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8 Simple Tips to Talk to a Taurus Man: Proven Effective!

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Have you set your eyes on a Taurus man lately but don't know how to start a conversation?

It can be intimidating to talk to a Taurus guy you like because first, he's not sociable and may seem like a snob. Nonetheless, you don't have to worry as he's only shy to talk with people that he doesn't know that much. He may look tough on the exterior, but it's only his front to ensure that nobody dares to mess up with him.

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Thus, if you genuinely want to talk to the Bull of the zodiac, never shy away from introducing yourself to him. Approach him with a bright smile and he will likely respond to you. Never be afraid of rejection when it comes to letting yourself known to a Taurus man as he is not the rude type.

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If a Taurus man sees that you are friendly and wants to hang out with him, he may start talking to you. Nevertheless, don't expect too much as the talk wouldn't be deep since it's the first time. You have to know that you need to do a lot before you get into the next level with the Taurus man you like.

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So, how can you effectively talk to a Taurus man?

8 Simple Tips to Talk to a Taurus Man

When it comes to talking to a Taurus man, there's no particular rule on how you should approach or speak to him. However, there are tips that you can opt to use to make the conversation interesting for a Taurus.

As you might already know, a Taurus loves to use body language when it comes to conveying his interest. He also loves to flirt, so it will be best that you have some talent when it comes to flirting. When you talk to him, always make sure to meet his eyes and smile like you are seducing him.

Don't also forget to be touchy with him as he appreciates it a lot!

So, what are these tips? Let's find out!

#1 Meet his gaze.

When talking to a Taurus man, make sure that you meet his gaze. Smile at him and continue the exchanges of conversation between you two. He might get shy and not be able to stare for long.

If the Taurus you're talking to seems to deflect your gaze, it doesn't mean that he doesn't like you. He's only not used to this type of communication. He could also be thinking about you concerning how to interact with you at the moment.

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#2 Lean forward.

So, you want to get the interest of a Taurus man and want him to be responsive? Then, consider leaning forward. This way, you are showing your interest in what he has to say and he will likely want to talk more knowing you're focused.

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A Taurus is willing to lengthen the conversation if he sees that the person he's talking to is listening. Thus, avoid leaning backward and crossing your arms, as this represents boredom. Crossing your arms may also come across as rude to a Taurus, so avoid this at all costs.

If you want to leave a good impression on the Taurus guy you like, make sure to use body language to show that you like him. This way, he won't hold back, showing how he feels too.

#3 Touch him.

A man born under the Taurus sign likes it when the woman he wants strokes him. You may touch his arm while talking to him or tap his shoulder when there's something funny. If he's standing or sitting beside you, consider putting your hand on his shoulder to talk to him.

You may also brush your shoulder against his while talking and don't forget to smile brightly. Be warm to him and he will likely ask you to go out with him often. Make sure to make him feel special and the center of attention while being with you.

You can also offer to massage him if you see him tired from all the work he's doing. This way, he will see your worth and the value that you can add to his life.

#4 Accept his silence.

Yep. You see that right. A Taurus can be relatively silent for some moments, so you better not push him to talk to you if he doesn't want to. There are times when he wants to connect to his inner self and he can only do that by being silent and turning inwardly.

In the moment of his silence, don't bother him and let him be. Let him be at peace with himself and he will likely return to being chatty with you once he's done internalizing. He will be the one to approach you and talk about various things again.

Understand that there is love within comfortable silence with a Taurus man.

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#5 Listen to him well.

It's typical for a Taurus to be silent. Nonetheless, he can be chatty, especially if he likes you, so you should listen to him well. This way, he can see that you are a good listener and he will likely want to share many things with you again.

Thus, ensure that you listen to the Taurus man you like when he speaks and responds accordingly to him. Once he noticed that you are keenly listening to him, he might consider hanging out with you more.

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#6 Consider picking a deep topic.

Although you can't force a Taurus to make a conversation deep, it doesn't mean you can't. Choose a deep yet interesting g topic that can pick his interest. He will likely get surprised that you are a knowledgeable type of girl.

If you don't know, a Taurus guy loves to talk about things that show his intellect. It's one of the ways he can show off his knowledge, so pick a topic wisely. Boost his ego and you will likely get his interest without any doubt.

#7 Subtly flirt with him

If you have been dating a Taurus guy for some months now, you can spice things up a bit. Add a bit of flirting while he's with you but never be bold enough to disappoint him by acting too upfront. Although this can be disappointing, you have to respect the love of Taurus for the chase.

When it comes to a Taurus man, you should let him do the chase, or else he will go in the opposite direction. He doesn't find it appealing when a woman makes the first move as it takes out the challenge that he loves. It also makes him feel like he's less than a man, so he won't pursue a woman who takes the first move on him.

I actually wrote an article on how to make a Taurus man chase you, if that's what you want to learn more about.

So, consider flirting with him if he gives you the reason to but do it in a subtle way. You may meet his eyes with a seductive smile and look and leave it all there. It's enough to let him show your interest without being intense in your ways and he'll pick it up right away.

#8 Be a foodie and talk about food.

This topic might be too ordinary, but the love of Taurus for food is immense, so this topic is close to his heart. Talking about food to him will make the conversation light and lovable for him. This will be an excellent time to form a good impression that he will likely think when he comes home.

You may ask him what his favorite food is and share what's yours. Tell him that you love to cook food now and then and would love to cook his fave food if you can. This way, you will get his interest and might even visit you to taste the foods you can cook.

With a Taurus man, comfort is everything. To win his attraction, you must feel like home for him, and Anna Kovach's famous Taurus Man Secrets teaches you how.

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