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8 Things You Should Do When a Leo Man Ignores You

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When a bubbly and social Leo male starts to ignore you, there's a heavy reason behind it. It could be that you bruised his ego or have hurt him through your actions or words. There are also instances that he might be losing his interest in you if he ignores you.

If you want to know what you can do to get a Leo man's mood back to normal, you are in the right place. Unravel the eight things you should do when a Leo guy starts to ignore you using our detailed guide below. 

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Reasons that a Leo Man Ignores You

A Leo man will never ignore someone without a valid reason. He is a rational individual that won't take any actions without any solid basis. So, if your Leo guy starts to ignore your existence, you could have done something wrong that hurt him.

You could have done something that he doesn't like or hate. You could've displayed your clinginess or insecurity when you were with him. A Leo dislikes a woman who is clingy to him and doesn't stand her ground.

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He wants his woman to be independent and won't be a threat to his freedom. He wants a woman who is secure in who she is and fights for her own belief. If you are the type who says yes to almost everything he says, he will start losing interest in you.

Although you might see it as a compromise on your side, he sees it as your weakness and a Leo hates that. He wants his woman to be argumentative with him in a good way. A Leo can be so headstrong and he needs a woman that can put him in his place without having any second thoughts.

He loves a woman who has no problem taking the lead when he wants to rest—a woman who can tame the fiery Leo energy. If you're an exciting and aggressive woman, Leo is a perfect partner for you.

When a Leo man starts to ignore you, it's also possible that he has a sudden change of heart. Nonetheless, you don't have to worry much about it as there are things that you can do when your Leo starts to ignore you. It will help you get his mood back to normal and start to talk with you again.

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8 Things You Should Do When a Leo Man Ignores You

#1 Boost his ego

 One thing that you can do when your Leo man ignores you is by boosting his ego. A Leo always loves to become the center of attention and get praises from the people around him. You can tell him how good he is as a person or how good he looks.

Getting a little flirty while boosting his ego will make him feel your affection towards him. If you're new with a Leo man, it's best to know that ignoring you can be part of his tactics to test your affection. He wants to see if you will do anything to get his attention back if he ignores you.

A Leo man loves to test his woman's affection for him, especially if he is in love with her. He wants to know if the feelings are mutual between the two of you. He does this to ensure that he won't be investing his feelings in the wrong person.

Shower him with genuine praises and get a little flirty with him to likely get everything back to normal.

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#2 Make him feel special

Another reason a Leo male starts to ignore you is that he might have problems circulating on his mind. It could be that he can't tell you yet, knowing that you will get worried. If you notice that your happy-go-lucky Leo guy suddenly gets bothered, let him feel that you're with him.

You can try to ask him what's bothering him and if he doesn't want to share it with you yet, just hug him. Sometimes, a hug is more than enough to let him know that you will be there for him, no matter what comes his way. Comfort him and let him feel that he's not alone and he will start to open up again.

#3 Don't wallow in sadness

If a Leo man ignores you, never let him see you sad and depressed. He will likely act more distant if you do so. What you need to do is to live your life to the fullest.

Go out and party with your friends. Travel and do the things that you want and post your pictures on your social media accounts. He will likely stalk your pictures and he will see that you are not stopping the flow of your life just because of him.

He may contact you after he sees that you are happy and content with your life without him.

#4 Talk things out with him

If he finally talks to you, hear his side of the story to know why he ignored you. Although the situation can be upsetting, consider controlling your emotions. Try to be more understanding if you want everything to go back to normal.

Let your Leo man feel that you are trying your best to be patient and understanding with him. Let him explain his side and ask what you can do to help when those moments happen again.

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Tell him that he doesn't need to face everything alone as you are there whenever he needs help. Once he sees that you are open and tells you the things that weigh down on his mind, he will start opening up to you. You will then know why he acted in such a way and what you can do to help him if those times happen again.

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#5 Don't meet his emotions

If you have done wrong with a Leo guy, never insist on apologizing right away, meeting his emotions. He will not likely accept it and will get angrier with you in the process. Let him cool down first before facing him to ask for his forgiveness.

Consider waiting for the time when he will be rational in dealing with the situation.

#6 Exert more efforts

If you're the type, who can't sit still knowing that your Leo man is angry with you, show your apology through actions. You can prepare his breakfast, fold his clothes, and more actions showing that you still care for him. Don't go around telling how pissed off you are and ignore your Leo man.

Know that a Leo man won't be ignoring you without any valid reason. Thus, if he ignores your existence, try to remember what you did and ask for an apology. Show him that you still care for him even if he is ignoring you.

Once he realizes you are exerting more effort to win him back, he will likely be the one who will pursue.

#7 Let him break the silence first

A Leo man in love can't have the heart to ignore the girl he loves for a long time. He will be the one to break the silence once his anger subsided. You can expect a surprise call or a sudden visit to your house with a bouquet of your favorite flower from him.

Understandably, you can be very upset with him because he ignored you. Nonetheless, consider giving him a chance to explain. It's not typical for a Leo to lower his pride and go to you to open up.

So, if he tries to come forward and contact you, try to be considerate and don't ignore him back. His decision to talk to you amidst what happened can be hard for him already, but he chooses to take the risk. Thus, consider giving him a chance to hear him out and decide from there.

#8 Shower him with attention

Leos love it when their partner gives them much attention. It makes them feel appreciated and wanted at the same time. To help you get back your Leo man's attention, shower him with love and care. Show him that you care amidst his nasty behaviors towards you.

Nonetheless, you must also show him that you will not tolerate his behavior forever. If you know that you haven't done anything wrong to him, go hang out with your friends and have fun. Let him see that you have options and you can still be fine without him in your life.

When he sees that you can be fine without him, he may take action if he really loves you.

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