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End of The World (Post-Apocalyptic) Dreams Meaning & Interpretation

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It will be one of the terrifying dreams to wake from: the whole world has ended, and everything wiped away by some unknown and mysterious species.

Having those dreams of a zombie apocalypse attack or the end of the world will leave quivering emotions even after you wake up. Worse, that dream would linger on your mind for days, weeks, or even months.

So, what does it mean to dream of the apocalypse or the end of the world?

Dreaming of the world's ending represents that you are currently suffering an immense shift in your life. You could not see things in your physical reality. But, under the surface, you have learned a religious or vigorous revolution that may cause your reality to alter over time. It might also be a signal of deep concealed anxieties and, at the peak, feelings coming back to reappear at the surface.

The significance and what those happenings mean within the dream can vary. It depends on the other representations of events or some symbolism inside the dream.

To dream that you are in the post-apocalypse means that you will conquer the problems you are facing in your real life. The vision also suggests that you have to fight for now. Rather than focusing on someone else, you should be more independent and resilient.

The most typical end of the world dream consists of dreaming of the apocalypse while it is happening. While Post-apocalyptic dreams involve surviving on the zombie apocalypse, catastrophe, or extremity of all-out termination dreams. There’s also the last judgment or getting ready and prepared for the end of the world type of dreams.

Implications Behind End of The World Dream

Indeed, it is hard to stop overthinking a terrible apocalypse dream after waking up from it. It's because this kind of dream brings up tons of various overwhelming emotions.

Also, this usually indicates that many overpowering emotions are coming up. But, you are ready to face every time you would experience this apocalypse or the end of the world’s dreams.

  • Meaning No. 1: You are currently experiencing emotional instability.

The dream about the apocalypse is an implication of deep feelings lurking within your subconscious for a long time coming back and reappearing to the surface.

It concerns the worse panics that many people worry about such as losing beloved ones, losing a shelter, and struggling to survive. All these are emotions that present in an apocalyptic dream.

These feelings are reappearing to the surface because of the probability that you are ready to bring something new or a pleasant change for the betterment of your real life.

Yet, it would be best if you still pushed out all your energies and other accumulated energy for the new energies to finally find a door opening toward your life. It would bring up various masked feelings, most especially when the change applied in your real life is significant that could create a massive impact.

For instance, when you start dating a person and begin to realize that you want to commit to that someone as a lifetime partner, you might have apocalyptic dreams. It is not a bad omen. The relationship may cause death and destruction to all the people around you that you care about.

What is more likely to happen is the relationship would trigger several emotions. It may lead to doubting your love for someone since you will overthink it a lot. You may also realize that it will be difficult to lose people or things you invested your love on.

Oppressed, grieving emotions from your previous relationships may trigger the feelings you are concealing inside your heart for so long, causing them to resurface. You have the capability to treat them to heal, so you can start to consider falling in love again towards someone completely.

Apocalyptic dreams may show up anytime when your reality is fluctuating, stimulating up those hidden anxieties. Remember that despite these dreams being creepy and frightening, it is still a good sign that better times are waiting on the horizon to come in the future.

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  • Meaning No. 2: You are feeling out of control.

It is typical to have a dream related to the end of the world every time you feel that all the challenges and problems coming your way are getting out of hand already. This dream shows up like a “doomsday” or “judgment day” dream wherein everybody is getting ready to prepare for the end of the world.

A doomsday or “judgment day” dream is similar to an apocalyptic dream. But, in this situation, the apocalypse has not happened yet. It is like a pre-apocalypse occurrence, a dream about getting the world ready to prepare for the world's end before it occurs later on.

Since you do not know what is happening, this dream will be stressful and traumatic for some. Also, consequences within the dream are about how to survive and ready yourself with your loved ones to the fullest kind of preparation you can.

What Does A Judgment Day or Doomsday Signify?

Similar with tsunami dream, a doomsday type of dreams symbolizes fear for the things that might happen in the future . It occurs as the effect of a shaky sense of uncertainty or instability in your life about spiritual, political, and financial aspects.

More often, doomsday dreams try to assist and support you in processing how to deal with stress that you have taken on about incidents that are out of your control.

The feeling of fear will always be there no matter what you do. You might also overthink a lot that can sabotage all your successes in life. Nonetheless, you have to work hard and make yourself ready to achieve the victory that you want.

  • Meaning No. 3: You are in the process of a spiritual revelation or awakening.

It is already a typical superstitious belief of Christians that the Book of Revelations signifies the end of the world and that something unexpected might come to pass in the future.

There are tons of people who think and believe that there are several representations in the Book of Revelations that can help everyone solve some mysteries of dreams regardless of whether this kind of superstitious belief is real. Their reason is that the Book of Revelations denotes the actual happenings in our real life when we have a sudden spiritual awakening or revelation.

Based on the historical references, the word apocalypse refers to something related to “unveiling” or “exposing the divine and celestial mysteries.” It is why the historical sources are also known as the book of Revelations.

Some religious people believe that the Tower card can embody the mystical symbolism of the apocalypse in the major arcana of the Tarot.

The image on the card, such as the lighting, symbolizes a sudden spiritual awakening or revelation that results in the crown chakra. Its crown chakra is the seventh chakra. It is also associated with or sacred matters.

That spiritual revelation or mystical awakening that occurs all of a sudden completely demolishes any fake superstitious belief system schemes. Thus, since our belief system schemes are real-world based, this initiates complete chaos in real life on which reality is full of superstitious beliefs.

When your fundamental principles and core values change because of a sudden spiritual revelation, your reality in life has to transform with that. It may show losing your job, breaking up or departing from a partnership, transferring to a new place, moving on from toxic friends, and many more.

But, it is always a helpful and positive signal. The Tarot's Tower card is a great, magnificent, and wonderful card to draw since it usually symbolizes change. This kind of change is a good one because it changes yourself into a better version, a more developed and improved form of yourself.

In this case, revelations about the self may conform to the book of revelations' symbolic figures. It is due to the possibility that you are also experiencing the chaos of the apocalypse in your reality. It most especially occurs when we receive in-depth spiritual disclosure and uncover the truth, it is associated with cinema dreams as well.

Your apocalyptic dream is most likely the result of your current state of behavior. An example of this is your current condition of having many doubts about your spiritual beliefs. This dream is also another sign when you are expanding your spiritual practice, or you have a spiritual awakening all of a sudden.

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  • Meaning No. 4: You are letting your past keep you from moving in the present towards the future.

One of the main reasons people keep having an end of the world dream is that they are getting something from their past that hinders them from moving forward. It means that there are still a lot of things from their past that they are holding onto. Usually, this shows up and triggers as an example of a post-apocalyptic dream.

Post-apocalyptic dreams are a latter situation wherein you dream of the world after it has come to an end. In this case, you already have survived the apocalypse.

Yet, the circumstance is that you are still struggling hard to survive in a different type of world even if you no longer have any idea on how to since it is like living for the sake of breathing, a living dead. It is due to the traumatic experience you may have dreamt of during the apocalypse occurrence

Also, because of everything that has happened, after what you have gone through. Indeed it is reasonable to feel or overthink that you no longer have safety and security that can ensure your life is back to normal.

Remember that this dream signifies something that you are still holding onto from your life's past events that prevent you or block your way to move forward and widen your reality into a much better version of what it is right now as of the moment.

  • Meaning No. 5: You spend a lot of time with the media and people that talk about the apocalypse.

Your dreams connect with what you have been thinking lately or throughout the day. If you caught yourself thinking about the apocalypse, then that might be the reason you keep on dreaming.

The media can also be unhealthy for you if you overexpose yourself. They tend to exaggerate phenomena to inflict fear. You might have seen a lot of news lately pop up your feed on current events.

You might have read that the glaciers were melting, causing massive flooding, global warming, war, and so much worse. It may be important news to know about. But, if you feel disturbed, you should step back.

Control your social media usage, avoid following people or pages that keep posting on the apocalypse. Take a break from the mainstream and treat yourself for a walk and shake away the negativity out of you.

Your stress reaction to how the world changes may let you feel like you can't keep up and adjust. It might also be that you are a gadget geek, and you keep on seeing newer technology out of the market.

You need to know the root of why you are dreaming of doomsday. If you have found that the media or people around you are inflicting that fear, cut yourself some slack and avoid it.

Social media detox is a great way to clear up your mind away from the negativity the news offers. Try looking for new hobbies and incorporate meditation into your daily routine. You might feel some slight changes within you.

If you feel suffocated or overwhelmed with what you see or heard recently, step back and try to focus on your wellbeing. Cultivate happiness and gratitude in your life. Keep your thoughts away from stress and anxiety lurking that is around. You might have a fresh and healthy mindset on how you see the world after.

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Common Post-Apocalyptic Dreams

  • Flood

Water represents the state of your emotional health. Flood dreams signify that you are under emotional instability. You feel drowned with your thoughts and problems.

It might be because of the overwhelming emotions involved with the people that surround you. You are still seeking the source of that sentiment, or you are blaming it on other people, but the truth is that it is a struggle within yourself.

  • Fire

The element which portrays intensity or passion is fire. It can pop up as frustration or resentment when it's out of control.

Is there somebody you're frustrated with, but you don't let yourself express the resentment? It may be dissatisfaction at a workplace, at a spouse, or an unfortunate state in life. The dream is a way to help you realize, that the anger and resentment you're keeping might hinder your progress.

If we have intense intrinsic dissatisfaction, the anger can alter our attitude at a modest rate that we may not even recognize. You could drive increasingly aggressive, thinking different negative emotions for others, or think to yourself in a hostile manner, for instance.

It can also be better to let out the tension if you continue getting dreams about the end of the world. That could allow you to move to pass it by confronting those causing you frustration.

  • Earthquake

If the apocalypse comes in your dreams, it could be a sign that the world is “ending” as you experience it by now.

It's usual to dream of the end of times with nuclear annihilation or earthquakes, mainly if you get shot, you might be going through a divorce, or are witnessing extreme events that disrupt your peace. Your outlook will alter your view of seeing yourself, your life, and your world. As you have known so far, you start to realize that the universe is no longer there.

Earthquake or nuclear annihilation dreams signify that a dramatic shift is to arrive. You begin to realize that perhaps the world is no longer the world you have known so far. There will be changes in your beliefs and the way you think.

  • Zombie Apocalypse

A zombie in your dreams is related to death. As a profound spiritual metaphor, death represents something that ends for something new and different to begin. Death is usually a good sign, even though it may seem terrifying. Death means modification.

These are hanging upon something that you'll have to let go of to advance on with something more significant. It could be a companion, a career, or misconduct that is toxic. It is best to change so that you could always fully embrace great possibilities in a new season.

  • Alien invasion

It is uncommon and frightening to dream of the sky falling due to extraterrestrial beings' takeover. This dream may feel so unsettling as it discusses real triggers of survival which we have grown to avoid feeling alienated.

Dreams of alien attack may indicate that you are feeling forced into unfamiliar surroundings from your current society. As humans, being pushed out of the party implied demise, so we have adapted to the need to feel invited. Dreams of alien invasion reflect abandonment, making us feel distraught, unappreciated, and loneliness.

You need to check the relationship you have with your family, friends, or significant other. There might be instances that made you feel left out on occasions that happened recently. Once you find what's bothering you, confront that person about the effect it gave you. Acknowledge the problem and reconcile with your past to move forward.

The thought of being stuck alone by yourself is quite terrifying. That might be your greatest fear that keeps on hunting you in your sleep. It could also be that you are craving physical affection and attention to people you care about the most.

Dreams of Overcoming The Apocalypse

Similar to Zombie dream meaning, an unusual type of dream is dreaming of escaping the horrific concept of the apocalypse, regardless of how the world ended in your dream. These may have deep significance. But the purpose of your dream experience relies on the details.

When you dream that you manage to get away from the entire catastrophe of the apocalyptic event, it represents the actual challenge you are currently going through. It might also suggest that you are about to go through it.

Thinking about the apocalypse is disturbing and it can also bring up a lot of feelings that have been well buried deep below the surface. If you dream about the apocalypse, it means that you are ready to face challenges and start making personal choices to move into a more prosperous reality.

Post-Apocalyptic World Dream

In essence, dreaming of a post-apocalyptic setting is identical to dreaming of overcoming the apocalypse. These experiences do not provide any information about living through the actual incident of human extinction. In a post-apocalyptic world, it appears that a dreamer recognizes himself or herself in it.

Details will differ greatly, and the sense of your dream differs.

When you dream about the post-apocalyptic setting where there are ruins, burning cities, dead bodies, and other horrific scenarios, it could portray the life that you are living. It could also be your subconscious perception about your whole personal reality crashing down.

It is a warning message of what will arise if you will not straighten your path.

The dream strongly signifies that things weren't going quite well in your waking life situation. You might also have concerns that you can’t do anything about your situation except sit back and watch it all crumble.

The dream also suggests that you're going to have another fresh chance in life, and that could be revolutionary. The dream is to rebuild your world, beginning with the ruins. It further signifies that certain things have been going too much and must end at some point.

The whole dream is, in fact, imaginative. After all, there may be various post-apocalyptic circumstances from all these dreams. It might be an extensive, entirely new world order, which seems superior to the world you know.


It can be disturbing to think of the apocalypse, but it can also actually bring up a lot of feelings that have been well buried deep below the surface.

Dreaming about the apocalypse means that you are ready to face your buried emotions and start making the personal choices to move into a more prosperous reality.

Dreaming of the world ending symbolizes your search for life's purpose. Looking for your desires and opportunities to make the best out of yourself. The end opens new doors for new beginnings. The dream signifies the transformation of your perspective in your worldly outlook in life.

Similar to dreaming about crocodiles, Similar to coffee dreaming, The dream also means that you are establishing a happy and good livelihood for yourself after experiencing a lot of pain, mistakes, and obstacles.

Such a dream often reflects ultimate loss and might convey the dreamer’s fear of missing something significant on an interpersonal basis. In real life, exceptionally traumatic losses sometimes make a person feel like the end of their world has begun

The apocalyptic dream results from an incredibly traumatic tragedy or an unreasonably intense fear of something lost.

When you see familiar faces in your apocalyptic/end-of-the-world dream, the meaning of it gets more profound. If you see someone you love and care for disappearing with no hope of saving them in your dream, they must have a heavy influence on you in your waking life.

On the one hand, a dream like this could also represent your despair in life. It could also symbolize the positive things coming to your life after all the trials that you went through.

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