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Taurus in 1st House (Taurus Rising): Grace And Poise

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You are known as the wandering bull, as your history is comprised of a broken friendship from the Goddess Hera herself. Although you are loyal to your friends, there will come a time when you will outgrow them, and that difference in opinion will make it hard for you to stay in the same room for too long. The only way to liberate yourself from an environment that shackles you is to cut off connections, and in moments where you find yourself looking back, you must find your inner strength to keep moving forward. The journey towards meeting your vision is not entirely lonely, for there will be a lot of things that will preoccupy you. 

In a social setting, you are not one to mince your words, and for those who do not know you, this might be taken as harsh. But hey, not everyone has the time to sugarcoat things, and if your criticism is based on objectivity, then pat yourself in the back for being upfront about it instead of backstabbing someone. You think far ahead than most of your peers, and people will occasionally tell you that the world is too big for you to conquer, but you, my dearest Taurus, are an adventurer.  

Taurus on the 1st House Cusp 

Similar to A Taurus has a good awareness of the present. With the sign of Taurus in the first house, regardless of your heightened sensitivity to the sensations around you, you deal most situations with grace and poise. You find comfort in solitude yet also have hedonistic needs in search of love. 

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With the astrological placement in Taurus, your tendency to indulge in different pleasurable activities might result in a misplaced notion of self-love, which in the end, could be dangerous for you. The biggest hurdle for you is to control the intensity you have and to take one step at a time.

Daily Work

For any major presentation, be on the lookout for possible sabotage and always have backup files with you. Despite feeling under the weather, take precautionary measures to have everything covered, especially in areas where you think you are not necessarily needed.

Daily Relationship

Learn to look out for your partner’s needs as he/she might be into spontaneity as opposed to you, who likes to stick to traditions.  

Because you are set in your ways of maintaining stability, there are instances in which you consciously ignore red flags just to maintain that ‘’perfect’’ relationship you wanted. In pretending that everything is fine, your pent-up frustrations will cause a bigger fight than intended.

Daily bonus

 You’re not the only one who has eyes on that particular prize, so better take the risk before it dissolves into nothing.

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How Can I Relate to the Taurus in My Life?

If you are surrounded by Taurus friends in your life (or are vying for  one) but don’t quite know how to match their energy, here are some tips to help you:

The first thing to remember is that Taureans are very strong-willed in nature. If you have plans of keeping them in the long run, you must take their behavior in stride despite their obstinate ways. When you feel like they are in the wrong and call them out for it, you must have extra patience because it’s difficult for them to realize and acknowledge it right away. A difference in opinion might even result in a slight rift, which is easily mendable if you’re already good friends. 


In case of emergency, and I mean when they are angry- give them space. Being used to a Taurus having his/her shit together, you might not be able to handle an irate bull. Or at least, not at first. Adjusting to the mood of a capricious Taurus takes a while, and you have all the time knowing that people born with this sign do not open up right away. 

Second- their passion for work and spending time in leisure is equally zealous. You might have a hard time adapting to their change in pacing as one time you see them heavily drowned in paper works, and the next you see them asking you out for an out-of-town trip. 


It certainly doesn’t hurt and is rather appreciated when you have the initiative to ask your Taurus friend for a good dinner outdoors after a long day of managing her tasks.

Is she finally done with all her backlogs? Reward it with a girl’s night out over pasta and wine. 

Third, a Taurus would almost always turn down your help, and for this, you should try your best not to take offense. People with this sign put their sense of autonomy in a high-pedestal, which is why they try not to ask others for assistance as much as possible. Used to her mercurial ways, it is a struggle for a Taurus to gain independence, so when she has the opportunity to do so, she will seize it immediately.  


You must allow people of this sign to breathe in their personal space while not taking their rejection to heart. You may offer help but at the condition that they have the option to refuse and that it will only be accepted as a last resort because you believe in their capability to do things by themselves. 

Fourth, they’re hardly emotional beings. They can come off as aloof and skeptical in some cases, especially to those with whom they are not well acquainted. Putting down their guard around you might take some time. They have trust issues the size of their ego- which is big knowing how confident and stubborn they are. 


Try not to overwhelm them but be consistent in showing that you want to get to know them. Being open yourself might also cause reciprocation on their end. Getting past their walls can be hard but once they do let you in, you’d earn yourself a kindred spirit! 

How it is for you as a Taurus Woman?

Because you tend to overwork, you take things with a calm and steady beat in your time of vacancy, not letting anything get under your skin. Despite your moral compass beckoning you to put your foot down and try to pacify the situation, you let the other signs handle things for you for as long as they can. 

However, when you finally have had enough, your temper becomes volatile, causing other people to be on their toes around you. In your work, entertaining as it is, you do not find it as rewarding and might consider shifting careers, but your mental tenacity will hinder you from pushing through with that plan. 

When it comes to a relationship, because your zodiac sign is aligned with the planet Venus, you are dominant in the field of romance. Your natural stubbornness will cause you to push and prod your partner into coming out of his shell and meeting you eye to eye. 

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How it is for you as a Taurus man?

As a Taurus man, the main trait that defines you is your gentle and easy-going temperament. You are self-sufficient, meaning you have the patience to do things by yourself for hours on end. Because of your high competency at work and your acknowledgment of it, it might seem like arrogance to others, but your sense of altruism quickly saves this in mentoring and helping your colleagues. 

When it comes to dating, though it is within your capabilities to turn into the modern ways of courting, you would rather resort to being traditional in maintaining your relationship, which puts you in a good spot with your person. You’re not known to jump the gun and would carefully lay out the game plan before pursuing your subject of interest. It’s a good thing that there are actually those that prefer a nervous wreck over smooth talkers as it is a sign of genuineness (so in this case, the best thing to do is just to be you!) 

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