Married Taurus Man In Love With Another Woman: What Now? -

Married Taurus Man In Love With Another Woman: What Now?

If a married Taurus man falls in love with another woman, what will he do? How do you deal with it?

Having a practical view of marriage and a stubborn personality, the married Taurus man will do anything to make his marriage work. It will take him a long time, and he will only give up if he feels that his marriage is hopeless.

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The Taurus man has a realistic view of love and puts a high value on his commitments. But he also has a sensitive and emotional side that can lead him to seek the love and company of another woman.

The stubborn and hard-headed Taurus man is not easy to influence or understand. He can be frustrating to deal with, and he can be too slow or cautious in making decisions that anyone can lose their patience with him.

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In this article, you’ll learn about the personality of the Taurus man and what attracts him and draws him towards someone. From this, you’ll know how he’ll act if he falls in love with another woman outside his marriage.

I hope this helps. Good luck! 

Taurus man and marriage

What goes on inside the mind of the married Taurus man? Knowing and understanding his personality can help you predict his thoughts and feelings.

The Taurus man is a Fixed Earth sign with a solid and stable personality. He is steadfast against challenges in his life and relationships, but he can sometimes be too stubborn to turn his back on his commitments.

The Taurus man is methodical and deliberate in making decisions; he is not likely to give in to his impulses or feelings. He is the loyal and faithful partner everyone needs in a relationship, but he can be too stubborn to give up even on a bad marriage.

With his sign being ruled by the planet Venus, the Taurus man can appear upright and cold, but inside him lives a passionate and hot-blooded person. It takes a patient and intuitive woman to get to this side of him and bring it out.

The Taurus man shows his love by giving time, attention, support, and other acts of love, not gifts or romantic gestures. He always aims for a long-lasting and stable relationship, and when he is in one, he’ll do anything to achieve this goal.

What attracts the married Taurus man?

I think the expression is ‘married, but not dead,’ and that is what the married Taurus man is. His marriage is his top priority, but he can be attracted to other people.

Below are the traits in a woman that can attract a married Taurus man:


The Taurus man respects a woman who goes after what she wants without relying on anyone to help or take care of her. He loves that she lives her life on her own terms, without caring what other people may think or expect from her.

A Taurus man supporting a wife and kids finds it refreshing to meet a woman who doesn’t rely or depend on him. She makes him feel wanted for himself, not for the material or emotional support he can give her.

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The Taurus man gets into a relationship to be happy, but this happiness can go away over time because of the responsibilities and demands of a serious relationship. He is drawn to someone who gives him the sense of happiness and lightness missing in his life.

The married Taurus man who is unhappy in a relationship is attracted to someone with whom he can laugh and be silly. Her cheerful view of life makes him forget his responsibilities and makes him more in touch with his emotional and childlike self.


The Taurus man will be attracted to someone who has a definite direction in life and a can-do attitude to follow this direction, inspiring him to go for his own goals. He is in awe of aggressive and passionate leaders who are braver than him when it comes to taking risks in life.

The married Taurus man, who is used to being the head of his family, appreciates a woman who is good at making plans, executing them, and devising solutions if they fail. He sees her as a partner he can rely on to give support and even allow him to take the occasional rest from his responsibilities.


The Taurus man is hardworking and practical, but he can get stuck in his daily routine and lose the drive to work harder. He is attracted to someone who can inspire him to make a change in his life and to be more open to new experiences and activities.

The married Taurus man can feel confined to a life he doesn’t want, so he will go after someone who inspires him to chase after his desires and dreams at any cost. Her optimism motivates him and infects him with the drive he needs to take charge of his life.   


The Taurus man has a basic, almost boring, approach to sex and intimacy in a relationship. He is not what you can say, adventurous or spontaneous, and a woman with similar sexual needs will not attract him.

The married Taurus man will not cheat and seek a better sexual experience but will not be able to say ‘No’ if someone other than his partner shows him a more pleasurable and exciting time. A woman only needs to initiate and lead him to try new things, and this is enough to awaken the Venusian passion inside him.

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The Taurus man is drawn to a confident woman who exudes energy and eye-catching style. He loves a woman who doesn’t go for flashy and trendy clothes but still turns heads with her graceful and captivating manner.

The married Taurus man who is used to routine life and an insecure partner will find it hard to resist a stylish and fiery woman. She is sure to catch his attention and interest, although he may try to hide it at first.


The Taurus man is a reserved person who keeps thoughts and feelings to himself; it takes a patient person who has good communication skills to understand him. He is attracted to someone who can make him speak his mind without judgment, show his feelings, and be vulnerable.

The married Taurus man who is repressed and can’t be true to himself in his relationship will be attracted to someone who gets him and knows him inside and out. He loves that she can calmly face his cold and harsh words and open up a dialogue for compromise and reconciliation with him.

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What will the married Taurus man do? 

Attraction is one thing; acting on the attraction is another. The attraction that a married Taurus man feels for another woman doesn’t always deepen into love, and even when it does, he is not the type to follow his feelings blindly.

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It will take a Taurus man a long time to decide what to do. He will look into the feelings of the people concerned and weigh all options with care.

When the married Taurus man falls in love with another woman, he may do one of the following:

He will leave his wife for another woman

It will take time and careful consideration before the Taurus man decides to leave his wife for another woman. He will leave his marriage only when he thinks there is no longer hope for it to work.

The Taurus man leaves and divorces his wife if he thinks living a separate life is better for both of them, not because he is in love with someone else. Even when he leaves a bad relationship, he will need some time to be alone and recover from the end of a marriage before entering a new one.

If you are the other woman, be patient and give him the time and space he needs to decide while reassuring him of your love and support. If you are his wife, help him process his feelings and work with him in ending your relationship on good terms and part ways as friends.

He will stay with his wife and fix their marriage

The Taurus man is a practical and rational being, and he values the commitments he makes in his life. He will not let go of his wife and family for romantic feelings he knows may disappear anytime and without his control.

If the Taurus man flirts with another woman or cheats and sleeps with her, his rational thinking blames this on his problems and relationship issues. If she is willing, he and his wife must look into these issues and work hard to resolve them and fix their marriage.

The Taurus man’s wife must be willing to forgive his infidelity and betrayal of trust; work hard to help him move forward to rebuilding a stronger relationship with you. The Taurus man’s side chick must accept his decision and be mature in dealing with him; no amount of begging or threats will make him choose you over his wife if he’s already decided on staying with her.

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