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Spiritual Love Meaning: 10 Signs That You Are In Spiritual Love!

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How far can you go when it comes to love? People do crazy things for love. 

Spiritual love refers to love rooted in a spiritual connection to help you find the meaning and purpose of life. These spiritual loves can have different purposes. 

For example, some are meant to walk with you through life, while others teach you lessons. 

Sometimes the purpose of these people isn’t apparent right away. That said, your spirituality can help you better understand the relationship.

Your spirituality has a heavy influence on all your relationships, whether you take some time to engage in spiritual practices. Ultimately, your spirituality can connect you to something bigger than yourself.

Furthermore, your relationship with others will be based on your spiritual connection.

Signs of Spiritual Love

The meaning of spiritual love is when you can maintain your individuality despite your intense passion for each other.

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You love this person without applying rules to each other. Your love is unconditional.

It doesn’t matter their appearance or how they laugh is irritating. You love this person just the way they are.

You will love all your partner’s flaws and imperfections. Many people apply rules and conditions to their relationship yet claim that they love each other through and through.

In spiritual love, you feel that a spell is cast on you. You love your significant other unconditionally and love this person deep down in your heart; hence, if you find yourself in such situations, spiritual love.

Here are some signs that you and your partner have spiritual love:

1. You communicate easily

In every relationship, communication is the key to a long-lasting connection. You and your partner must talk to each other often, and you’re always on the same page.

You feel loved, appreciated, and respected. Your partner supports you in every challenge that you will face.

You enjoy each other’s company, and you allow a private space and time to talk about personal matters, such as finances, careers, and relationships. 

You’ll know when your communication is healthy when you allow the other person to talk while you’re listening. No interruptions; you listen.

And after the time the other person is talking, that’s the time you can give your opinion. You’re both there for each other and support one another.

2. You are attracted to your partner.

Some people have a shallow interpretation of what attraction means. People usually get attracted to the other person’s looks, their financial status, how they dress, and other different things.

Spiritual love is when you want to build a connection with the person, mind, body, and soul. You want to be around that person all the time, and you feel the passion when you’re together.

It’s like a spell cast upon you. 

3. You know equality in your relationship.

Equality in a relationship means you and your spouse have defined roles. You know how to acknowledge your partner’s talent and respect each other.

Maintaining these two aspects do wonders for your relationship. In every relationship, duties are regular.

In spiritual love, you know who is better at handling certain aspects of your lives.

For example, your husband knows more about how to manage money and finances. On the other hand, you are better at designating house chores.

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4. There’s no rush in your relationship.

When there’s a connection with the one you love, you should not waste time. It would help if you made arrangements for your future together.

However, you should not expect such things when it comes to spiritual love. Couples should enjoy each others’ company and must not put much pressure.

Instead, they leave the fate of their union to the environment. 

You don’t question if this person is genuinely the right person for you or if another man or woman will sweep off your partner. You trust your relationship and instinct that all will be well.

In spiritual love, you know that you’re under an unbreakable spell no matter what happens. The way you view the world is the way your partner sees it.

You share the same vibe and energy.

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5. You feel comforted by your partner’s presence.

When you’re spiritually in love with your partner, you aren’t expecting from each other, or you no longer dress to impress your partner. When you are madly in love, you can conquer all the struggles together.

You experience joy when you’re together and do not question each other’s love. Only the two of you understand your love for each other.

In most relationships, couples often question themselves.

They don’t trust their judgment, and most of the time, they make excuses to break up. Other couples spend years courting their partner and yet not committing because they find flaws in one another.

When it comes to spiritual love, no such thing applies. You will love your spouse for what they are, and you appreciate them for who they are.

You are comfortable with each other’s company.

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6. You feel growth and development.

When you’re spiritually connected to someone, you expect growth in different ways. Your spouse can tell you your flaws, and you need to accept them positively.

It would be best if you listened to your spouse’s advice. So if someone loves you, you shouldn’t expect this person to direct you in the wrong way.

You cannot achieve personal growth if your spouse does not speak about your mistakes. 

In spiritual love, you don’t take your spouse for granted, nor do you see him as an instrument to make ends meet. Hence, it’s an excellent opportunity to experience the true joy of genuine love.

7. You know how to separate fact from feelings.

Even though you find your spiritual love, fighting or arguing are completely normal over the years, as long as they are expressed healthily. This does not mean that your relationship is toxic or your spouse no longer loves you.

You will get irritated over some comments your spouse makes, so instead of having a bad vibe with each other, try to talk out. Allow your spouse to explain their side.

8. You don’t let yourself settle for anything else.

As a human being, you are gifted to love, follow your passions, be respected, and be loved. Therefore, your other half should also value these things you love.

It would be best not to dictate how your partner lives, and the same goes for you. Your love should know how to include their needs in yours.

You should live in harmony and know how to respect each other. Today, most relationships are opposite; people settle for less.

9. You are looking forward to the future.

Every relationship is different from others in so many ways. When two people love each other, they do not get tired quickly. Typically, the excitement will fade away, but you’re still curious about the tiny details about your partner.

You’ll still love each other intensely after each passing year.

You’re two people who have unique characteristics, but when you live together, you will be able to explore each other to the fullest. Some will claim that they fell in love at first sight; however, it takes them time to realize that you love your partner deeply, and living without this person may seem incomplete.

Moreover, everyone wants to have an opportunity to grow old with their loved ones. However, today many people settle for less; they want to benefit from each other because they have no better option.

Once they find someone new, they break up instead of mending their relationship.

Well, that’s not true love because genuine love takes time and patience. Even in biblical passages, spiritual love applies.

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10. You connect with your spouse.

People in love will look at each other when they talk, and most ordinary couples will talk just for communication. Some will talk back against their spouse, while some couples are comfortable talking face to face.

They can sit across from each other and communicate eye to eye. Well, this kind of communication symbolizes spiritual love.

It shows how you are comfortable with your partner and the confidence that surrounds your love.

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