Virgo In 2nd House: Is Earning Money Going To Be Easy? -

Virgo In 2nd House: Is Earning Money Going To Be Easy?

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If your birth lies between the 23rd of August and September 22, then you hold the critical and pure energy of Virgo. As an earth sign, the symbol that represents you is the beautiful maiden. We view the maiden as the one who sorts out the wheat from the chaff and is the goddess of Agriculture.

Virgos are calculative, pragmatic, and organized in dealing with things in their life. Because you are keen on details, you harness your skills to reach perfection. Mercury is the sign's ruling planet, and this endows Virgo with a distinct sense of ingenuity. Virgos have a constant need to help others and may display a nostalgic side to them.

The 12 Houses of Astrology

 To those who don't treat horoscopes as part of their lifestyle and personality, the fact that it has 12 houses might be unknown to you. One can't help but wonder, “why should there even be a need for such division?”

The planets and astronomical objects were all in their exact places and houses at the time of a person's conception. For the interpretation of your natal chart, there are a few things to do to map out your luck and misfortunes in life. Rather than your date of birth, an astrologer merges the origin and meaning of the planet, the house it resides, and your sign. In Hindu astrological tradition, you call this horoscopic divide: Bhāvas.

The 2nd House

Just like having Saturn in the 2nd house, we define the second house as part of our life that reveals monetary value, material possessions, and conditions of worth. Birth signs in the Second House are in tune with the material world. They feel safest when they are in power. This is not only bounded by tangible possessions but by our inner selves as well.

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We own up to our actions, our people, and our possessions because it validates our existence. This is the house that represents the value we place on ourselves and all we accomplish on a personal level. When you achieve your materialistic goal, you feel empowered because it enhances not only your life but of others as well.

Gaining wealth and elevating your financial status does not always grant you satisfaction. This happens when the method used in obtaining it is not in line with your personal vision. People in this house believe that to have true personal freedom, one must have financial stability.

Growing up, society made us believe that money can't buy happiness, which is rather naive and untrue. If you are poor, you won't afford education. If you are not educated, you won't have a good social standing. If you don't have a good social standing, you won't have connections.

Not having connections or a social bearing makes you susceptible to inequality and failure in your career. Not having connections or a social bearing makes you susceptible to inequality and failure in your career. And as cruel as it sounds, it's hard to keep a friend who has no goals for himself and doesn't seek any personal improvement. They will see you as a burden. A friendship in which only one party can provide while the other keeps asking can be strenuous.

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Virgo In 2nd House

If Virgo belongs in the 2nd house cusp, earning money will be easy for you because of your sense of practicality and financial abilities. Not only are you meticulous and organized in work, but also with how you manage spending your money. You handle things of monetary value with great caution. Not only are you frugal on yourself and in social settings, but you also keep tabs on your daily expenditure.

But your perfectionism will make it hard for you to reach the level of contentment. This is a sign that brings that ruler of this house, Venus, to its fall. You hardly celebrate small wins because you magnify the faults you see. Like Virgo in 9th house, You begin dismissing the effort you put in and your learnings because the results don't meet your standards. Despite your high money-making abilities, you become anxious about how to generate income. There will be times when you displace your stress unto others like family and friends.

Keywords: finances, organized, perfectionist, dissatisfaction

How to Relate to the Virgo in Your Life?

When a Virgo glides into your life, in all their cold and calculating glory, offer them a cup of coffee. You can’t warm up to an ice prince if you're equally cold.

Here are things to look out for in a Virgo and how best to deal with them:

Virgos are irksome in their pedantic ways.

Virgos are always on the move, so when they are stagnant or when you are a new acquaintance, he will peel you apart like layers of an onion. He has high standards, so he will nitpick on you to make you aware of it. When you are in the same environment as him, you will feel like you do not have freedom of movement. You will be under scrutiny until he becomes satisfied with your work, which is a long process.


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Constantly prove yourself, as exhausting as it sounds. The only way for him to accept you is when he sees you as someone of the same caliber as him. You can't win him over when you have your head in the clouds and is neglectful with your duties. You have to take the extra mile in proving that you are a valuable asset.

They will come across as indifferent

Choosing to be practical most of the time, they cannot easily tap into their emotional side. They barely hold any regard for sentiments. They might care for you, but they can't directly show their affections. They could wear a mask 24/7 and nobody would suspect a thing.

They could appear to be confusing, as their words might contradict their actions. They will expect you to know the translation of their actions, but you do not have a manual on how their mind works. They appear to be prideful, when half of the time, they just don't know how to communicate their feelings.

Remedy: Honestly, there's no easy way out for this. Not when you're a good-natured fellow who easily gets hurt if her good treatment of others is not reciprocated. The only way to solve this is: either you toughen up, or you become good enough for a Virgo to change his ways. In dealing with them, always take things with a grain of salt.

They can be dominating.
Virgos can be domineering, but only when it comes to completing duties. The ability to achieve a high level of precision is a well-known Virgo attribute. Virgos can be somewhat commanding to achieve this. They can be blunt and harsh in their desire to work with accuracy and speed.


Familiarize and master the tasks assigned to you so, instead of getting in the way, you are able to help the team. Take feedbacks as constructive criticism, and use it to perform better. They aren't known to take things personally, especially at work, but when they step out of line- call them out for it.

They are sensitive to their own faults being brought up.

People of this astrological placement would silently flee any scene that involves emotions. Virgos are highly sensitive people. They despise it when people give them extended pieces of advice. They dislike someone questioning or criticizing their conduct. Though it seems hypocritical, they do not like it when they're on the receiving end of someone's admonishment. Instead of reflecting on it, they have the tendency to respond with sarcasm or escape at a given opportunity.


People who disguise their fear of confrontations with anger are almost hopeless. This is beyond your control. Refer them to a therapist or avoid them like how they avoid their issues. After all, not all points intersect.

They’re perfectionists.

You'll have to catch your breath plenty of times and sacrifice your soul to the demon before you get their approval. It's more likely that you'll win the lottery than that they'll give you a thumbs up for a job well done.

Remedy: I'm not saying it's impossible. But at the off-chance that they find your work agreeable, that won't happen all the time. So instead of following their footsteps, you might be better off developing your own.

But pessimistic thoughts aside, a warm soul thaws even the coldest of hearts. So, best of luck and suit up!

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Your Obsessions:

To have an environment free from any clutter and dirt.

It's a must for Virgos of the second house, to have a clean and minimal place. They quickly tend to anything that is for them, is out of place. They can't stand clutter so unlike, most people- they avoid collecting things. For them, the more it is bare, the better.

They’re focused on the health of those around them

Nurturing others is a core tenet for them. Virgos are very much involved in the health of his family. Despite lacking the emotional understanding that most people have, they do their best to look out for others. They have maternal instincts that they might not be aware of.

They help without expecting anything in return because they don't think much in their acts of generosity. They don't have time to plot on how to win favors from others because they know how capable they are by themselves.

Have finances in order

They have that strong burning desire to have their finances in order. They fret over anything that is slightly amiss. They have a compulsive behavior of keeping track of money that goes in and goes out. If you're low on mathematical skills and splurge more than you earn, you may let them take over your finances for safekeeping.

  • Famous people of this placement: Kirsten Dunst, Rita Ora, Eddie Murphy, Franz Kafka, Agatha Christie, Ella Fitzgerald.

How to Harness the Power of Virgo in the Second House:

The full moon in Virgo offers a chance for manifestation through unexpected changes. Taking a break is the first step toward restoring your mind, body, and spirit. Use the full moon's potent energy to your advantage by indulging in self-care habits like a bubble bath or putting on a clay mask. Disconnect from people and any responsibilities for a while. Tell yourself you deserve this time to go AWOL without feeling guilty because you've done more than enough of your share.

This will allow you to be in tune with your body once more while maintaining balance with your energy. You also have to be one with nature, because this is your natural element. You thrive when there is greenery and earth-bounded creatures around you. You relish in the abundance that this planet provides you with.

Beautiful as the environment is, you know it is not permanent, and its preservation is in your hands. You lament that resources are finite, so through your innovativeness, you find ways on how to make them sustainable.

Because you are the last child of summer, there is a sadness to your energy which you must take time to process. You see everything in a temporary state and that all good things will pass. While this puts you in a pensive mood, you must accept this, for you're rarely in touch with your emotional realm. Embrace the last rays of the summer sunlight as it hits the meadow.

When you’re more accustomed to your feelings, sort it out and identify if you can now steer away from isolation. If you can connect with others at a psychological level. If you feel that you are ready, collaborate with other people and work on a project. By then, You will see yourself doing better in other areas of your work.

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