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Taurus and Taurus Compatibility: Friendship, Love, and Sex

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Before proceeding to the Taurus Compatibility, learn how does a Taurus man act when hurt.

Taurus and Taurus General Characteristics

General Characteristics of Taurus

Taurus are firm individuals with strong beliefs and grounded opinions. Once they establish a particular idea or stance, it will be almost impossible to sway them. They are firm, and this stability may come off as stubbornness in the long run.

They have a craving for beauty, and they love to be around them. Taureans can get overboard, resulting in too much attention for the material and the physical world. These individuals are sensible and tactile.

They won't admit it, but they're in search for someone who can keep them grounded and more present in this world.

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Considering their strong beliefs, it’s not easy for a Taurus to conform to newly presented facts. It may take them some time before realizing it, or they may recognize but be ruled by their stubbornness.

Taureans are also inclined to believe that they are always in the right. Perhaps this is why they are hard to sway when they already set their minds to something. They are pretty much the type of people to ignore you spitting facts because they are not interested.

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They can be very judgmental, too, as they think they know better. However, these are in severe cases. Taureans are usually very fun to be with as they like bonding and taking pleasure from the world.

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Taurus is a loyal sign. So, it comes naturally that Taurus is dedicated to those they care about deeply. When in a relationship, they can be pretty stubborn but loyal to their partner.

They can be clingy as they value the sense of touch. They may find that it is their love language.

When they love someone, they tend to be very invested and thus, become very attached to that person. And because of their stability, it may be hard for them to let go.

It may be harder to move on if they have been into a breakup with someone they loved too much. The same applies to their friends and other relationships.

Despite their tendencies to be stubborn, these individuals are sure to love deeply. When Taureans love someone, they won’t do anything to hurt them. They are protective and will never even attempt to hurt the people they love most.

Taureans do not like change. They are the type to keep what is already proven and tested. Taking risks sounds like a hassle, and they prefer playing safe over trying new things and wait upon its uncertainty.

They are barely flexible, so it would be challenging for them when they are presented to a new world. They prefer their daily routine because it is safe, and they have done it many times to encounter any mess-ups.

Taureans may have a hard time adjusting to situations. So they may prefer to keep on staying in subpar conditions just to avoid changes. Avoiding change is not an assurance of being in a good place all the time.

Things that seemed reasonable in the past may change over time. However, it would take some time for a Taurean to realize this. Perhaps a particular person or a special force is what it takes to take a little bit of stubbornness away from them.

Taureans are inherently hard-working individuals. They know that work does not deserve to be procrastinated.

Thus, they work eagerly, early, and with all their might. They are filled with ambition, determination. These individuals are hard-working and reliable in everything they do.

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Taurus and Taurus as Lovers

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Two Tauruses in a relationship is a combination of both good and challenging experiences. These are the types to be very comfortable once they are in a serious relationship. They both enjoy the comfort and safety they provide to each other.

This pair has a lot of similarities which makes their relationship stronger and thrive. However, they are both stubborn.

Thus, they can clash from time to time because of their stubbornness. There may be things they disagree with, and it can lead to bickering and arguments.

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Both of them have a firm foundation and perspective on their ideals and beliefs. It may be hard for them to agree to something when their initial opinions are contrary in the first place.

Taureans are very much patient and hardworking. Two Taurus together create a safe place for both of them.

The relationship between them is secure and stable. They both love to bask in the security they provide each other.

Although Taurus is materialistic and puts a higher value on their material possessions, they can also be very sentimental. They are not stone-cold or people who don't show love. They express themselves differently from others.

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This couple is one of those couples who got their things together. They both know what they are doing. They are calm and composed in almost every situation given to them.

The majority of the time, they are relaxed and composed. However, they might show a fierce side to their personality when pushed far at the edge.

When they have arguments, it can be assumed that there will be arguments and refuting statements. This is because they are expected to defend their stance any chance they get. They are quite stubborn, so it’s easy for you to get the picture.

This pair is the pair that exudes strong determination. Most of the time, their stubbornness stems from their resolution.

They can become stubborn because they are determined to finish work. This can also stem from their loyalty and their tendency to stick to what they know is true.

This couple is not inconsistent. As they get to know each other, they learn a lot about each other.

Along the way, they also agree on many things that cultivate their relationship. These things strengthen their bonds and keep their trust intact.

While it may be stubborn and hard for them to change their minds, it’s not impossible. There are, of course, qualifications before they change their minds.

The fact should be sensible, practical, and reasonable. Once presented with something that strongly debunks theirs, they are sure to consider it.

Their relationship is mostly going to be calm and go wonderfully. Taureans are good at keeping relationships because of the stability they provide. Two Taureans are even stronger, and the bond created can be two times stronger too.

This relationship is fragrant and sensual. When they are in a relationship, they like to be with each other.

The sense of comfort they feel when they are with each other is out of this world. When lovers say that they are each other’s safe place, a Taurus couple could relate to it very much.

This couple also forms a strong commercial bond. They are both career-oriented and are very good at earning and saving money. As they are together, they can manage their finances and do business with each other.

Once this couple has their eyes on a goal, they are sure to achieve it. With their immense responsibility and their hard work, they are sure to achieve whatever they have planned. However, they should never forget to make time for each other.

This couple is the type to need the same amount of loyalty and affection they give away to feel secure about their relationship. The two of them are similar, and so, they agree and can work and co-exist together.

When challenges arise or things get complicated for them, they find a funny home in each other. As they open up this side of them and this side of the relationship, they heal. These moments have a healing potential that washes away the wounds of their past experiences.

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Taurus and Taurus in Bed

This couple’s sex life is something always exciting and fun. Of course, this comes with certain elements coming together. There may be problems arising, but it would probably be rooted in their refusal to make changes.

When two zodiacs meet and have a lot of similarities. Tendencies of them being stagnated are high.

They may stay and do the same things over again. While it may be safe, it will more or less bore the two of you so much that it sends the sparks away.

When they do the same things and continue plain sex all the time, they may bore each other. Taurus is sensual, and they can keep being in a mood for days. They have many advantages as they have a lot in common and so they know what each other likes.

For this pair, it is relatively easy to be happy in each other’s sexual relationship. Two Tauruses tend to stick to the same things because they tend to do so. And so, one of the problems they can have is prompting one of them to spark changes in the bedroom.

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Taurus is generally moody when they are experiencing a slump. When this happens, their connection in the bedroom can change. This can change how they feel about themselves and their partner. When one pair is going through something and exhibiting emotional instability, it would be best to take time apart—connecting or having sex while in a negative condition is probably not a good idea for this pair.

Taurus and Taurus as Friends

These two individuals as friends create a very steady, firm friendship. They are the type of friends to be very comfortable with each other. There’s no pressure when they hang out, and they can be both relaxed and calm when they are together.

They both know how to make each other happy and how to have a good time. As friends, they have a good understanding of how to have great times together. This pair of friends are very charismatic.

When these two individuals come together, the energy immediately connects them. A strong bond is then created. They care about each other and their friendship very much.

Taureans are not the type to be friends with just anyone in a blink of an eye. They take their time and assess. Once a bond is formed, it is sure to be a friendship where they devote themselves.

One of the best things about their friendship is their loyalty to each other. Another thing is the amount of effort they put into their friendship.

Both of them are cultivating and nurturing their relationship. No matter the length of their friendship, both work hard to strengthen their friendship.

Taurus and Taurus at Work

A Taurus-Taurus alliance is a stable and firm partnership. Their partnership is a safe space where they both feel comfortable and secure. As partners, they enjoy each other's company.

This partnership can be vulnerable to arguments because of its stubbornness. It would be helpful and essential for this pair to learn how to compromise and listen to ideas other than their own. They should assess things that are truly useful for their work.

This partnership is one with unyielding willpower and commitment. They both have one goal in mind: they are determined to work their hardest to achieve the goal they want to.

This team could be slow as they are not the type to rush things. However, the results are guaranteed to be satisfactory.

One of the best things about this partnership is their loyalty and commitment to their goals and their craving for growth. They are dedicated to making a successful team no matter the span of collaboration.

This team is indeed stable and secure. Both are demonstrative and devoted.


Thus pair is one to eat expensive dinners and laugh their hearts out because of how comfortable they feel. This couple enjoys being together, whether it's in the daytime or nighttime. Once they get to know each other more profoundly, the comfort they bring each other is immaculate.

Awkwardness has hardly a place in the relationship. They know how to please, how to provide support, and love to each other. One of the best things in their relationship is their transparency and the feeling of having nothing to hide from each other.

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