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9 Absolute Signs An Aries Man SECRETLY Likes You

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Have you already set your eyes to the charismatic breed of an Aries man? Do you want to make sure if he really likes you? 

Men born under the Aries sign may come as playboys as they like to flirt. They are also very sociable, making it hard for you to tell if he's absolutely into you or he's only flirting.

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He may even tell you the intensity of his feelings because of his outspoken nature. Thus, when an Aries man confesses how he feels to you, it's likely that he's sure of his feelings for you. 

An Aries man might be good at playing games, but when it comes to love, he'll make sure to be loyal and honest to the one he loves.

Find the rest of the clues as you continue to unravel the signs that tell if an Aries man likes you.

9 Absolute Signs an Aries Man Secretly Likes You

When an Aries man is in love or if he likes someone, you might be unsure if he is genuine with his actions. As an Aries sign, he may act with you like how he acts with everyone else. 

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However, there's a difference in how he acts with someone he has feelings with that you might have missed.

#1 He Will Be Very Spontaneous with You

Aries gangs are famous for their spontaneity. They directly jump into adventures without any plans as long as they feel like doingfeel doing it. 

So, if an Aries man is into you, expect some spontaneous adventures with him.

#2 He will be overprotective of you

Aries is the most protective among the star signs. When an Aries man is in love or if he likes someone, it's in his innate nature to protect them. 

If you are in a relationship with an Aries guy and you notice that he is too protective of you, it's a sign that he likes you.

An Aries man in love will always make you his priority. If you get upset over something, he will ensure to appease your mood and make you laugh. 

If you feel unsafe or sick, he will drop everything to be there for you.

If an Aries guy is into you, expect him to be jealous when you talk to other guys. 

He may also want to have your full attention like a child. Thus, if you see these signs in your Aries man, know that he is head-over-heels in love with you.

He might also look into your eyes more often, as it is a sign of being attracted to someone. You may read more in the article I wrote about Aries Man Eye Contact.

#3 He will tell you that he likes you in the short time he's with you

Once an Aries guy likes you, it will not take him a long time before he tells you his feelings. Aries signs are famous for their impatience that makes them act right away. 

This attitude of Aries is the reason why their partners are sometimes doubtful of them.

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Nonetheless, this is the way Aries handles his affairs. He has this thinking that he can always know you better when you two are in an official relationship. 

You may doubt his intention at first, but know that he is serious with you if he goes out his way to confess.

So, when you feel the impatience of an Aries man to be with you, know that he likes you a lot!

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#4 He will shower you with questions

Another way to tell a male Aries likes you is when he showers you with questions. Although an Aries man is naturally curious, he prefers to enjoy his time and have fun with people than ask. 

Nonetheless, if he likes you, prepare to answer his numerous questions.

He might ask you simple things at first, like what are your likes and dislikes. Then, he may also ask about your plans for the coming days or weeks. 

He will be very interested in what you will do with your time and what your hobbies are, to see if you are compatible.

#5 You will see his true feelings through his actions

An Aries man isn't as vocal as Scorpio or Pisces when it comes to his feelings. He isn't showy and comes as less romantic compared to the other signs. 

Nonetheless, he will ensure to let you know how he feels through his actions.

When you two go out on a date, he will make sure that you are safe. He will open doors for you and be a gentleman throughout the day. 

If you two go on a movie date, he will make sure you are comfortable and then tease you to lighten up the air.

An Aries man will make sure that you will have a good laugh with him. He might also offer you his help in doing your household chores and end up cooking in your kitchen.

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#6 He wants to meet your inner circle

Once an Aries man is in love, he will make sure to meet your inner circle. 

You will see his genuine interest in meeting the people that are important to you. He will also show those people that he is serious about you.

If your Aries man is serious with you, he might also ask you to meet your parents as a sign of respect. Although this is not a typical Aries attribute, he will go out his way to ensure that you know how much he likes you.

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#7 He will spend more time with you

Another sign that your Aries guy likes you is when he spends most of his time with you. Aries signs do love to spend most of their time partying with friends. 

You may also find them with their circle of friends doing extreme adventures in other places.

Nonetheless, when an Aries man is smitten, he will spend most of his precious time with the woman he loves. So, if you notice that your Aries man frequently asks to hang out with you, it's a clear sign that he likes you.

When you're with an Aries man, there will be so much spontaneity in your relationship. 

You will never get bored in this bond as Aries is full of surprises when in love. Thus, be observant of your man Ram's action to see if he truly likes you.

#8 He will invite you to important events

One sure way to tell that a male Aries likes you is when he invites you to the important events in his life. 

When he goes out to attend one of his friend's events, he will ask you to go with him. He will introduce you to his circle of friends and not leave you alone to make sure you are comfortable. 

He will also ensure that you will have fun at the gathering and boast about you to his friends.

Once you meet his friends, you will notice that he will talk about you like a proud husband. When you meet his family during a special occasion, he will make sure that you will not feel left out. 

He will speak proudly about you in front of his family members that will make you blush.

#9 He will be more affectionate towards you

When an Aries guy likes someone, it will show through his actions. You will start to feel that he is more affectionate with you than before. 

He will also be more touchy with you and let you feel his love through physical touches.

When an Aries man likes you, he will never hold back his feelings and let it show for everyone to see. 

He may hold your hand in public and even kiss you. He might also touch you sensually to turn you on.

So, when your Aries man is more affectionate with you, know that he is serious with his feelings for you.

Now that you know he likes you, you might be interested in knowing how to make an Aries man crazy about you.

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