Iron Spiritual Meaning: One of the Precious Metals of Life! -

Iron Spiritual Meaning: One of the Precious Metals of Life!

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Iron has been used in many things because of its strength, so people associate it with power. Humans have associated metals, like iron, with mysterious materials. 

Spiritually, iron represents strength. After all, iron is a hard metal that has been revered as a prestigious one too, and of its rigid nature, people associate it with the quality of strength. 

Moreover, iron is a strong material. 

They were used in the production of swords and blades on the battlefield during the 5th century B.C.

Meanwhile, many historical personalities were connected to the metal iron. One of the great examples was Margaret Thatcher, popularly known as the “Iron Lady” because of their tenacious leadership. 

Moreover, iron is also featured in the bible and literature. To know more about the symbolism of iron, continue reading below.

Dennis, one of my readers, shared his interpretation on the spiritual meaning of iron. In the Bible, Jesus was predicted at the end of time and ruled “with an iron rod”, presenting iron as a symbol of power.

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Iron symbols meaning

One of the most abundant elements in the universe is iron. This metal was widely used mainly by Asian and European civilizations.

But on a more profound note, iron is a symbol of power. If the leader is called an iron leader, it signifies that this person is rigid and uncompromising to the opponents.

It is where they got the saying, “to rule with an iron fist.” This saying means that the leader rules their subordinates harshly, brutally, and cruelly.

There's Margaret Thatcher, who was nicknamed the “iron lady” and for some good reasons. It's because of her way of ruling, which is very strict and unforgiving.

If a person is said to be iron-willed, this individual is very determined to finish their task and get their end goal. It symbolizes a stubborn personality that can stand against all odds and overcome any difficult situation that might come your way.

Because of this, iron is an excellent symbol of strong character, especially in staying firm no matter what comes its way.

Like swords made of iron, the character and personality of an iron-willed person are sharp. There's a feeling of cutting edge when you think of iron.

Well, tools and weapons were made of iron, so there's no doubt that iron is sharp. On the other hand, the touch is like cold metal when you touch iron.

Hence, an iron can signify a cold personality, like a person who lacks warm emotions towards other people. However, they are persistent and have a determined personality, willing to do anything to achieve their goal.

Likewise, iron can also represent coolness. Even though it takes high temperatures to work iron, the result is a cold metal that cools down.

Another surprising symbol of iron is its medicinal properties. Surprisingly, during the 15th and 16th centuries, chemists began to discover the medicinal attributes of iron.

In 1574, a doctor named Seville, Nicolas Monardes proclaimed that iron is superior to other metals for medicinal purposes in his essay.

In Astrology, iron is believed to be dominated by the planet Mars. It's a symbol of manliness and male energy.

It is the opposite of the planet Venus, which symbolizes femininity. Because of this, iron is sometimes connected to men and male energy.

It represents a male's confidence, masculinity, strength, and resilience.

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Meaning of iron in the bible

In the bible, iron was used in Daniel's prophecy, where he described every ruling civilization. 

It describes a society under a ruling civilization where the iron portrays the ordinary people on which the culture stands.

If you read Daniel 2:42-43, it says: “As the toes were iron and partly clay, this kingdom will be partly strong and partly brittle. As you saw the iron mixed with clay, the people will mix, but it will not hold together any more than iron mixes with clay.”

In Revelation 19:15-16, Jesus Christ is included in the prophecy and is said to come back with an iron rod in his hand. He will lead the people with the iron rod, where the iron here represents power and strength.

Meanwhile, in literature, iron represents and plays an exciting role.

One of the notable poems where iron is used in literature is Rudyard Kipling‘s work, particularly in his poem called “Cold Iron.” If you read the poem, the Baron is a figure that protects the iron and proclaims it as the master of them all.

It refers to iron being the superior material out of all. The gold was for his mistress, and the silver was for his maid, but iron was for the Baron.

Aside from iron, other metals also hold spiritual meaning. Let's find them out below.

Metal symbolism

Metals played a significant role in human civilization and metaphysical domains, like in the field of Alchemy. Each metal has a corresponding planet and is believed to have symbolism, too, like philosophical and metaphysical connections.

Gold symbolizes wisdom, vitality, radiance, eternity, and unification in many cultures and is often associated with the sun because of its yellowish color.

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For silver, the celestial body that represents it is the moon, regardless of any culture. Like gold, silver is also malleable and almost as precious.

Many people view silver as a precious metal, and it is one of three base metals in alchemy. Silver signifies inner wisdom, intuition, and truthfulness.

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The planet Saturn represents lead. Unfortunately, lead metal has a bad reputation.

It is viewed as the metal of death and transformation because of its toxic nature. It also represents the impure side of sins and humanity.

Burning lead is a process of a purification ritual. When lead is combined with silver, it can create the “Philosophic Mercury,” or the purified element in alchemy.

One of the first metals to be discovered by humans is bronze. It has always been viewed as essential and valuable. It signifies strength and support; however, it is now less popular today.

In competitions, people will get the bronze, meaning the third placer. Historically, bronze is viewed as inspiring metal associated with stability and loyalty.

Platinum is a beautiful, malleable, non-corrosive metal associated with positivity. Thanks to its endurance and durability, it is sought after by alchemists.

Until today, it's highly sought because of its benefits in jewelry and other uses. This metal has been associated with determination and longevity.

Things made of platinum are built to last, where its symbolism for longevity is derived.

Tin is ductile and malleable but not highly durable. The planet representing this metal is the largest in the solar system, Jupiter.

The prominent symbolism for tin is life and breath. It also represents collaboration because it needs to be combined with other metals to make it functional and enhance other metals' properties when you put in some alloys.

Mercury is a unique soft metal represented by no other than the planet Mercury. One of the many fascinating features is that it exists in liquid form at room temperature, while other metals require high temperatures to melt.

However, mercury is toxic and is viewed as a metal of death, mystery, and transformation. On the other hand, it also symbolizes travel and long journeys.

It bears the alias, messenger of the Roman God, Mercury.

Copper is a metal with a soft and red-color strand. It's usually associated with the planet Venus' therefore, it symbolizes love, beauty, and creativity.

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It's a widely used metal in alchemy and used by ancient craftsmen. This metal is also believed to bring balance to whatever it will be used for.

Brass is a symbol of the vitality of the human mind as it can help keep the mind youthful. This beautiful metal has a nice, golden color that signifies beauty, positivity, and the simplicity of life.

Antimony is a metalloid. It is viewed as a symbol of people's animalistic side. It's also associated with cooperation since it works well with other metals, particularly brass and lead.

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