh yes, arts is one of Venus's dominions. And it rules over visual arts, literature, and performing arts as well. The planet craves harmony and balance as well. For this reason, the planet dislikes any conflict or challenges. These obstacles disrupt the balance that the planet tries so hard to achieve.

As opposed to the Sun, Venus is our feminine energy as well. Venus is all about the gentleness and loving side of a person; hence, femininity.

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Sun Opposite Venus Synastry

Opposition is one of the most complex aspects of astrology. When opposition happens, planets sit at the opposite poles, pushing and pulling. These planets will try to find harmony between them, but they cannot. With the opposition in synastry, there will be a lot of hurdles to jump over. 

With the opposition in influence to the Sun-Venus aspects, both positive and negative traits of Venus and the Sun will come out. There will be an instant connection with these people. And they cannot help but answer this intriguing pull to each other. But this attraction is all that there is in this relationship. It will not take long for problems to plague the relationship.

These people like to push and pull. There would be times where Venus may feel like they want to shower the Sun with affection, and the Sun will not like it! On the other hand, when the Sun is ready to pour Venus with love, Venus withdraws. This playful chase is something that they view as exciting.

This couple enjoys the push and pulls dynamic instead of being frustrated about it. However, these people should be aware that excessive pushing and pulling will lead to exhaustion and breaking. One of them might get pushed too hard, which will cause a strain in the relationship.

Venus then will start viewing the Sun as self-centered and arrogant. Venus person will think that Sun people do not care about them at all. The Sun person then will view this Venus as demanding and needy. Soon, the Sun person will think that Venus does not support them in achieving their goals. They may also view Venus as someone shallow and superficial.

Over time, you will think that these people would not notice the decline of their relationship. Maybe they do, but they would not acknowledge this. They let the bitterness they're feeling for each other bottled up inside. And soon, of course, it will explode. And it is a painful experience when they eventually spill their resentment for each other.

It won't be long before this couple realizes they have nothing to gain in the relationship but negative feelings. The irresistible pull they felt at first has now turn into something far from admiration. They will both learn to hate each other and the relationship. The couple should realize that a relationship is “give and take.” And there are two persons in the relationship. It takes two persons to work a relationship; hence, both should think of each other too. 

Venus should learn to compromise with the Sun. They should let the Sun know their needs and wants in the relationship. The Sun, on the other hand, should take notice of Venus too. Their needs are not the only priority in the relationship. Sun person should learn to meet Venus's expectations too.  And if they cannot, they should sit down and talk about it.

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