The Spiritual Meaning of the Name Alicia: Is It A Good Name? -

The Spiritual Meaning of the Name Alicia: Is It A Good Name?

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Are you thinking of names for your baby girl? You think of beautiful names, like Anne, Kath, or Liza, but they seem pretty familiar. Hence, if you're searching for a unique yet classy name for your little one, why not consider Alicia?

Alicia is a popular Christian name, and it came from a Germanic name Adalheidis. The meaning of the name Alicia is “nobly natured” (noble of a kind). Alicia has different meanings; for example, in Greek, it means honesty; in America, it means sweet; and in Sweden, it means truth.

If you compare Alicia to its predecessor Alice, there's a huge difference, though both have identical meanings. Alice is strong, warm, and suited to parents who want to give their daughters a cool name, while Alicia means gentle and delicate.

Alice has sharp edges, but it can melt away these edges when you change the ending to -cia. Nevertheless, Alicia represents a strong, independent woman.

Alicia name personality

Alicia is a name that represents a tendency to show extremes when it comes to material success. You either possess a great deal of fortune or none at all.

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Balance and power are the two words that can best describe you. Your heart's desire is peace and harmony, and you can achieve it by building relationships in society.

Because of your gentle nature, you don't want to have conflicts or arguments with other people. 

There's always an internal battle when you're unsure about something, like making a decision. You find it hard to state your needs and opinions, and worse, you'll give up when confronted by an aggressive person to avoid an argument.

You hate physical fights. When people hear Alicia's name, they see you as someone sympathetic, generous, and compassionate.

People around you feel comfortable and safe; they also find you supportive, that's why you have so many friends.

Moreover, you don't care about fashion; therefore, you're often shabbily dressed. Other people will see you as a mother or father-like figure.

You are the kind of person who is true to her ambitions and interests. You are creative, independent, and have strong leadership potential.

You tend to like your original ideas, and because of this, there are times that you're impulsive.

Alicia name numerology

In Numerology, the name Alicia has an expression number of eight. Eight children are known to be perseverant, ambitious, and goal-oriented.

They are focused and remained organized over the years. Eight children are self-disciplined and money conscious, so you don't have to worry that they will overspend money.

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However, they are sometimes impatient and stubborn, encouraging them to be more flexible.

Eight is a very active and lasting individual. Their success is only necessary after the work is successful.

They are notable for their ability to take a close look at the big picture and organize strategies for success. After that, they can adjust the groups around them towards any goal and recognize the individual's potential to bring out the best in the team.

The number eight has everything to do with power, wealth, and abundance. For some reason, this personality is blessed in material terms, but her authoritarian and problem-solving qualities prove that her luck isn't just about lottery luck.

You are natural. It is the character of the CEO and senior military personnel.

As for the soul urge number, Alicia gets two. Children with a soul urge number two love people and the harmony among people.

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Because of this, these people will avoid any conflict; instead, they lean towards calm. They prefer a warm and caring environment.

They also feel a great sense of fulfillment that can help them grow in their environment through their own works, sense of understanding, and attitude.

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On the other hand, people with a personality number of six are perceived as loving, friendly, and caring. They are flexible and creative.

Moreover, six children perform well outdoors and are good team players because they enjoy helping others.

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Alicia name astrology

The name Alicia is a combination of two occurrences of A, one appearance of C, one occurrence of I, and one occurrence of L, which have lots of significant meaning in Astrology.

According to Indian Astrology, a person with the name Alicia is creative. These persons are passionate about their own creative works.

They'll be successful if they choose any creative field as their professional work. Because of their strong-willed and determination toward their work, they will use them to get success in their chosen path.

They will receive some opportunities, and through these chances, one opportunity can give them a breakthrough that will flourish. 

They have a promising nature that makes them stubborn about their work and decisions. They are always the center of attention among their friend circle.

Their excellent work and pleasing personality can help them achieve popularity. It makes these people loving and caring by nature.

Love is always in the air for Alicia-named people, as if they love to live in a good and happy mood throughout the years. 

Alicia loves perfection, and they always try to complete their work perfectly. Their determination and perfection in their work make them successful in their chosen careers.

According to Vedic astrology, Alicias are very responsible towards their superiors and elders. Indian astrology indicates that the people with the name Alicia are excellent in literature.

They have a good sense of writing as well. They can succeed in their respective fields of literature and other something related to writing.

People with the name Alicia are energetic too. They incorporate their positive energy into their work.

They are realistic in their everyday life, but they are dreamers. They will do anything to make all their dreams come true; however, there are times that they will not succeed.

Fortunately, they have a great working environment, and their officemates can help them, and through this, they will succeed in their career. They are friendly and confident by nature.

They try to accomplish any work with full of passion and energy. Aside from this, their creative ideas will give them an uplift in their professional areas.

People with the name Alicia have a clear vision of life opinions. They are honest in their dealings and have free-minded, lying minds, so they are straight to the point that they can hurt others.

However, these people are not bothered about it. The native of this name has a strong determination.

A noteworthy feature of these people is the overflowing confidence that helps them succeed in their ways. 

Alicia people are proud of their personality and achievements. They are more likely to move up a ladder of success; however, they are not grateful and will not appreciate the efforts of the people who helped them.

They are impulsive and have an excellent coupling capacity with people of the opposite sex. They can make great friends of the opposite gender and the other way around.

People with the name Alicia are caring and loving. These are people that will always look out for lasting connections and friendships.

They are obedient, responsive, and patient, making them great leaders. In romance, these people will always seek attention. They are looking for partners everywhere, even at work or in social groupings.

Alicia natives are polite and discreet; therefore, they can adapt to almost any condition.

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Alicia name origin

The name Alicia is a modern Latinate form of the name Alice. Alice is the anglicized form of the old french Adelaide that has Germanic origins. The Germanic “adal” suggests “noble” and “heid,” which means “kind, sort.” Hence, the meaning of Alice is “noble one.” Both the French Adelaide and the English Alice were established during medieval times. 

Alicia name popularity

Alicia dates back to 1880 when the US government started tracking popular names. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Alicia was used very rarely.

The name was rarely used until the 1920s, but its real popularity came in the 1970s. Alicia made a list of the 100 Most Used Female Names in 1972 and eventually made it into her 50 Favorite Female Names list in the 1980s.

The name's popularity peaked in 1984 when Alicia was the 40th most popular female name in the United States. She was pushed out of the top 100 in 1999.

From this, Alicia seems to be losing its light as the 21st century enters. Today it is no longer on the top 200 list.

Nevertheless, names derived from Alice (Alicia, Alison, Alyssa) are still generally common. The little girls of these “nobles” have a specific dignified and elegant sound.

Due to its popularity in the United States, Alicia (pronounced ahLEEseesah) is also the Spanish equivalent of Alice.

Here are famous celebrities with the name Alicia:

  • Alicia Keys: musician
  • Alicia Silverstone: actress
  • Alicia Foster: better known as Jodie Foster, director/actress
  • Alecia Moore: popularly known as Pink, singer
  • Alicia Bridges: singer
  • Alicia Coppola: actress
  • Alicia Witt: actress
  • Alicia Fox: WWE wrestler
  • Alicia Molik: tennis player
  • Alicia Morton: actress
  • Dame Alicia Markova: English ballerina

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