How to Make an Aquarius Man Miss You: Drive him crazy! -

How to Make an Aquarius Man Miss You: Drive him crazy!

The task of making someone miss you is not an easy one. And it's doubly challenging if that someone is an Aquarius man.

Why? Because his unpredictable nature makes it difficult for you to know how he'll react to the things you do.

But there are ways to make your Aquarius man miss you. They're not foolproof ways, but with some hard work and a little bit of consistency, you'll drive him crazy in no time!

My friend Anna Kovach's also uncovers all these ways (and more) in her famous Aquarius Man Secrets guide, and she shares them with you. 

Is he missing you or just not that into you?  

Most of the time, you can't tell with the Aquarians. They are great at hiding their emotions, so they are not always easy to ‘get.'

But your Aquarius man can have some ‘tells' that can mean that he's missing you.

Here are some of them:

He will not tell you directly

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He will not talk to you or seek you out but expect to hear about him from your friends. He would ask around about you casually.

If he does this, you don't need to do anything. Let him make the first move but encourage him by not saying anything negative to your friends.

His family will get in touch with you

If you are in touch with his family, he will not miss the chance of enlisting their help to gather information about you.

Maintaining a good relationship with his family is thus critical.

When his family asks about you, be honest with your feelings and intentions. They will be your bridge to your guy if they feel your sincerity,

He will message you on special occasions

He will wait for a valid reason to contact you, so expect a ‘Happy Birthday or ‘Merry Christmas' from him if he's missing you.

You can respond accordingly to his greetings but don't go beyond that. You must wait for him to initiate the conversation regarding your relationship.

Calm down and be cool; overreacting will scare him before you can even start or restart your connection.

How do you make the Aquarius man miss you like crazy?

Are you missing your favorite Aquarius and wishing for him to feel the same? Want him to crave for you like an alcoholic in rehab? Here are the ways you can do to make him miss you that he can't wait to be with you again.

Keep it friendly

Friendship is vital to the Aquarius man. Being there when he needs you and being a reliable friend will make him miss you more when you are not around.

But don't you get clingy or pushy for him to take your relationship to the next level. Doing this will not drive him crazy for you but will drive him away.

So keep calm and don’t rush him into getting serious with you. Enjoy your friendship with him as long as it lasts.

Make him smile

Aquarians love to have fun and to laugh. Find out what makes your man smile and try to do that when you spend time with him.

Making him smile can be as easy as asking him about his day or paying him a simple compliment. You can also tell him silly jokes or even invite him to watch stand-up shows.

When he laughs and smiles more when with you, you become a constant part of his happy memories. If so, you will make him miss you or remember you when he sees something funny.

Give him space

The introverted nature of the Aquarius man will appreciate it if you give him his much-needed alone time. Solitude is necessary for him to maintain a balanced mind and spirit.

Keeping your man at a distance once in a while is healthy for your relationship, whatever stage that might be.

You should also always let your man seek your presence out on his own because this will tell you if he is genuinely interested in being with you. You don’t want him to want you only because you are conveniently available, do you?

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Be nostalgic but not tragic

Bring up fond memories of your time together when you can, but be subtle about it. You don’t want to look sad and desperate to be with your man.

You want to remind your Aquarius man of the happy emotions you felt together, not the sad ones. It will make him want to be with you again.

Remind him about the adventures you've had together or the food you love from your favorite restaurant. But be casual about it and don't do this often, or he'll sense that something's up.

Spend your time wisely

For your Aquarius man to miss you, you have to have your absence felt. For this to happen, you have to make every second memorable when you're with him. 

Make sure that you spend your time together in the best possible way.

Choose activities that are productive and enjoyable for both of you.

Your man will crave your company and want to see you again if he feels that he is not wasting his time with you. He will love that not only is he having fun when he's with you, but also improve himself and explore his interests at the same time.

Be spontaneous and unpredictable

The Aquarius man loves spontaneity and excitement. Doing something different every time you are with him will make him look forward to your next meeting.

Try to do something different to your hair or the way you style yourself each time you see him. Always do something he is not expecting you to do.

It's important to make every date feel like the first time with your Aquarius man, which is a bit puzzling. 

This is where an in-depth guide like Aquarius Man Secrets comes in. 

You can also keep things interesting by improving your mind and learning new things to show him every time you meet. He will come to know you as a person who is not afraid to try something new and is not likely to be boring.

Be ambitious

The Aquarius man is himself ambitious, so he loves seeing someone as driven as he is. He needs to see that you have definite goals in life and have the grit to go for them.

Your Aquarian needs to see that he is not the center of your universe. Otherwise, he will sense your obsession with him and stay away from you.

Seeing you going for your dreams and ambitions will make him at ease with your company. He will be drawn to someone who understands the highs and lows of pursuing one’s passions in life.

Don’t give him the chance to play you

The Aquarius man is a free spirit and, because of that, is often mislabeled as a player. He can be passionate to you one minute and be cold the next.

You can't force him to make up his mind over you, but you don't have to put up with him toying with your feelings. Don't allow him to put you on the hook; make him understand that you're not the last resort when he runs out of other options.

Be clear about what you want from your relationship with him. Doing this will make him respect you and not take you for granted.

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Show him that he has competition

The Aquarius man is very competitive, and you can use his nature to make him miss you. Keep him on his toes and make yourself available to other people, not just to him.

Go on dates and make your man see that you are a prize to be won. Make him work harder to chase you and keep you.

Allow him to invest time and effort to win you so that he is less likely to give up on you when the going gets tough.

A little bit of mystery goes a long way

Keeping an air of mystery around you will rouse his curiosity and make him think about you a lot. Be the puzzle that he would need to keep on solving.

The Aquarius man delights in physical and mental challenges. Don't make it easy for him to read you like an open book, or he'd get bored quickly.

Don’t overshare and always keep him wondering about you. But do try to give direct answers to his questions, or he'd think that you're keeping secrets from him.

Make him trust you

Being naturally introverted, the Aquarius man is not a very trusting person. He will limit his trust circle to only a few of his family and friends.

Work hard to earn that trust by always following through on your promises and keeping your word. You can also earn the Aquarius man's trust by not sharing any information about him with other people without his consent.

Sharing a trusting relationship with the Aquarius man is a good step in building a lasting relationship with him. Whether friendly or romantic, you need him to trust you first before you can build your relationship.

It's not always easy to understand the aloof Aquarius man. He needs lots of space to thrive in a relationship, but too much space can make him forget about you.

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He also needs just the right amount of excitement and variety to prevent him from getting bored or feeling suffocated.

Understanding the Aquarius man is the key to making him miss you and love you. It helps to have lots of patience and willpower to deal with the Aquarius man.

But if you love your man, then all the hard work you put in will have been worth it.

For diving into the psychology of the unpredictable and detached Aquarius man, the best resource is Aquarius Man Secrets.

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