Venus Trine Saturn Synastry: Where The Couple Has Room To Grow -

Venus Trine Saturn Synastry: Where The Couple Has Room To Grow

Venus Traits

Venus' name came from the Roman Goddess of Love. In mythology, Venus can charm not only the mortals but also gods themselves like Mars. This goddess also protects art and pleasing things. These are the brightest planets in the night sky, and Venus is called “The Morning Star.”

From these facts, the planet Venus, in astrology, governs love and intimacy. Being a personal planet, this shows a particular aspect of our life. And for Venus, it shows our attitude and perception towards love and relationship It represents who we become when we get into relationships. Like the charming goddess, this planet also reveals the people you may be attracted to. It also shows who you attract. 

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Since Venus is the protector of the arts, this planet is also concerned with the arts. Venus governs over artistic expressions such as literature and poetry. It even goes beyond visual arts, and even performing arts. The planet Venus encompasses a lot of elements. It even represents our fashion styles. 

Venus people, like the appealing goddess that rules them, are appealing as well. You will never find it hard to love Venus. This person is good-looking and friendly. You will find yourself unable to resist the pull she's emitting. These people are kind-hearted and generous. Venus people do not like the people around them burdened. They can appear to be selfless, though not all the time.

Venus people have a high-end taste in fashion. They never go out of style. And if they do, expect that they can still rock their outfits. You will often find these people dressing themselves up, and they can even pay a higher price for it. They always look glamorous!

Since the protector of the arts governs them, these people are involved in arts and crafts. They may be singers, dancers, and painters. And you will find them lurking in the museums or theaters, admiring this art.

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Saturn Traits

Saturn is the Roman God of agriculture. He is also known to be the God of Time. Like Venus, Saturn also appears in our night sky, albeit not as bright as Venus. Saturn, in astrology, is about maturity and responsibility. Like the ruler of agriculture, Saturn also rules over stewardship. It also represents boundaries and limitations.

It seems, on the outset, that Saturn is a restrictive planet. It does not allow us to have our fun and free-spiritedness. But in reality, someone has to remind us to stay grounded. That life is not all about enjoyment and living life to the fullest. We also have a share of responsibilities in life. That is what Saturn reminds us.

Saturn is also about discipline. We can infer that Saturn represents fathers, teachers, and people who hold authority. They can also be leaders, presidents, and law enforcers. Saturn shows how we face our responsibilities. Do we run away from them? What is needed most for us to be responsible? Since Saturn reminds us of our limitations, we can also say that it will happen to the planet it transits. 

Saturn may not be one of the best planets, but it brings us closer to our mature and higher selves. The change is not something to fear, but this is something you can embrace.

Trine In Astrology

In astrology, the trine is considered one of the blissful aspects. In contrast to square or opposition, the trine brings about balance and harmony. Despite the opposite traits of the planets, the trine will find ways for these planets to work in harmony. Expect that with trine on the works, expect that you will feel that everything on your stars is aligned. This aspect is the time where you will think that everything flows on its natural course.

Trine happens when the planets are 120 degrees apart. On our birth charts, it symbolizes the blue lines.

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Venus Trine Saturn Synastry

This couple can expect a harmonious and blissful relationship. both of them have the fortune to experience this relationship. This relationship is favored, and this may come in the long term. This couple is very passionate about each other. There will be a brightly burning fire that symbolizes the couple's love for each other. You would think that, at the outset, this is not good news. 

This passionate love will find its way to inspire the couple to build the relationship stronger. They would appear to be attached. But this couple's attachment to each other would not be disturbing. Just like what the Venus-Mars aspect show, the couple will like this because they know they will thrive in this attachment.

Saturn and Venus can work together seamlessly. With Venus, this person can make Saturn feel lighthearted. With their charm and quirky attitude, these people can induce Saturn to have fun and chill, even just for a while. They can lighten up the mood of the serious Saturn. The Saturn would not mind Venus' fun-loving character. These people can view it as a light aspect of their lives. 

Saturn, on the other hand, can make Venus take life seriously. Being ruled by Saturn, these people can remind the Venuses to also think of their responsibilities. Saturn may induce Venus to take on responsibilities in life instead of just all fun and games. They can make their pleasure-loving Venus grounded. Venus would not mind Saturn's practicality, and these people can view it as sexy and mature.

Venus trine Saturn would help each other grow and thrive without needing to change each other. This reason is why this relationship is for keeps. The couple will sense this too. Because of such reasons, they will not do anything that will make the relationship unhealthy. There is less of a chance that this relationship will grow to be toxic.

In a Venus trine Saturn relationship, expect that Saturn will take the wheel. Because this person takes the wheel, there is a suitable amount of maturity in the connection. If this couple were in a fight, they would always find ways to resolve it, without the need to resort to nasty arguments.

Because of this relationship dynamic, both people will feel safe in each other's arms. This feeling is also one of the reasons why this relationship will be tough to leave. Their bond is deep-lasting and true.

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