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Pisces Compatibility in Love, Sex & Relationship: Good Match With?

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Color:Lilac, Purple, Violet
Ruling Planet:Neptune
Date Range:Feb 19 – Mar 20

If you need someone who will listen to all your stories and make you feel better, trust a Pisces. Why? As the last constellation of the zodiac, Pisces has the most empathy and compassion, among others. They carry with them traces of the eleven zodiacs that came before them, and as such, they became the most receptive and most intuitive zodiac in the wheel.

Emotional and idealistic, Pisces also tends to get swallowed by their emotional surges. They can almost smell the emotional atmosphere around them and attune themselves to it. Symbolized by two fishes swimming in opposite directions, Pisces struggles with staying between the lines of reality and fantasy. They need to learn how to stay grounded while swimming in their sea of emotions.

With this complex emotional personality, Pisces needs emotional security from their partners. They need someone who will understand them as much as they understand other people. See if your zodiac matches with the depth of the celestial fish.

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General Characteristics Of Pisces

Pisces is a Water Sign

Like their fellow Water signs (Cancer and Scorpio), Pisces operates using their emotions and intuition. They feel powerful surges of emotions that can sometimes drown them, making them moody and sentimental. Also, as a Water sign, Pisces needs emotional connection from their partner. If they don’t feel that connection at all, they’ll retreat and back down in a relationship.

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Pisces also tend to be more laid back and submissive, as compared to Cancer and Scorpio. As the last zodiac, they absorbed all lessons from the previous zodiacs, which gives them an open mind to understand other people. This characteristic makes them the most compassionate and empathetic zodiac sign.

Pisces is a Mutable Sign

As a Mutable sign, Pisces attunes themselves to be flexible and adaptive to their environment. They know change is inevitable, and they'll welcome it with their hearts and minds open. They know what to do during certain events, and they'll lead the other zodiacs into a new beginning.

Also, as a Mutable Water sign, Pisces can see the collective unconscious of the other zodiacs. They see each part of them in everything, which makes Pisces creative and imaginative. It’s no wonder that Pisces can give some advice on almost anything because they have collected enough experiences from other zodiacs to make sound but meaningful advice.

Pisces as Ruled by Neptune

Pisces falls under the rulership of the planet Neptune. Neptune governs the collective consciousness, idealism, empathy, and evolutions. As such, Pisces have vast imaginations, making them artistic and creative. They see the world through a creative lens, which gives them inspiration for anything they do.

However, Neptune also rules illusion, fantasy, vagueness, and delusions. These characteristics make Pisces idealistic in solving their problems. They can become detached from reality, causing vagueness and illusion to cloud their vision. In response, Pisces runs around and retreat, running away from the problem and letting it grow.

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Compatibility With Other Signs

1. Match Made in Heaven

Pisces and Cancer

The water signs share an emotional depth that no other zodiacs can fathom. In particular, Cancer and Pisces can join together in a relationship to make a sympathetic and compassionate love affair. Pisces and Cancer understand one another, and they can provide emotional security to each other. These shared qualities make their bond more substantial and more secure.

There might be differences, but they consider them insignificant compared to their shared qualities. For instance, Pisces has more general compassion and sympathy. They apply these to every person, whether they're friends or family. Cancer only focuses their energy on their friends and family. Nevertheless, they share a lot of qualities that stick them together.

Overall, their emotional nature will connect Pisces and Cancer. Pisces and Cancer can offer tremendous amounts of love and sympathy for each other, and they understand the patterns that bind them together. Sensitive and intuitive, they can build a relationship that’ll last.

Pisces and Scorpio

Like Cancer, Pisces also makes a great relationship with Scorpios. As Water signs, they can feel and sense the emotions hanging in the air and attune themselves into it. They also understand each other’s mind and heart, making them a couple that’ll stick together no matter what.

Even their differences complement each other. For instance, Scorpio's domineering personality will be great with the more laid back and submissive Pisces. Scorpios can also get Pisces back into reality when they wander too much in their thoughts. Pisces, on the other hand, can offer subtle and gentle love and care to Scorpio. They can show kindness, empathy, and understanding of the dual nature of Scorpios. Pisces can also offer the balm and ointment when Scorpio’s hurt.

Overall, Scorpios can join with Pisces to make a meaningful relationship. Their intense emotional natures will bind them together, no matter how hard the situation may get. They can provide what the other one needs, and most especially, they understand one another.

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2. Very Compatible

Pisces and Pisces

When two Pisces join together for a love affair, emotional sensitivity and intuition will peak. The two of them will make an honest, sincere, and gentle relationship with each other. They know by heart what the other wants, and they know what to do when one of them gets drowned by their emotional surges.

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Of course, there’ll be some dangers in the relationship as well. For instance, when one of them gets imbued with negative energy, the other Pisces will pick up this energy and get coated with the negative energy. They can also get lost in their dreams and fantasies, which can endanger their relationship. However, due to their idealism and emotional sensitivity, they can get each other in touch with reality once again.

Regardless of these problems, two Pisces will find comfort from each other. They can achieve a comfortable and peaceful relationship that the other zodiacs will envy. Two Pisces can be loyal and trustworthy to their partner because they know that they share these needs.

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3. Compatible

Pisces and Taurus

As the idealistic and imaginative zodiac, Pisces needs the Earth signs to guide them through reality. When Pisces comes together with Taurus in a love relationship, they have so much to offer to each other. Both Pisces and Taurus want peace in the relationship. Pisces loves Taurus’ dependability and practicality, while Taurus likes Pisces’ compassion and sympathy towards other people.

There may be some differences between Pisces and Taurus but even those complements each other. For instance, Taurus needs realistic solutions and approaches life using pragmatism and practicality. On the other hand, Pisces uses their emotions and intuition in solving their problems. Taurus has particular interests, while Pisces tends to be more eclectic and varying in their likes and dislikes.

Whatever these differences may be, Taurus and Pisces can work together to achieve peace and unity. Taurus can indulge Pisces with pleasure, while Pisces will make sure that Taurus can find comfort in their company.

Pisces and Capricorn

Pisces and Capricorn ha more differences than Taurus, but they still work great. Their relationship might sound like the classic “opposites attract,” but their relationship can run deeper than that. Beneath the surface, Capricorns and Pisces make a great couple.

As an Earth sign, Capricorns like to plant their foot solid on the ground. They know how to toil the soil to reap its benefits, and they also know how to focus on achieving their goals. They see life through rational thinking and practicality. Also, Capricorns follow a strict set of rules and procedures, and they never deviate from that. In contrast, Pisces relies on their intuition and emotion. They know how to read the room, and they're sensitive to other people's emotions. Pisces can sometimes forget the real world and drown themselves with their imaginations.

They may contrast each other, but they have a certain depth of personality that can help each other. For instance, when Pisces gets out of touch, Capricorns will pull them back towards the shore. When Capricorns become too focused and insensitive, Pisces can show them how to be more compassionate and empathic. These contrasts make the relationship stronger without the parties even trying.

I actually wrote an article about Capricorn and Pisces compatibility, something you might be interested in.

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4. Neutral Relationship

Pisces and Virgo

The real opposites will be Pisces and Virgo. Their characteristics lie at the ends of the spectrum, and they need to meet halfway to make the relationship work. When they can make their relationship work, it'll lie in a great balance of peace and harmony. One of them can make up for the qualities missing in the other, creating unity between them.

First, they need to sort out any differences that they have. For instance, Virgos thrive in a neat and organized environment. In contrast, Pisces may become too engulfed in their fantasies that they forget to sort their things. Virgos need hierarchies while Pisces contents themselves with the clutter of their imagination. Virgos also specialize in one area, while Pisces may be too eclectic. Also, Virgos need facts and logic, while Pisces needs poetic opinions.

Nevertheless, Virgo and Pisces seem to understand these differences. They never make a big deal about it, and they never let it come their way. They still jive well, and they learn a lot from each other, which makes their relationship balanced and harmonized.

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5. Incompatible

Pisces and Aries

Pisces will find themselves in a difficult situation when they’re with a Fire sign. When Aries and Pisces join together, they need to exert lots of effort to make their relationship keep going. Their qualities conflict and they may find it hard to understand one another.

For instance, as a Fire sign, Aries loves to jump into any situation without considering the consequences. Once they set their eyes on something, they'll stop at nothing to get it. Aries tends to have a more direct and decisive outlook in life. On the other hand, Pisces tends to be wishy-washy and not direct to the point. Aries also tends to be rash and abrasive, which can harm the sensitive and emotional Pisces.

Aries and Pisces have a lot to learn from each other. Pisces can be the safe refuge of Aries, while Aries can be the protector of Pisces. If they learn how to appreciate and understand each other's qualities, they can make the relationship work.

Pisces and Aquarius

The only good thing about a Pisces-Aquarius relationship would be there leaning towards progressive and idealistic visions of life. Other than that, their relationship will be a work in progress. Much like Pisces and Aries, they need to understand their differences and accept them to make their relationship work. Of course, that's easier said than done.

For instance, Aquarius needs an intellectual connection and mental rapport, while Pisces looks for emotional security. Like the other Air signs, Aquarius doesn't do feelings, while Pisces revolves their life around it. Aquarius uses their brain, while Pisces uses their heart. They may share the same compassion, but Aquarius leans on the ideals and concepts behind human suffering while Pisces feels it as if it's their pain. Also, Aquarius can devoid themselves of emotional attachment, which is torture for Pisces.

They can build their relationship to something that they love. For instance, Pisces and Aquarius love to expand their knowledge and widen their perspectives. Aquarius can feed Pisces some ideas, while Pisces can introduce a touch of compassion to Aquarius’ ideals.

6. Very Incompatible

Pisces and Leo

Pisces will find it more challenging to be with a Leo than with an Aries. The reason? Leo's egocentricity, pride, and ambition can be too much to handle for the meek and submissive Pisces. Also, Pisces won’t compete for the attention needed by Leos. They’ll be happy and content receding into the background, far from the limelight which Leos love. Pisces doesn't want any validation from other people. They'll even provide that validation to someone who needs it because they understand, and they know. On the other hand, Leos would do anything to gather attention and validation.

Pisces and Leos have characteristics so different that they need to start working things before they go into a relationship. Both of them need to open their minds to each other’s differences. Leo's straightforward nature might hurt and trample Pisces' feelings, while Pisces's emotional and sentimental nature might annoy Leo.

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Pisces and Libra

If there’s one thing that can unite these two, that’d be their natural desire to avoid creating conflicts. They don’t want any aggression, and they listen first before going into the source of conflict. Pisces and Libra can start from that because they’ll have a lot to work on in the future if they want a lifetime with each other.

For instance, Libras may feel that Pisces tends to be very emotional and sentimental. Libras will find it annoying when Pisces will retreat and evade the questions that they ask. On the other hand, Pisces can be overwhelmed by the desire of Libras to talk things out. Pisces needs it’s time to think about what's being told and decide afterward. These small things can create significant conflicts if overlooked by both parties.

As mentioned, they need to start with their similarities before they can move forward. They have to sort those differences and approach each other with an open mind and heart.

7. Clash of Signs

Pisces and Sagittarius

The real clash of signs happens when Pisces and Sagittarius join together in a relationship. They have a lot of differences and conflicts that they need to resolve before something magical happens.

For instance, Pisces can be too receptive and submissive, while Sagittarius can be too overpowering and energetic. Pisces tend to settle in one place, while Sagittarius always feels the need to move. Also, Pisces' relaxed and calm attitude can bore Sagittarius, who has little to no patience. Sagittarius’ straightforwardness can hurt the sensitive feelings of Pisces.

To make the relationship work, they need more than an open mind. One has to give way for the other. They also need to build upon a common ground like the things that they can share.

Pisces and Gemini

The most complex love affair will happen if Gemini and Pisces join together in a relationship. They need to exert a lot of work and effort to make the relationship work.

Gemini and Pisces have a lot of differences. For instance, Gemini looks for intellectual connection and mental rapport in a relationship. They tend to be more rational and logical when problems arise. In contrast, Pisces approaches these problems using emotions and intuition. Gemini, like the other air signs, doesn’t consider these emotions as a hindrance to problem-solving.

Gemini and Pisces must start with the things that they share. For instance, both Gemini and Pisces love to expand their knowledge about the world. They also can be flexible and adaptive to situations. If they can make it work, then it'll work.


Overall, Pisces tends to be the most sympathetic and most compassionate zodiac. They learned and absorbed some characteristics of the zodiacs that preceded them, making them open-minded and empathic. They use their emotions and intuitions in solving their problems.

As such, the best matches for Pisces would be their fellow Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) since they understand each other on an emotional level. Pisces can also make a great match with the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) since they can be the rock supporting the celestial fish.

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