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8 Things You Must Do to Make a Leo Man Chase You: Secret Formula

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Wanting a Leo man to chase you can be a not-so-easy task. As you might already know, this man is charismatic and highly ambitious. He takes good care of his image, so if he dates anyone, she should bring value into his life and be a part of his good image.

As you can see above, a Leo man is literally picky when it comes to the woman he will date. He won't just date anyone for the sake of dating and stays true to his conviction to be with someone deserving. He has a set of standards that you should meet for him to date you.

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Is it too complicated already? Don't worry! Once you get to know what you must do to make a Leo chase you, those standards wouldn't be a problem anymore. It will also help if you've got the qualities he wants in a woman to make the ‘chase you' plan an easy feat.

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So, what does a Leo man want in a woman? Let's find out!

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Things that a Leo Man Want in a Woman

A Leo man gets attracted easily to a freedom-loving woman that loves to go out on a solo adventure. He loves a woman who has a strong spirit and is independent in all her ways. Nonetheless, he's quick to get turned off when a woman makes a move on him first despite the good qualities she has.

Thus, it's crucial to remember to let the Leo man pursue you with all his might. You can flirt with him all you want but make sure that you're not stepping into his role. If you can, never show your interest in your first meeting or not be obvious.

You also have to know that a Leo guy tends to get attracted to a woman who doesn't show interest in him as it challenges him. He wants to see for himself if he can bring down the wall of the woman he likes and make the feeling mutual in the process.

Not showing a bold and over-the-top flirty attitude to a Leo guy will make him want to exert more effort in the chase. Thus, consider letting the Leo man do his chasing job and everything will fall into its own place.

Above are only some of the things that a Leo man wants in a woman and there could be more of them. Let's now proceed to the top things you must do to make a Leo man chase you.

8 Things You Must Do to Make a Leo Man Chase You

#1 Dress to Impress.

Want a Leo man to chase you? Then dress to impress! A Leo man is highly visual and imaginative, so feed both his eyes and mind with a dress worth strutting in front of him.

Wear a figure-hugging dress that can also show some cleavage. Partner it with some classic accessories and on-point makeup to have a perfect visual for the Leo man. Choose a piece of clothing that's both sexy yet classy and avoid choosing too vulgar clothes.

You have to remember that a Leo has an image to maintain, so choosing a dress that could mar his reputation is a no-no. As Leo's woman, you always need to look presentable but not dull. This is why choosing the right piece of clothing is a must when with a Leo guy.

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#2 Shower him with compliments.

Leos do have big egos. Thus, it's not a surprise that he always loves to have spectators around him. You can use this as a part of your strategy to get him to chase you.

Boost his ego more by praising him that he always makes the best decision and has excellent taste. Tell him that you love the restaurant he picked and how he can look so good in what he wears. Whatever it is that you want to compliment him about, make sure to be descriptive.

#3 Don't be predictable.

Another way to make a Leo man chase you is to not be predictable. If you still don't know, a man born under this sign gets bored quickly. He doesn't find it appealing when he can tell right away what will be your next move.

Thus, ensure to keep him on his toes and be spontaneous to make sure that he has something to look forward to. If you knew that he isn't busy with work, you could invite him all of a sudden to an out-of-the-town adventure. As a thrill-seeker, he will appreciate your offer and you get to spend more time with him.

Once he gets comfortable with you, he will likely seek your company more and chase you if you play your cards right.

#4 Don't always be available.

If you want a Leo guy to chase you:

  1. Don't be too available for him.
  2. Ensure that there will be times where you don't entertain him right away.
  3. Consider not picking up his call right away and call him back, apologizing that you were busy.

Not giving all your attention to a Leo man makes him wonder why you're acting in such a way. He might also acknowledge that you have other things going on apart from him and respect your time more. He might even be the one to ask when you are free to hang out with him.

Thus, consider being not too available to the Leo man you are dating or crushing on and he will likely chase you more.

#5 Flirt with him.

It won't hurt to get flirtatious to a Leo man. You may show your wit and make him laugh while tapping his one arm or shoulder. Don't forget to wear your brightest smile and tease him each time you get an opportunity.

When you tease him, make sure that you will meet his eyes and give him a combo of your seductive look and smile. This way, you will likely get to cling to his mind more, making him want to hang out with you more often.

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#6 Be competitive.

When it comes to grabbing the attention of a Leo man and for him to chase you, be irreplaceable. Others may get afraid to show their naughty and competitive side to their lovers, but a Leo man would love it. Thus, consider inviting him to an out-of-town escapade and do outdoor activities.

Ensure the activities that you opt to do will be exciting. You may place bets and make the loser do something the winner wants. This way, you are igniting his competitive spirit and do more than what's required.

You will also likely stick to a Leo man's mind having the same fire as him when it comes to being passionate and fun. So, consider inviting him to activities that let him display his competitive spirit. This way, he will enjoy your companionship and will likely chase you for more fun times together.

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#7 Do your own thing.

To get the interest of a Leo man, you have to do your own thing and not join his entourage of admirers. This can be pretty hard and nonsense, especially if you like him, but you need to understand that this is how it works. You have to know that a Leo won't make you feel special if you are throwing yourself at his feet willingly.

Thus, consider doing your own thing and watch what he's doing and do nothing. There will come a time he will notice that you're different from other girls and might get curious about you. This way, he will be the one to go forward and know you more as it should be in Leo's rulebook.

#8 Show your intellect.

Another thing that can make a Leo man chase you is your intellect. A Leo loves a high-value woman and he will do everything to keep her on his side. As you might already know, he has an image to maintain, so having a smart woman is an excellent thing for him.

Thus, show him your intellect by engaging him in an intelligent conversation. Let him see that there's something more in you than the beauty you possess. Showcase your beauty and brain assets and he will likely chase you wherever you go.

If this tips on how to make him chase you became effective, why not try these new tips on how to make a Leo man want you more. By learning this, you Leo man will never leave you again.

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