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Want to Make a Cancer Man Jealous?: Check These Do’s & Don’ts!

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Are you searching for ways to make the Crab of the zodiac jealous? It could be that you want assurance that he only has his eyes on you or you want him back after some time from the breakup. 

Making a Cancer man jealous is risky and will need a comprehensive plan to make it a success. You can't just flirt with a guy right away as you see him walking towards you. 

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Is Cancer Man Capable of Getting Jealous?

Absolutely! A Cancer man is one of the most loyal signs in the zodiac and he expects his woman to be the same.

He can get jealous even for minor reasons. 

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He may not talk to you for the reason that he caught you talking to a guy that he doesn't know. Although this can be understandable, he may take his jealousy to the next level. 

Your Cancer beau may ignore you for some days or even weeks until you ask him what's wrong and apologize.

So, what are the dos and don'ts in making a Cancer man jealous? Let's find out!

The Do's & Don'ts in Making a Cancer Man Jealous

When you plan to make a Cancer man jealous, know that you are risking your relationship with him. Nonetheless, if you intend to make him want you back, you still need to do it the right way. 

This is why I have crafted the do's and don'ts to assist you in making your Cancer man jealous without facing a big risk.

Consider following the do's and don'ts below to make your plan a success.


Be with friends and enjoy your time with them!

One of the best ways to make a Cancer man jealous is to be with your friends and have a lot of fun. This way, you can show him that you are capable of having a great life even without him.

Being away from you and knowing that you're having fun will make him overthink things. He might get imaginative and assume that many guys are hitting on you while you are out having fun.

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Never answer right away to his calls or messages.

When he calls or texts you, make sure not to answer him right away. Leave a half-hour or a few hours before responding to his calls or text messages to make him wait. 

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This way, you're showing him that you have a life of your own apart from your relationship with him.

Your Cancer will likely get irritated and have assumptions on his mind, waiting for your call. He may start to assume that you are splurging your attention on someone new, making him jealous. 

So, consider not answering him right away in both his texts and calls to make him feel like he's losing you.

If you want your Cancer beau to get jealous, give him something to overthink about. If you have things planned, do them first before entertaining or responding to him. 

Even if the things planned aren't that important, do that first before sending a response or going to him.

Your plans could be as minor as watching your fave Netflix series but do it first anyway. This will send him a signal that if he doesn't treat you right, you won't mind losing him as you got yourself. 

Knowing your independent nature, he may take action and compromise to spend time with you.


Be secretive.

One of the things that you need to avoid in making your Cancer beau jealous is appearing secretive to him. Once he feels that you are withholding information from him, he will start to doubt your feelings. 

He might also lose his trust in you that can ruin your relationship.

Avoid being secretive or appearing secretive to him to prevent mistrust from surfacing. As you might already know, trust and loyalty are huge things for a Cancer man, so it's vital to embody them at all costs.

Flirt with other guys.

Flirting with other guys just to make your Cancer beau jealous is a big no-no. Avoid doing this at all costs or you might end up losing him for real. 

So, consider not using this risky way to make your Crab man jealous if you don't want to lose him. Use less risky methods that are acceptable to the eyes of your Cancer man to avoid risking what you two have.

As much as possible, avoid going extreme in making your Cancer beau jealous. If you are hell-bound to make him jealous, at least think about what he will feel first. 

Don't go overboard and hurt his feelings profoundly and be considerate.

Give him little affection.

A Cancer man is full of love and affection. He showers his woman with the best love and attention he could give. 

He's the type that doesn't hold back his love and affection if he loves the person and expects his woman to be the same.

If you don't want to ruin your relationship with your Cancer man, never give little affection to him. 

He wants to feel your love and sweetness as much as possible and withholding it will only disappoint him. Thus, don't limit giving affection to your Cancer lover and find another way to make him jealous.

How Does a Cancer Man React When He's Jealous?

When your man is jealous, he will display reactions, showing he's affected by your action. Uncover some of his likely responses when he's jealous below.

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He will ignore you.

Once you hurt a Cancer guy, his first reaction will be ignoring you. He will do his best not to talk to you and act as if you don't exist. 

This is why making the Crab of the zodiac jealous isn't ideal, as he can take things personally.

A hurt Cancer can also take things to the next level and might consider giving up the relationship.

If you ever break up with him, I wrote an article on how to get your Cancer man back that you might find useful.

He will get possessive with you.

Another reaction worth noticing is his possessiveness. He might ask you each time where you are going or what you will do after. 

He may even tell you to let him know if you will be at another place at a specific time.

So, if you notice your Cancer man getting too tight with you, know that it's a sign that he's jealous.

I suggest checking out my friend Anna Kovach's Cancer Man Secrets to guide you in successfully doing this, especially to help you not go too far. 

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