Mountain spiritual meaning: Is it a sign of strength? -

Mountain spiritual meaning: Is it a sign of strength?

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Do you love to go hiking? When you're on top and see everything below you, do you feel at ease or relaxed? 

The spiritual meaning of the mountain is often associated with spiritual awakening, inspiration, and consistency. It symbolizes growth, progress, and having the mental strength to face the challenges you're facing right now or in the past.

Now that you know that mountains have powerful spiritual meaning, let's get to know more of the spiritual symbolism of the mountain.

Mountain symbolism

Mountain symbolisms are primarily favorable. It represents adventure, escape, and conquest.

When you're out on the mountain, it's your chance to get refreshed and get away from your worries.

The most common symbolism for mountains is an adventure. When you want to go on an adventure, mountain hiking is on your to-do list.

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If you know the famous quote by John Muir, “The mountains are calling, and I must go.” Many hikers most commonly use it because it refers to the idea that hikers look at mountains with lust. 

Mountains stand there to encourage people to come to them and partake in an adventure among nature. You might feel like an explorer from ancient times who pushed boundaries and expanded maps.

In your everyday life, the challenges of hiking a mountain can represent your struggles. You're expressing that sense that climbing a mountain is a true challenge that can test you physically and emotionally.

If you've heard the famous song of Miley Cyrus, The Climb, some lyrics metaphorically compare the challenge of hiking mountains to challenges in your life. She doesn't refer to the process of hiking but uses the symbolism of mountains and applies it to the challenges of her life.

If you know the television series, Game of Thrones, the strong character who defends the queen is called The Mountain. 

This person is the strongest fighter in the series. From this point, you can see the symbolism of the strength of mountains.

It's also used as a simile, like when you're writing letters, you say, “My love for you is as strong as the mountain,” referring to just how much you love this person.

Sometimes, mountains look like they're on the edge of the world. If you see ancient maps, ends are found at the beginning of the mountain range.

It's because the mountain range is incapable of being passed. Similarly, when playing video games, the map on where you can roam ends with a mountain, which symbolizes a wall.

It represents the end of the game or the level.

In these situations, mountains symbolize the end of the road. There's nothing you can do because it's the edge of the world.

On the other hand, the mountain signifies the power of nature. People behave as if they can control nature because of their history of attempting to control nature.

They cut down trees, build bridges and create dams to control waterways. However, mountains have remained influential and immovable.

The mountains are the most precious untouched parts of nature that humans cannot access. They are the home of bears and other animals who want to live in the wild.

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It reminds us that despite the power of humankind, you cannot win against the force of nature. It signifies that humans haven't fully conquered the mountains, and they remain free.

And speaking of freedom, mountains are also places where we can retreat to get away from the city's noise and worries of life.

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Many people choose to spend their weekends hiking on mountains to refresh and unwind before going back to work. Hence, this escape from the world's stresses represents some freedom.

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There are no traces or constraints of civilization when you're on the mountain. You can do whatever you want. 

You can scream, run, sing at the top of your lungs, and dance without anyone seeing you except the birds in the trees.

Also, upon getting to the top of the mountain, you feel an incredible feeling of accomplishment. That's why mountains represent conquest.

Standing on top of the mountain looking at the views is one of the best feelings a hiker can feel. It gives you the feeling of achievement, or you unlock something on your bucket list.

But aside from making it a weekend habit, hiking in the mountains can give a spiritual feeling. It feels like you're closer to God when you're out in nature.

Many people believe that God can be found in nature. But there's more to it.

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Many religions believe that God and heaven are located above the sky, so throughout the years, people built churches and monasteries on the top of the mountain. They think that the higher you get, the closer you are possible to God.

They build tall towers on their monasteries and churches to have a higher and closer relationship with God. Meanwhile, you often go to the mountains when you want some space and distance from people.

You often hear this saying; mountains separate us to highlight how distant you feel someone away from you.

And there's another saying, “I would move the mountains just to be with you.” This point gives an idea that mountains are an obstacle that creates distance.

It's also an example of hyperbole to highlight how mighty mountains are to separate humans.

Mountains also represent some protection, especially those who take refuge inside them. It includes animals, humans, and even trees.

Deep in the mountains, you can find the most exotic creatures in nature. In the mountains, you can find bears and gorillas.

Moreover, you can find unique species of trees in the wilderness of the mountains. It is where the trees are protected from the forestry industry of the world.

Lastly, mountains represent unpredictability. The weather in the mountains is unpredictable.

You could be out in the mountains on a beautiful sunny day, but suddenly the weather might change, and you're in the middle of the rainforest.

Many hikers recommend going onto the mountains well-prepared and packing everything they need, even for a single day hike. However, before, when explorers were trying to cross mountains for the first time, they didn't have these things.

They would go back from their expedition due to changing weather conditions on top of the mountains.

Moreover, some mountains are like volcanoes, waiting to burst and cover the surrounding with ash and lava.

Biblical meaning of mountains in dreams

Mountains in your dreams can appear in varying shapes and sizes, but they all have this distinct and overwhelming look.

Mountains are regarded as hindrances because of their gigantic size, and there are different reasons you dream about mountains. For one reason, they represent obstacles because they can hamper or slow down from point A to point B.

This landform can symbolize burden in our dreams and reality. It reminds you that you'll be meeting some difficulties on your way.

Therefore, you need to be careful and conscious when handling these things. It could also signify the difficulties of reaching your goal.

Take this opportunity to look at your life and find out what can hinder you from progressing. For example, you will face some trouble in completing the project.

If this is the case, try to look back at the beginning and check the possible roots of your problem.

Another meaning of mountains in dreams is stability, particularly the financial aspect. It could also mean that the economic condition in the country will be favorable to you, which can lead to your development and growth.

In some cases, it can be related to your love life. You and your partner will experience a stable and enjoyable life together that is unshakeable.

Dreaming of mountains will not always indicate difficulties. It could mean that you can overcome almost anything.

Mountain symbolizes your willingness to do anything to resolve the problems coming your way. 

Furthermore, it signifies your willpower or the ability to control different aspects of your life. You're also ready to be responsible for your destiny.

You are now ready to pay attention to a part of your life that has been neglected, such as your health, love life, and social life.

Mountains also represent fortune or luck. Take note of the things that may appear in your dreams, such as snow, rain, or fog, as these elements can be a sign of prosperity if you're having some problems with proceeding with your current status.

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