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9 Simple Ways to Make a Gemini Man Crazy

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Do you wish to make your Gemini man crazy over you? If that's your case, I am here to help.

Making a Gemini man crazy for you can be quite a challenging task. Why? It's because his mind can be everywhere and he doesn't really focus on one thing, especially one woman. He wants to enjoy what life can offer and detest getting shackled in a relationship.

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So, if you're planning to make this outgoing man crazy over you, you might need to do more than you expect doing. A Gemini man can be like a walking magnet when it comes to women, so you have to stand out from the rest. To do that, you need to mirror his sociable and flirtatious nature.

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Don't also forget to be unpredictable as he can quickly get bored when things are like routines. So, it's always best to bring new aspects to your relationship to keep his interest and loyalty to you.

In dealing with a Gemini man, ensure to maintain a sense of humor and don't forget to stimulate his mind. If you are a good conversationalist, a Gemini will be glad to have you by his side as he loves to talk. He may talk about politics, science, and philosophies in life.

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With a Gemini man by your side, you can ensure that your mind will sharpen with his love for knowledge. Nonetheless, it's wrong to think that a Gemini is boring because of his passion for learning. He is, in fact, the life of the party on every occasion.

His love for learning comes from his inquisitive nature and he wants his woman to be the same as him.

So, how do you make a Gemini man go crazy? Let's find out!

9 Simple Ways to Make a Gemini Man Crazy

#1 Appeal to his mind

One of the best ways to make a Gemini man crazy is by stimulating his mind. You can be beautiful and sexy, yet he wouldn't budge an inch if he doesn't sense any intellect in you. Yes, he's about good looks and other physical qualities, but having a brilliant mind is a must for him.

Thus, when he talks to you, make sure that your answers or topics you choose to open up are with substance. Ensure that you will get his interest and try to talk more about goals and passion in life. He is a very passionate and ambitious man, so letting him know that you are a go-getter like him will make him go crazy for you.

I actually wrote an article on how to talk to a Gemini man, which you might also find useful.

#2 Give him his personal space.

As you might already know, a Gemini loves to be around people and enjoy his life to the fullest. Thus, consider not being too restrictive with him and let him enjoy his life. If he wants to go out and have some fun with his pals, wish him well and tell him to have a blast.

Seeing you being supportive with him and letting him enjoy his life will make him happy to have you in his life. He will likely not let you go and make you stay by his side.

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Also, there are other ways to make him happy. Check out this guide on how to make your Gemini man happy to learn more.

#3 Keep things light.

If you want to make your Gemini man, be head-over-heels in love with you, keep things light with him. In short, don't be demanding. A Gemini will only stick with you for long if you are not choking him in a relationship.

You also have to avoid hinting to him that you want to settle down with him already. Instead, let him do what he wants while being in a relationship with you. This way, he will see that you are a keeper and will do his best to keep you in his life.

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#4 Go with the flow.

Geminis are spontaneous beings and love to expand their horizon through traveling. So, it's typical for a Gemini man to be everywhere. If your beau invites you to one of his escapades, make sure to say yes to establish a strong connection with him.

Let him see how much you enjoy his company, and you will become his escapade's buddy. This way, he will recognize that you two have many things in common that he loves and appreciates.

Keep up with him on any outdoor activities and show him that you are as active as him. Once he sees how awesome and unrestricted you are, he will go crazy for you.

#5 Be flirtatious.

If a Gemini man likes you, know that he can be flirtatious. Once he flirts with you, don't try to hold yourself and flirt back. This sign is very sexual that if he's interested in someone, he gets turned on.

Thus, you better make yourself ready for a wild, passionate sex ride in your entire life. He's an adventurous type, so expect sex in public such as parks, elevators, and more. He might not also be able to hold himself back and have sex in the car with you.

When you have sex with him, don't be shy and be responsive. Let him hear you moan as it's sexy for him. Your moan gives him fuel to do a much better sex performance.

Being the sign that rules communication, Geminis love a good pillow talk. Turn him on even more by saying the right words with the help of an in-depth guide like Gemini Man Secrets. 

#6 Don't be too available.

If you want a Gemini to make a Gemini man crazy, give him something to think about. If you are not always tagging along with him, there's a high possibility that he will miss you. So, limit your availability with him and he will think of you more.

Being not too available with him will also make him want to feel your presence. Thus, if he wants to go out with you, ensure that it's your terms that will get followed. This way, you are letting him do the chase, which he loves.

Did you know that there is a way to make him miss you?

I laid out some tips in this guide on how to get a Gemini man to miss you.

#7 Do the unconventional.

A Gemini is far from being a traditional man. Thus, don't hesitate to make the first move in some of the things in the relationship. Geminis do love the modern way, so don't be afraid to be unconventional and be the one to make surprises for him.

You could prepare a romantic dinner for two instead of waiting for him to do it himself. Try to shake things up in the relationship and he will enjoy your company.

#8 Look good and smell good.

To make a Gemini go crazy over you, you need to appeal to his senses. When you meet with him, make sure that you are wearing your best dress and ensure that you feel good in it. Spray some perfume to intoxicate him when he greets you with a kiss.

Appealing to the senses of a Gemini guy will make you linger longer in his busy mind. When you walk towards him, make sure to walk confidently and wear your best smile to allure him with your charms. Once he sees you so confident and so sure of yourself, he will get smitten and will stop at nothing to be with you.

#9 Tease him.

Geminis love to keep things light and teasing is the perfect way to attain it. Thus, tease him or poke fun at him and he will do the same with you. Your relationship will be easy and light without many fights or drama as what Gemini signs want.

While teasing him, touch his arms while looking suggestively at his eyes. Let him feel the sexual tension by letting some of your fingers run into his arms back and forth sensually. This way, you will likely blow up his mind and libido that will make him want you more.

The childlike Geminis value stimulation more than anything. 

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