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10 Powerful Ways to Manifest Someone into your Life

Have you experienced wanting to be with someone but have no idea how? Do you feel like the person for you hasn’t found his or her way to you yet? Maybe you have been asking the universe why everyone around you has found the love of their lives except for you.

Looking for the right person in your life could be both exciting and exhausting. Especially if you have no idea if what you’re doing is the right way. It could also be that you are looking for it in the wrong direction. There are many factors that could be affecting all these.

But, don’t worry! There are many ways to attract the right person in your life, and one of them would be by manifesting that specific person in your life. In this article, I’ll give you all the details you’ll need so you can start manifesting the person you want right now.

Manifesting is one of the ways that you could do to attract the person you wanted and make him or her part of your life. The magic happens when you start manifesting! It is a belief in you that the person you wanted will always find their way to you.

You might be wondering right now how you can manifest and isn’t it manipulating a person to be with you? No! Manifesting is not manipulating that person to be with you. It is simply influencing every factor so the person you wanted will notice you or be with you. The universe will start orchestrating all these once you began to manifest that person.

How you see things in your world is a reflection of your own mind. Whatever you are manifesting for, the universe will then start to show it and give it to you. Now, the question is, how are you going to manifest it? Are there any specific ways so you can manifest the person you want into your life?

You’re in luck! I will be providing you the details on the ways of how you can manifest this person to be attracted to you.

How to Manifest Someone in your Life?

Manifesting is very different from wishing to make that person be close to you. There are proper ways that you can do to make your manifestations effective.

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Continue reading to know the proper ways that you should follow if you want to make your manifestations more powerful and get that person to be part of your life!

  • Make up Your Mind That You Are Ready to Accept Someone in Your Life

As mentioned earlier, there might be some things that are interfering with your manifestations and blocking your way towards the person you want. It could be many things! That’s why the very first thing to do is to make up your mind that you are really ready to accept that person into your life.

Accepting all these and truly healing from what’s interfering with your manifestations will let you see what the universe is trying to do. You’ll be more aware of the things that surround you and the signs and signals that the universe could be sending you.

Making up your mind would also mean being optimistic about the journey you’ll take. You have to remove anything negative to make way for the positive things. This might be a lot of work for someone who has been avoiding healing from the pain of the past.

But just because you’re just starting to free yourself from this doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. You just have to make a choice to remove the obstruction in your way and accept that you are now ready to attract that person in your life.

  • Be Clear With What You Want For In The Person You Are Manifesting

It is easy to say that you want that person, but why? What are the reasons why you want that specific person? The reason why you should ask yourself this is because there are times that what you thought you’ve always wanted was actually not the one you need.

It is important to be specific with this. This could give you the reasons to move forward and pursue this person or get the clarification that it might be someone else. This is not just for your love life, but it could also be for your friends, business partners, ex, or anyone you wanted to be part of your life or to be back into your life.

Do you want a valuable relationship with the person? Or maybe you just want a chill one? Is this something you think would last for a long time or something that is just for a short time? Take your time to think about this and write it down on a piece of paper.

Once you fully grasp the reasons why you want this person to be in your life, the rest of the steps would be easier than you thought. This will also be your compass and guide for a clear direction each time you get confused.

  • Be The Person You Want to Attract

Manifestation requires work, and most of it would be on yourself. You have to understand this because no matter how hard you manifest that person in your life if you are not working on being the person you are attracting to would be drawn; then you are just plainly wishing.

But never change yourself into the person you are not, just to make this person close to you. This kind of relationship has a great possibility of ending or could also leave you exhausted and drained in the end. Never pretend just to impress the other person.

So, take a look at yourself and your life right now. Is the person you want would also be attracted to you? Will they want to be with you if you met each other?

Know who you are and focus on developing your strengths. In that way, you’ll be attracting the things that are meant for you. If the person you’re manifesting to is aligned to your own traits and values, you’ll surely be drawn to each other.

If he or she is not aligned with who you are, then you must ask yourself if this person is who you really want. This must also be a sign from a universe that the best person for you is still out there. You just have to let go of the wrong person that you are manifesting with.

  • Remove Your Limiting Beliefs

No matter who you are or how successful you are, you’ll always have a limiting belief. This is something that could interfere with you along the way, and that’s normal! No one is perfect, and we all have experienced something negative in some parts of our lives.

Limiting beliefs varies differently for each person, and it depends on your past experiences and trauma. Even if having a limiting belief is normal, you must also understand that it should not overpower your life. Letting these limiting beliefs outweigh you will hinder you from getting the person you are manifesting.

If you have no idea what to do with your limiting beliefs, we encourage you to write down all these on a piece of paper. Be honest and acknowledge it. Accepting that you have these limiting beliefs will give you power over them.

Once you’re done writing all these, ask yourself how you can change your perspective towards that belief. You can always shift how you think and how you speak towards a specific thing.

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Instead of saying, “He won’t be attracted to me because I’m ugly.” say “I just have to focus more on self-care routines and be consistent with it.”

Instead of saying,” I’m not as good as he or she is.”, say “I just have to look at my strengths and focus more on them.”

It won’t be easy, but once you’ve managed your limiting beliefs, you’ll be sending a message to the universe that you truly are getting ready to receive your manifestations.

  • Do Visualizations of Your Manifestations

Here is an exciting part of manifesting the person you want. Imagine the person in your manifestations. What are they doing? How are they treating you? Does he or she love to cook, or does he or she has any other hobbies?

If you are manifesting a friend, what would be your favorite activity together? If you are manifesting a business partner, what are his or her strengths? How does he or she speak? How much value can he or she give?

Feel the emotions that you have while you are having the time visualizing your manifestations. Do you feel happy? Nervous? Satisfied? This will say a lot of things about you and the person you are manifesting.

Visualizing the person will make it easy for them to reach you in the real world. It would also be easy for you to know how to accept them and not scare them once they are already in front of you.

In doing this, you’ll be sending a clear signal to the universe that you are clear about your intentions to the person you are manifesting. Because of this, it won’t be long before you truly meet the person in your manifestations.

You might want to think about taking a spiritual bath to help you visualize. This article about spiritual bathing may be of use.

  • Ask the Universe for the Person You Are Manifesting

Let the universe know that you are ready to meet the person in your manifestations! The universe will not know whether you are ready to receive if you’re not letting it know that you are. It won’t guess what you currently want, so you have to speak out to it!

There are many ways that you can tell the universe you are ready to accept that person. It could be by telling or simply saying it, or it could be in the form of meditation, prayer, setting up a vision board, or sharing it with your accountability partners.

You might never know, but the universe might already be sending signals to the person you’re manifesting. Maybe that person is already waiting for you, but the universe can’t let you two meet yet because you still haven’t asked the universe about what you really want.

Asking the universe is like going to a candy store with your mom. Your mom will not know what kind of candy you want unless you asked for it, right? It’s the same with the universe!

So, make sure always to show and tell the universe what it is that you really want. The next time you know, that person is already in front of you.

  • Practice Helpful Affirmations Everyday

Telling affirmations every day is also an excellent way to be closer and closer to the person you are manifesting. Practicing this will help you gain the proper mindset that you need in your manifestations.

Every day you will face different kinds of struggles. Some of it could affect your manifestations in one way or another. That’s why having the proper mindset every single day is a must.

With this, you’ll be able to contain the motivation you have in achieving your manifestations. It will also help you attract the people you wanted to be in your life. Not just that, it can also help you attract the situations where that person could also be in!

That’s how amazing the universe works! As long as you have the commitment and willingness to also work for what you want, it will always guide you to where you should be.

Affirmations would be best to practice every day the moment you wake up and before you present yourself to the world.

It could be as simple as “I am positive that what I am doing now will make me closer to that person.” or as complex as “No matter what happens, I am willing to do everything I need to do to attract the people I need.”

  • Be Positive On the Coming Results

The waiting part of manifestation might be challenging, but you need to trust yourself and trust your process. You might feel like you’ve been waiting for ages, and it’s still not coming to you. But, you have to understand that it is a journey. Only you can determine and manage how you want the results to come to you.

It is also important to focus on the positive things while waiting. Be positive on your daily affirmations and while you are working with yourself. Doing this will make you enjoy the process and everything that is included in it. The different emotions you’ll feel, discovering yourself, making way for future opportunities, and many more.

These are what’s included in the process, and truly understanding it will help you not to give up. Being optimistic about the future results only means that you are genuinely enjoying the process of your journey towards achieving the person you are manifesting.

By the time you are ready to receive what you manifest, you’ll definitely be happy that you didn’t give up and that you chose to enjoy the process. Because of that, you’ll be filled with fulfillment, and more positive things will radiate in your life.

  • Once You Already Know What To Do, It’s Time To Just Let It Go

Now that you have everything prepared for manifesting the person you want in your life, may it be for love, friendship, business, or any purpose, it’s time to let it go.

Yes! Just let it go. Don’t indulge yourself too much in waiting for the person to come. Let the universe surprise you and trust that everything will make perfect sense in the end. If what you’re doing is aligned with who you truly are and with what you want, everything will fall into its place.

It’s time for you to focus on working on yourself. Keep yourself busy and productive every day that you don’t have to ask yourself if when that person will come into your life simply because you can feel that you are already attracting him or her into your circle.

Letting go doesn’t mean giving up. It just means that you are now fully aware of how you can get the person to come into your life and that waiting and doing nothing won’t be helpful. Waiting actively and doing all the things needed would get your manifestation faster to appear in reality, and it will also help you be cooperative with the universe.

  • Be Grateful No Matter What the Result Is

Once you’ve received your manifestation, always remember to be grateful. Being grateful sends a clear signal to ourselves that what happened before and what will happen next or in the future is all according to the universe’s bigger plan.

It will also make you feel positive and calm despite the challenges you are facing right now. Along the way, what’s more, important is the progress you made throughout the whole journey. The more grateful you become, the more people aligned with you will be drawn to you.

Being grateful will also help you regulate or set your energy into a positive one. With this, expect that the people with the same alignment as yours and who are meant to be in your life will undoubtedly find their way to you.

You won’t always have to ask and doubt everything. Just be grateful for the things that you will receive, and the universe will give you more of it.

Why Am I Not Attracting The Person I Want No Matter How I Manifest?

Now that I have your attention, you must understand first that before you can manifest something and make it a reality, there are certain blocks that you must remove that could interfere with it.

The reason could be that you are still holding on to your past relationships, or maybe you have shut down your world to the possibility of attracting someone. Perhaps you tried to partner with someone in your business but only ended up cheated with your business partner. You must be aware of these things no matter how small, or else you’ll be having a hard time making your manifestation into reality.

To fully remove all these, avoid running from your past pains. You have to acknowledge them, feel them, understand them and learn from them. By doing this, you’re getting yourself ready to let them go to make room for the better ones that will help you attract the person you manifest.


To sum everything up, manifestation is a powerful way to get a person to be a part of your life. Manifesting a person to be closer to you or be with you would be easy if you have the willingness to focus more on yourself. You are not going to manipulate that person to be in your life, so you have to take the proper steps to get you there.

The universe always radiates to you the things that you know you deserve. If you think and believe that that person is meant to be in your lives, then the universe will start doing magical things you never thought will happen to you. Depending on your pace, the universe will lead the person you want to you.

If you’re wondering how the universe will tell you that the person you’re manifesting with is already coming its way to you, don’t be concerned about it! The universe will always be sending so many signs to make it clear to you that you are doing the right thing. It could be in the form of little things like butterflies, feathers, or in events or coincidences that you might feel like there’s a meaning. You can also ask the universe for the sign you wanted.

You just have to keep on focusing and working on yourself, and never forget to tell the universe about the person you want. Do this every day, and you’ll surely attract the person you wish to be with sooner than you think.

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