Virgo sun Sagittarius moon: How To Be More Open? -

Virgo sun Sagittarius moon: How To Be More Open?

The Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon combination is analytical and orderly. You still have an appetite for variety and adventure, so you travel a lot. You are an idealist but with the practicality of worldly aspirations.

You visit many places, and you meet many people that inspire you. You are a student who is eager to learn and experience things from many different sources. You never stop being a student because of your thirst for knowledge.

You are independent, active, and innovative, which makes you chase success. You are a deep thinker who analyzes skillfully and has excellent critical thinking.

Your communication skills allow you to be a writer or teacher. You have a vivid imagination, which contributes to your works.

You exude a positive aura, and people appreciate your honesty. Virgo sun Sagittarius moon have blunt humor and can be highly philosophical.

You have an interest in debates, especially on contentious and controversial topics. It gives rise to public disagreement, and these issues trigger disputes among people.

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Luckily, you have a sharp wit and enchanting humor, even the most serious of issues. Your broad mindset is open to ideas, but you are attentive to details.

You are well-organized, and you have a schedule of your tasks. You are great at handling daily responsibilities, but your combination can be restless to ordinary routines.

You are prone to get in touch with something more profound and more significant. You show interest in unconventional disciplines like metaphysics and spirituality.

Your scientific also drives you to explore and experiment with different things. You want these discoveries to enrich and improve your life, especially when it relates to health.

Noble values and humanitarian idealism are the few characteristics if you have a Virgo sun Sagittarius moon combination. You tend to have an optimistic attitude, and you maintain your focus on the future for being a visionary person. However, you may also have insecurities that may last shortly despite your dynamic and charming personality. 

You always look for something new because stagnation is boring to you. You seek to explore different channels where you can experience many things.

The planets Jupiter and Mercury represents adventure and travels rule in your signs. As a result, you like to move around and be somewhere else rather than staying at home.

Your tremendous energy inspires others to liberate themselves because you show how to be free. You like sharing your experiences, and you love to give helpful life lessons.

Your interest in exploration improves your learning, which makes you talk about many things. You are open to different subjects and aspirations.

You cannot stick to your plans for too long because you change direction midway. It can be one of the reasons others cannot rely on you that much.

You may have many jobs, either full-time or part-time. But whatever tasks you are into, you absorb information like a sponge.

So you can know a lot about a person better than anyone, even on your first meeting. Especially when people interest you, you like to get more details about them.

You become adaptable to circumstances wherever you go. It is never dull when you are around, but you are prone to sulking and mood swings. You change your mood when something is not the way you imagine it to be.

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Virgo sun Sagittarius moon in Love and Relationships

You are a charming and compassionate person if you have a Virgo sun Sagittarius moon combination. You are enthusiastic about new ventures, and influential people attract you.

Your grandiose dreams want someone with who you can share your journey. You are eager to succeed, and having someone who influences you and inspires you to excel is perfect.

You look for someone who can inspire you mentally and physically. You are a passionate individual who loves to surprise your partner and spouse. You are not very emotional in a sense, but you express your emotions through actions.

You are socially active, and you like being a host or hostess. You work your best to gather people together and get along with each other. Being able to unite everyone with a positive universal outlook is lovely.

Sometimes, you lose yourself too much in being too practical. Virgo sun Sagittarius moon wants perfection in any way, so you are keen on details. You would not want anything else but to please your partner, so you do things in a certain way.

No matter how you view your relationship, your partner would be a successful person. Virgo sun Sagittarius moon can be obsessed with neatness, but the good thing is, it is bearable.

You may not be too fond of spontaneity because of your desire for perfection all the time. However, the Sagittarius moon makes you a little more open to looking at the horizon and being adventurous sometimes.

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It would be great to have a partner who can influence you to relax a bit. If you can rest one in a while, you can refresh and reboot to have more energy on your following tasks. It helps you in your eagerness to try new things and be able to jump to them.

As a lover, you are the one in the relationship who is active and ready to go. You always bring variety to keep everything fresh and new. So, having someone who can gladly participate in your plans would be ideal.

Anyone can expect that you are not one of the people who like a domestic life. You dislike any mundane and ordinary activities in your life.

The best match is someone with an open mind, tolerant, and who desires self-improvement for each other. You do not care much about appearance, as long as your lover is passionate in bed.

Long-distance relationships can also work with your personality. You keep close to your heart your lover because they are essential. But they would love to travel thousands of miles together with their loved ones.

Although you are a great partner, it can be a challenge to make you settle down. It is because your primary purpose in life is to roam free and be on an endless search.

In love, your combination has a relaxed approach to relationships and marriage. You love your independence, which gives a hard time for you to decide about lifetime commitments. You may have difficulty letting go or changing your way of life.

You dislike compromise, which could lead to problems being together with someone. You are used to doing things your way, and to make a union and change for them is quite a challenge. You are prone to open-type of relationships where you do not live together with your partner.

Virgo sun Sagittarius moon people like you may say things straight because you want things to be clear between you and your partner. You want to be open. However, you are not the most faithful person.

But when you fall in love with the right person, you change voluntarily. You become devoted to your partners when you found your perfect match.

Having an intelligent partner is ideal because you can have intellectual conversations with each other. You are open-minded, and it makes you attractive when you share your adventures.

You would imagine having a partner who can spend your time doing the things you enjoy, traveling together, and exploring new things to gain more insights and knowledge. It would be great to have a reliable, stable, and organized partner.

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The Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon is a combination of earth and fire elements. You are not as rigid and tense as other Virgo natives. Because you have a freedom-loving attitude, it becomes a barrier for long-term commitments.

You have a problem in committing to one person because you enjoy changes. Different experiences and different people bring you new involvement and knowledge.

But you are likely to have the role of an organizer in the relationship. You are the person-in-charge in making sure you do all duties on time.

Although you are a wonderful person, you might not feel comfortable having the role of a parent. Many of the people with Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon combination choose not to have children. However, when you decide to have children, you make good parents too.

You are a provider that makes sure your kids will have everything they need. You try to inspire them to develop their skills and enrich their personalities.

You teach them to gain more knowledge of different matters or foreign cultures. You enjoy engaging in fun activities with your children.

In general, you are interested in expanding knowledge and enriching wisdom. You are well-read, and you know a lot of information to share with others. You are more easy-going and open compared to other Virgos.

Your rationality makes you take your time in decision-making, although Sagittarius makes you do irrational things. As a result, you may regret doing things you impulsively do without thinking. There will be times your rational Virgo would never do, but Sagittarius would enjoy experiencing.

With regards to finances, you are not as stiff. You enjoy spending money as much as you enjoy saving it. You tend to invest in risky investments that rely on pure luck. But luckily, it turns out to be very profitable.

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