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13 Things A Taurus Man Does When He Is in Love with You

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Are you in a relationship with a Taurus man for a long time now? Are you curious about why he isn't so open about what he feels for you and if he is really in love with you? Uncover the thirteen things that can help determine if your Taurus man is head over heels in love with you.

When a Taurus man is in love with you, it could not be evident as he is tough to read. He is good at hiding his true feelings and may come a bit weird, making efforts to ignore you despite his feelings. This can be disappointing and confusing if he genuinely has feelings for you.

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Nonetheless, don't take it personally. A Taurus man has his reasons why he all of a sudden pulls the brake amid your romance. He could only want to test if he can trust you and if you are the one for him.

If a Taurus man is in love, he will take things slow to know if you two are compatible and get to know each other more. Before he commits himself fully to you, he wants to ensure he is making the right decision.

Being in a relationship with a Taurus man, he may test your loyalty and consistency with his actions. He may act unusual and display type of behavior like he's not in love. Thus, knowing his Taurean traits can help you understand his sudden opposite actions.

The Taurean Traits

Unlike other signs, Taurus is not an emotional sign. People born under the Taurus rarely let their emotions show. A man born under this sign is stable and easy-going. He values his family and friends and cares for them a lot.

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With a Taurus partner, you need a lot of patience dealing with his stubbornness. He wouldn't do anything he doesn't like and it's up to him when he will do it. Nonetheless, there is a good side to his stubbornness.

A Taurean is not easily swayed by anything once he sets his mind to do something. When his mind is set to achieve a specific goal, he will do everything to reach it, no matter how impossible it is. He's not accustomed to listening to other people's opinions as he has his own.

Being ruled by Venus, a Taurus guy has excellent taste in art, beauty, and luxury. He loves to surround himself with things that make him feel comfortable and relaxed.

When you get a Taurus man hooked by your beauty, wit, or personality, there will be obvious things that he will do for you. If you're curious what these things are, you may proceed with the full details below.

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13 Things A Taurus Man Does When He Is in Love with You

#1 He makes time for you

When a Taurus man is in love, he will ensure to make time for you. Although he has priorities concerning his future, he will not take you for granted. If he has pressing things to do at work, he will always manage his time and meet you after his tiresome day at work.

A Taurus male isn't a fan of wasting his precious time for anyone, except if the person is special to him. Thus, when you notice that your Taurus man makes time for you amidst his busy schedule, he is likely in love with you.

If you doubt his feelings because he isn't telling you anything, know that he isn't the vocal type of person. Tauruses rarely share how they feel towards a person as they are afraid of rejection. Nonetheless, once a Taurus man feels that you are the one for him, he will start to open up his feelings.

#2 He will introduce you to his circle

Family and friends are precious to a Taurus man. He will do everything to protect them and be there for them in times of their needs. He will also not allow just anyone to become a part of his circle as he intends to keep it small to protect them better.

So, when a Taurus guy introduces you to his family and friends, it means your charms smite him. It's not typical for a Taurus to introduce someone to his circle if she isn't special to him.

He will make sure that you will know the important people in his life and bond with them. It's his way to forge a better relationship between you and the special people in his life.

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#3 He showers you with surprises

When it comes to a Taurus man in love, he likes being traditional and shower his girl with surprises. He may come to your house without prior notice to give you a bouquet of flowers and chocolates. He might also wait for you after work and surprise you with a romantic dinner date.

If a male Taurus is in love, it will show in his actions rather than through words. Being ruled by Venus, expect a fancy date, fine gifts, and a great vacation if a Taurus man is in love with you.

#4 He starts to share his secrets

One sure way to know that a Taurus man is in love with you is when he tells you his secrets. For a Taurus guy, he finds it hard to share his feelings, much more his deepest secrets. Thus, when he starts to open up his secrets with you, it means that he trusts you already.

A male Taurus isn't easy to trust and it takes a unique person to make him open up his feelings and tell his secrets. So, if he trusts you already, he's likely wrapped in your charms.

#5 He showers you with compliments

A Taurus man may not be wordy, but if he's smitten, he will not be able to stop complimenting you with his adoring eyes. He will tell you how special and beautiful you are. He will also let you know how good you are as a person and a lover.

With a Taurean in love by your side, you will get showered with compliments that are not superficial. His compliments will reflect your beauty and goodness, inside and out.

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#6 He is always concerned about you

Expect frequent calls and texts when a Taurus man is in love with you. One characteristic of an in-love Taurean man is showing his possessiveness and concern. He will often check on you to know if you are safe and sound.

Your safety and health are his main concern and he will do everything to be there for you when you feel unsafe and sick. He can drop everything for you whenever you need his help. If he is madly in love with you, he will make sure that he will be your constant knight in shining armor.

#7 Constant touches

A Taurus man in love will keep on touching you here and there. It can be through hugging or in the form of holding hands. He will make sure to make you feel special by caressing you, in general.

Therefore, if your Taurus guy can't keep his hands to himself and keep on touching you instead, he's likely in love with you.

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#8 He includes you in his decisions

Taurus people are very independent. They always forge ahead without consulting anyone about their decisions. Nonetheless, this isn't the case when it comes to a male Taurus in love.

A Taurean male in love will make sure that he includes you in all his decisions. He will ask for your opinion about his decisions in his finances, career, and other things. He will listen to you and consider your opinion.

You will know that a Taurus guy is in love with you when he starts to include you in both small and big decisions in his life.

#9 Slow and softer lovemaking

When a Taurus man is in love, it will become evident through his actions. Your lovemaking will become more passionate, not rushing into anything. He will start to kiss you, cuddle you, and become intimate with you at a slow pace.

He will make sure that you will feel his tender love and affection through his kisses and lovemaking. When you two are out on a date, he will hold your hand and even kiss you in public. He will not shy away from giving you physical affections, even in public places.

#10 He makes an extra effort for you

If a Taurus man makes an extra effort to build a relationship with you, he is smitten. It's not typical for a Taurean to make any effort if he's not interested or in love with a person. If you find him going out his way to meet you and prepare surprises for you, it's no doubt that he is in love with you.

#11 He listens to you

A smitten Taurus man will take his time to listen to you and take your words seriously. He will remember all the stories you have shared and bring them up in your next conversations. If he shares something with you and you share your opinion on the matter, he will consider it without any doubt.

Once you've said something, he will remember every word of it and take it to his heart. So, if you've noticed those mentioned aspects in your Taurus man, it's a sign that he loves you.

#12 He becomes more romantic

A male Taurean is natural when it comes to being romantic. Nonetheless, if you are both new in the relationship, you may find him reserved and quiet. He may rarely show his emotions and feelings to you.

Nonetheless, as the relationship progresses, he becomes more romantic. It will show in his gestures, surprises, and the way he talks with you. He may start hugging you in public and communicate his feelings better with you.

#13 He will show his jealous side

As we mentioned above, a Taurus guy can be shy to show his feelings. Nonetheless, if his feelings for you go deeper, he will not get shy telling other guys that you are his. He may wrap his arms around you if you are talking to your male friends.

A Taurean man in love also gets possessive and jealous even if you are only talking to your male friends. He wants your full attention and being able to spend your time with him alone. He can get selfish when it comes to you as a part of showing his love.

Don't be fooled by your Taurus man's tough exterior and reserved personality, he has needs too! 

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