Aries Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Honest or Hostile? -

Aries Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Honest or Hostile?

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There’s no doubt that an Aries and Aquarius couple can work out. With their willingness for greater commitment, they’ll defeat all odds. 

If you’re an Aries man, you like open and honest communication. You believe that this is the foundation of a healthy relationship. 

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You’re someone who doesn’t hesitate to speak your truth. You’re willing to be direct, whatever the costs. 

So when you find an Aquarius woman, you’ll likely commit. You find her attractive in terms of the physical and emotional aspects. 

If you’re an Aquarius woman, you value open communication as well. You’re someone who will always prioritize emotional intelligence.

In this article, you’ll both see if this relationship can work. Find out more about the compatibility of Aries and Aquarius.  

Aries as a Man

You're willing to keep genuine relationships if you're an Aries man. This is because you can't afford to risk short-term flings. 

You're someone who always value open and honest communication. You want your partner to be open with you despite the circumstances.

So, you admire someone who is gentle and has emotional intelligence. You'll likely leave if you find someone immature and nonchalant. 

So when you're with an Aquarius, everything feels light. She speaks your soul, and you're identical. 

This is usually due to the both of you being understanding. Both of you will choose to communicate things instead of ignoring them. 

You find an Aquarius woman comfortable to be with. She's someone you can easily open your soft and weak side. 

So when you have an Aquarius woman, don't let them go. It's indeed rare to find people who can speak your love language.

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But you need to minimize being too pushy and stubborn. Your Aquarius woman doesn't like it when you keep on forcing things. 

You need to be on the same ground as her, so compromise. Both of you must understand each other's differences.

Don't hesitate to call her when everything is falling apart. Know that you deserve someone who completely gets you. 

This isn't necessary in terms of someone memorizing you completely. Be with someone who is willing to figure things out with you.

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As an Aries man, be someone who can protect your woman. Be her anchor and her safe space when she can't handle everything. 

Aquarius as a Woman

As an Aquarius woman, you’re the embodiment of mystery. You’re someone who can be too challenging to read in a good way.

You’re someone who loves to explore different things to avoid boredom. You’re passionate about the things you love. 

This is why you don’t want to give up easily– you’re too resilient. You’re someone who wants to overcome challenges as relevant experiences.

Despite your mysterious side, you don’t want to remain neutral. This is specifically in terms of having political views or ideologies. 

When you believe in something, you’re willing to take a stand with it. It may be long before someone or something can convince you to change your views.

You’re creative and honest once someone knows you. In terms of social groups, you have several, but you keep a few.

This means that you like to keep your trustworthy circle small. Aside from having minimal trust issues, you value long-term connections. 

Someone may think that you’re too intimidating or high-maintenance. You may look like someone challenging to deal with. 

But when someone knows you, you’re the complete opposite. When you love someone, you’re willing to risk it all.

You need to remember that you deserve a healthy love. You deserve a love willing to explore and accept your mysterious side.

Find out if an Aries man is testing you. This is a sign to never give up no matter what.

You need to believe that the right man will come. He’ll remain interested after seeing your ordinary parts and flaws.

Also, make sure that you don’t give too many mixed signals. If you’re sure about someone, let them know about it.


In terms of compatibility, an Aries and Aquarius duo is a good match. You’re both willing to experience the challenges in a relationship. 

The primary reason for compatibility is that you’re both independent. Both of you usually like to manage things on your own. 

This means both of you seldom ask for help from other people. Because both of you know you can handle certain activities. 

Another reason for compatibility is evident emotional intelligence. Both of you love to engage in deep conversations. 

One of you may lay out a deck of cards for relationships. This will require both of you to ask intimate questions. 

Instead of lying and staying skeptical, you’re both honest. Even if a negative question arises, both of you will answer.

But both of you also have different views and interests. The differences only make your relationship stronger and wiser. 

Therefore, compromise and understanding are a priority in this connection. If one wants to do something, the other supports it. 

Both of you are potential counselors for romantic relationships. This is because both of you can articulate thoughts well.

Cracking jokes can keep an Aries man interested. You just need to take some risks.

As an Aries man, it may be difficult to lessen dominance sometimes. You’re someone who usually takes the lead for people. 

But when you’re with an Aquarius woman, you feel light and free. You feel like you don’t need to be masculine all the time.

As an Aquarius woman, you can resist when a healthy relationship manifests. You’re someone who prefers to keep a mysterious figure. 

But you don’t need to put on a mask with an Aries man. You feel free when your partner accepts you wholeheartedly. 

Learn more about the chances of an Aries and Aquarius compatibility. Chances are high, depending on how you'll both handle challenges.


When it comes to communication, Aries and Aquarius are extreme extroverts. Both of you can share different stories all the time. 

As an Aries man, you're usually talkative and easygoing. You manage to interact with a lot of people with confidence. 

This is also the reason why you have different social groups. You like forming new connections and keeping long-term relationships. 

When you're with an Aquarius woman, you can talk non-stop. This is because you know that your woman is willing to listen. 

She's someone who you admire for being attentive and understanding. There's a vast difference between listening and genuinely understanding. 

You can be too pushy when communicating if you're an Aries man. You want people to follow what you want and need. 

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But with an Aquarius woman, you're willing to compromise. You would choose to put her needs first before yours. 

If you're an Aquarius woman, you love listening to people talk. You admire people who speak about their hobbies and big dreams.

You're willing to understand and accept their diversity of views. Even though some ideas may contradict yours, you'll still listen.

But you need to know that someone will do the same for you. Here's a sign that the right person will shred your walls. 

This means that he's willing to hear you talk about your dreams. You don't have to pretend to be someone you're not when you're with them.

So when you meet an Aries man, value open communication. It's nice to have someone who is emotionally intelligent like you.


There’s a probability that this connection can fall apart. When it comes to a breakup, both of you find temporary comfort. 

If you’re an Aries man, you may enter your hook-up face. You may start to entertain multiple people to forget. 

But you’ll soon realize that this setup isn’t for you. So you’ll find the means to get into a new relationship. 

You believe that this is necessary for a new beginning. If you’re done with an Aquarius, you can be totally done. 

At first, a new connection will only be a temporary comfort. You’re willing to get rid of the pain and move on. 

As an Aquarius woman, it will be difficult for you at first. This is also connected to your willingness to meet new people again.

Learn what to do if an Aries man's ignoring you. This can cause an emotional turmoil during the breakup.

You’re willing to get over an Aries man. You may not know where to start, but you’ll get there. 

Instead of engaging in hook-ups, you crave emotional comfort. You want someone to be there while you’re mourning. 

But this can look like a rebound for the new person. So, you need to be sure of your feelings before committing.

The reason for a potential breakup may be due to differences. As an Aries man, you may think your partner is too difficult to read. 

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So you’re willing to let go if things get rough with no progress. If you’re an Aquarius woman, you’ll not settle for less. 


An Aries and Aquarius duo can be intimate in sex. Both of you are willing to compromise to each other's needs. 

The key ingredient for exquisite sex is sensitivity and understanding. Both of you must learn to understand different preferences. 

As an Aries man, you can specifically be dominant all the time. You like to exert power or authority even in sexual activities. 

This is because you like to give your partner an unforgettable moment. You want to make love in a way that can be irreplaceable. 

But you need to understand that it's okay to show submission. It's okay to let go of your walls and submit for pleasure.

As an Aquarius woman, you're willing to engage in intimate sex. You preferably value intimacy over plain pleasure.

So it's safe to say that casual sex isn't for you. Because you like to take care of people, even if it's not romantic. 

Both of you always need to bring sensitivity to sex. Consent and comfort are necessary to have the best experience.

If there's a lack of sensitivity, things may not work out. Both of you need to be more considerate, even in sex.

You're both willing to explore more as an Aries and Aquarius duo. It's always fun to learn new things with the right person.

Both of you have the power to complement each other. Don't forget to give assurance, even if no one's asking. 


As an Aries and Aquarius couple, you possess similar values. You value honesty, independence, and ambition. 

As an Aries man, you’ll never hesitate to be honest. You’re willing to engage in open communication. 

So, you also want your partner to share her flaws with you. In terms of ambition, you’re a certified workaholic or hustler. 

You would always choose to excel in your career. You want to prove to yourself that you’re always capable. 

You can also be independent since you usually look after people. Others see you as being masculine enough to be a protector. 

An Aquarius woman also has the same values. If you’re an Aquarius woman, you’d rather be independent than rely too much. 

This is because you already grew up to look after others. But sometimes, you wonder how it feels when someone takes care of you.

It may be difficult to ask for help, but it’s worth the shot. You don’t have to hide in your mystery closet forever. 

You can also be ambitious by being a certified midnight rain girlie. You’re someone who would instead choose your career over people.

Learn what it means if an Aries man makes eye contact. This may be a sign of similar values lingering.

Nevertheless, you’re still honest when it comes to communication. You’re willing to communicate your imperfections, even if it’s complicated.


Both of you are emotionally intelligent when it comes to communication. This is because you’re both capable of meeting each other’s needs.

As an Aries man, you’ll surely choose to be stubborn at first. You may think that pride will get the best of you. 

But you’ll soon realize that letting go of pride will be worth it. You’ll eventually start to be more considerate of your partner’s feelings. 

If you’re an Aquarius woman, you can choose to be private. This may only occur at first since you’re known for being mysterious.

Both of you need to be genuine when it comes to intentions. It will be a total waste of time to show mixed signals. 

The downside of showing both of your emotions is evident. As an Aries man, you can say direct words that can hurt. 

If you’re an Aquarius woman, you can detach from your emotions. This downside may cause the relationship to fall apart.

So it’s important to always meet in a middle ground. Learn to accept each other’s flaws without judgment. 


The friendship of Aries and Aquarius can work quite well. Both of you may have differences, but it’s worth the bond. 

As an Aries man, you always admire spontaneous activities. You’re willing to explore new things, especially the outside world. 

Since you’re independent, you can choose to explore things alone. Once you experience a worthwhile activity, you’ll teach it to others. 

But there’s nothing wrong with being with a friend. Grab your friend to accompany you for an adventure. 

However, you can also be impulsive when doing activities. This may affect the progress or feelings of your friend. 

Which is why it’s important to be more understanding. Learn to accept that you have different interests than theirs. 

As an Aquarius woman, you value individuality more than anything. You’re willing to make little sacrifices in exchange for freedom. 

You may like to spend time reading books alone. You want to choose to stay in a comfortable place to rest. 

But when you meet an Aries man, you start to value friendships. You’ll realize that someone is willing to know you. 

And not just to know you but to include you in his life. This means taking you to spontaneous activities. 

The good thing about this friendship is harvesting freedom. Both of you choose to live a liberal life without being a nuisance. 

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There’s a strong potential for this connection to enter marriage. Both of you are willing to find the means to live a stable life. 

As an Aries man, you’ll continue to work hard in your career. Your priority will not only focus on work but also love. 

You’re ready to take the next phase in your life. As an Aries, you’re willing to become a good husband and father. 

So you should start changing your bad habits or traits. Try to lessen being dominant and pushy all the time. 

When it comes to marriage, you need to compromise. You need to give way for your person to be comfortable. 

You’re excited to practice open communication if you're an Aquarius woman. You’re willing to communicate better with your husband. 

You’re someone who will teach your kids how to communicate. They’ll be lucky to have parents that aren’t toxic. 

Of course, marriage wouldn’t be possible without challenges. Stick together, whether it may be financial, social, or mental problems.

You’ll both realize you’re each other’s half. So, do everything to keep the relationship alive. 

Shared Activities 

There are several shared activities for an Aries and Aquarius couple. The focus is working on outdoor activities for a physical boost. 

As an Aries, you love taking nature destinations and experiences. You quickly learn new knowledge if you exert physical effort. 

So you want your partner to accompany you in these experiences. You’re thinking of doing activities like running, mountain climbing, and camping. 

You’re someone who is willing to put in more effort for adventure. You can be outgoing and always full of energy. 

If you’re an Aquarius woman, you’re someone who enjoys spontaneous trips. You may want to have an unexpected gateway with your partner. 

Sometimes, you like to stay at home and read books. This allows you to increase your knowledge on different topics. 

If you’re dating an Aries, indoor activities aren’t his thing. But for you, he is willing to read at home for your happiness. 

The good thing about this relationship is both of your willingness. You’re both willing to be more creative by exploring the world. 

Both of you may also engage in intellectual discussions. As an Aries man, you admire your partner’s high philosophical thinking. 

So you can’t help but do better through educating yourself. You want to understand your partner’s favorite topics. 

Start creating a bucket list that will include numerous memories. Both of you share a unique energy that one can’t replace. 

Pros and Cons in The Relationship 

There are several pros and cons for an Aries and Aquarius duo. On the bright side, both of you value honesty and healthy communication. 

Both of you know that these are the ways toward a healthy relationship. That’s why you’re both applying it consistently for familiarity. 

As an Aries man, you value an Aquarius woman for her independence. You admire it when your partner is on your level. 

As an Aquarius woman, you love to hear your Aries man talk. You’d even prefer to listen and understand his ideas for a whole day.

Both of you are also ambitious, despite the difference in careers. Both of you have a strong future plan to succeed. 

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As for the downside of this relationship, communication is also a factor. If you’re an Aries man, your dominant figure may irritate your Aquarius. 

If you’re an Aquarius woman, your Aries man can feel annoyed when you avoid confrontations. 

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