December 10 Zodiac - Personality, Compatibility, Birthday Element, Ruling Planet, Career & Health -

December 10 Zodiac – Personality, Compatibility, Birthday Element, Ruling Planet, Career & Health

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Were you born on December 10? Learn about your characteristics, lucky numbers, compatibility, and get the best advice about love, career, and more for people born on December 10.

December 10 Zodiac SignSagittarius
December 10 Birthday ElementFire
December 10 Ruling Planet Jupiter
December 10 BirthstonesZircon, Turquoise
December 10 Lucky Number 11
December 10 Lucky MetalTin
December 10 CompatibilityCompatible with Cancer

Born December 10, your zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Your personality as a Sagittarius is energetic. You have so much thirst for challenges and adventures. So, you enjoy extreme rides and other outdoor activities. Because of your high energy, you easily get bored doing easy tasks. You prefer the difficult ones where you can challenge yourself.

You are also the kind of person who is full of enthusiasm and a great sense of humor. The way you speak and act brightens up a dull environment. As a result, you can relieve other people’s stress and you easily make new friends.

As a Sagittarius, you are an individual with a strong will. You strongly hold onto something that you believe. In addition to that, you strive to get what your heart desires. You are less likely to stop once you put your mind on something. This trait makes you stubborn at times. People in your surroundings find it hard to convince you. Your opinions don’t easily get changed unless there is evidence.

Another personality that you possess is a wide understanding of things and a long temper. Your excellent patience contributes a lot to keep yourself calm in arguments. Even when angry, you’re not the aggressive type of person. You usually handle situations smoothly. Grudge is not something that you hold onto because you are forgiving. You are willing to let go of your anger as long as the apology is sincere. 

Even with a lot of achievements in life, you are not arrogant nor selfish. You are down-to-earth and you share what you have with others who are in need. The way you talk doesn’t make others insecure. Instead, they tend to be inspired and motivated to improve themselves to achieve their goals like you do.

With all these nice characteristics, people in your surroundings admire you and there are only a few who don’t. However, given that you are a human being, you still possess some negative traits. These traits include having unrealistic ideas. Your expectations of others cause too much pressure especially, on the people closest to you.

Remember that not everyone has the same skills as yours. You can be good at things where others aren’t and they can excel where you don’t. So, don’t expect that everyone will be like you. Make sure that you respect them and support their talent.

December 10 Birthday Element

Fire as your birthday element makes you possess its properties – heat, and light. These traits imply that you are a warm-hearted person. You treat people with kindness and you help genuinely. Your fun personality influences others and brightens up their day. Because of your warm aura, you tend to attract positivity.

As a Sagittarius under the fire element, you always seek new things. Due to this reason, you are an individual who also likes to travel and visit places you haven’t visited yet. Discovering things about certain places gives you thrill and excitement.

Another fire trait that you possess is having a burning motivation for something. As a result, you tend to overwork and make sacrifices just to accomplish your goals. To balance this, you have to be diligent and think about the possible consequences. If you don’t pay attention, this could have an outcome that you can’t easily handle.

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December 10 Zodiac Ruling Planet

As the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter is considered the ruler of great things. Being your ruling planet, Jupiter has a great impact on your personality. You are considered a curious individual with a thirst for solving puzzles and mysteries. Your curiosity makes you pursue something that catches your interest. When you can unlock a mystery, it makes you overwhelmed and want bigger challenges.

You are also a brave individual who doesn’t step back from the problems that you face. Jupiter’s powers help you have the courage to solve all the obstacles in your life. You also strongly believe that running away from your problems will only make them worse.

Jupiter is considered as a “Father of thunder”. As your ruler, it makes you a person who stands out with excellence. It also implies that you are an adaptive and independent type of person who hates relying on others. You prefer working on your own because it makes your work proficient.

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Aside from being able to stand on your own, you are also a solid person. When you decide on something, other people can’t convince you to change your decisions.

December 10 Zodiac Birthstones

Your modern birthstone as a Sagittarius is Zircon. Zircon is a symbol of wisdom and wealth. Having this birthstone implies that you are full of wisdom. Your way of speaking and actions show that you have a broad understanding of things.

You also have a good judgment of things and people. Despite the darkness of their aura, you still see something good inside them. This trait makes people in their dark state find light and purpose in their lives.

Wearing a Zircon can help stimulate your energy. It can awaken the spiritual abilities which are hidden inside your mind. In addition to that, it can also enhance your intellect. Zircon can help your mind relax and focus on having room for more knowledge. You can use it as a piece of jewelry to increase your positive aura and give you protection.

An alternative for Zircon is your traditional birthstone, Turquoise. This gem is considered a love charm. It is also a representation of wealth and prosperity. Turquoise, similar to Goldstone, is considered to have healing properties that can cure physical illness. Aside from being good for physical health, Turquoise will help you have a calm mind for a healthy mental state.

Lucky Number for December 10 Zodiac

11 is your lucky number as a Sagittarius. This number means creativity and great spiritual power. Through rituals, you will be able to enhance your spiritual powers. People with this lucky number also tend to help others through emotional support. It means that you frequently listen to the suffering of other people and give advice that you think is best for them.

Number 11 as your lucky number also suggests success. You have a high tendency to be successful in life as long as you continue pursuing your dreams.

However, this number has weaknesses as well. Individuals who are associated with this number tend to hustle hard. So, it implies that your motivations for some things make you take the other important aspects of your life for granted.

Remember that you have to set your priorities in life. There are other things that you should pay attention to. Be sure that you pay attention to these things or else, you might not be able to manage the possible results.

Lucky Metal for December 10 Zodiac

Being born on the 10th of December, your lucky metal is Tin. Tin is a symbol of knowledge and maturity. As your lucky metal, it suggests that you have the type of person with high intellectual capabilities. You also have great experiences in life which makes your way of thinking more mature than others.

Using this metal on meditation will help you enhance your self-expression. It will also promote the healing of the mind and heart.

December 10 Zodiac Relationships and Compatibility

If matched with someone under Cancer, your relationship will most likely be solid and unbreakable. On the other hand, a match with a Gemini will be hard to handle.

You tend to have many admirers at your workplace because of your intelligence. Despite the great number of lovers, you only pay attention to people who fit your standards. Your high qualifications make it hard for you to find someone that you want.

When you are in a relationship, you are a sincere and loyal lover. You tend to hold onto your relationship no matter what. You always protect your intimate partner from anything. At times, you are also possessive but you don’t like your partner to feel uncomfortable. So, you still support the decisions of the person you like.

December 10 Zodiac Career

According to your zodiac sign, you have a high chance of succeeding in life. You can accomplish a goal greatly as long as you have a passion for it. Opportunities and big projects will come as long as you become patient and prepare yourself for the coming challenges.

At work, you are interested in competitions because you like showing off your knowledge. You also believe that these competitions will make you strive harder. You have a high tendency of getting promoted because of this trait.

You are considered suitable to having your own company because of your great negotiation skills. Using your creativity to come up with ideas will be a big help to your business. If you will choose this kind of career path, make sure that you’ll be ready for challenges. There are many businesses out there and there will always be big competitors.

One of the things that you have to work on is handling your stress at work. Due to too much pressure that you feel, you often overwork. You spend most of your time and work, neglecting other essential things. When trying to make your visions come true, take one step at a time.

December 10 Zodiac Health

Your health as someone born on December 10 can be complicated. Due to excessive performance at work, you tend to not care about your personal life. Your health condition is one of the things that you neglect at times. This attitude makes you prone to experiencing headaches, body pain, or even fever.

When experiencing extreme stress, you usually isolate yourself. You are less likely to share your emotions even with your family and closest friends. This makes you at risk for having emotional and mental issues. So, you have to work on learning how to manage stress and sharing your thoughts. Opening up to someone you trust will help relieve your anxieties.

Performing exercises and having a healthy diet are recommended. You are prone to having eating disorders. Thus, keep in mind that you should not skip your meals even if you are feeling sad or experiencing difficulties.

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