How to keep an Aries man interested: Crack a Joke -

How to keep an Aries man interested: Crack a Joke

If you are looking for an answer on how to keep your Aries man interested in you through text or in your relationship, this is the right place to help you. 

An Aries man loves attention, so you may want to give all your attention to him to keep him interested. You may also try to play hard or give him some challenge, do not chase him, and be confident. 

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Keeping an Aries man interested is not that hard; they don't lose interest quickly, so you don't have to worry. But if it's on the rocky side of your relationship, these tips can help you.

An Aries man can be a little self-centered. Therefore, keeping him interested might be a little complicated. Here are some things to help you keep him interested in you:

What are the things that you should do to make an Aries Man Interested?

Keep him interested through text. 

Text is the easiest way to make him keep interested in you, as you will be fearless compared to the person you will keep hesitating to do it since you will need courage more than you think. 

Since Aries men love attention, you might as well give your full attention to him through text. So, text him “good morning” and “good night” messages. He will surely love it. 

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Aside from “good morning” and “good night,” you can also try asking them “how was your day” or tell them how your day went. You can also try telling them some jokes to keep the conversation alive and exciting. 

A good bond in the text can be carried through in-person conversation as both of you have established a good connection already. Moreover, it will keep him interested in you as he will think there is a more profound connection between you. 

Aries men are known for being self-centered. So, compliment him in the text if you think you can't do it in person. They like getting compliments as it boosts their self-esteem and will surely keep talking to you for that reason.  

It is the easiest way to know them more too since before meeting them, you must know each other first, so text him now.

Texting is the first step, do it now or lose your chance. Trying is better than losing. 

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Be mysterious 

Do not reveal everything to him yet. Make him curious about you. In that way, he will keep his interest unto you. 

Playing mysteriously is the most effective way to make your Aries man interested in you. His curiosity will keep him interested in you; he will surely not be going to leave you if you don't reveal your whole self to him. 

You can tell him a little about you, like your basic information: name, birthday, hobbies. Although, of course, he will lose interest if he doesn't know anything about you, you can say a little secret that will make him keep thinking about you and will want to ask you more. 

Make him know you by himself. Then, let him do the work. They like to keep things mysterious so they can find them themselves. 

You don't have to reveal everything, but give him clues. Aries men love the thrill of getting to know you and enjoy the rewarding feeling. 

He will keep his interest in you if they have something to get thrilled at. 

Have fun 

They love fun and adventures, and they are known for being carefree. So go on a date in an amusement park, and make memories with him there. 

Always initiate the plan-making. Aries men love the concept of surprise and thrill. Do not let him know your plans for your dates. Instead, let his curiosity get high. 

Although it is good to plan by yourself, you can also suggest that he go to an amusement park. He will like the rides there, especially if it's some fascinating and the type of ride that your soul will leave your body. 

Making him super excited will surely make him always remember you. It will make him upkeep his enjoyment in you. So, make it the most memorable day so that he will not forget about you. 

It doesn't always have to be outside activities; you do activities inside your house. For example, you can watch movies at home, do baking, or cook; if you both enjoy it, do it.

Go now and ask him already! 

Crack a joke 

Make him laugh. Getting into a man's heart is not always about making his dish but also about making him laugh.

Flaunt that sense of humor that you have. Telling an Aries man jokes will be a massive turn-on to him. Aries men enjoy the moment of laughing. It not only lifts the mood of the atmosphere but also gives positive vibes. 

You can ask someone for a joke or look it up on the internet. But here are some jokes that you can try: “why did the photo go to jail?” “It was framed” or “What kind of jewelry do rabbits wear?” “14 carrots”.  

If you want him to laugh at your jokes, do not tell him it was a joke. If you tell him you will say a joke, he will expect it to be funny, so the sense of a mark will be expected already. 

Never let him think you are about to joke, do it randomly so it will be funnier. Another tip is to do it in a severe and curious tone, do not laugh at your jokes. 

Silence and a severe tone will make it funnier. 

Like in the saying, never let them know your next move. 

Words of affirmation 

An Aries man likes to be complimented because they feel more loved in that way. Their love language is words of affirmation. Praise him from his looks to his actions and decisions. 

You can make him feel appreciated by remembering things he likes and trying to buy him food. Tell him you place him in a specific something like in a movie. 

You can try telling him, “I always remember you in this movie as it is your favorite,” or “This song reminds me of you, just like the song's meaning, you are loved.” Words can quickly move Aries man; their love language is words of affirmation. 

Words significantly impact Aries men; they feel more appreciated and loved. Try telling him, “I'm so lucky to have you” those words will be stuck in his mind, and he will never forget them. 

Constant reassurance will affect your relationship with your Aries man. But it is a positive effect, do not worry! 

If you want to keep him interested, reassuring your Aries man is the key. 

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Give him attention  

Aries men like attention, so you better give your Aries man your full attention when he's talking.  

Please pay attention to him whenever he is telling a story; this will make him feel you are interested in him. In a conversation, try to ask him a question about the topic he is saying. In that way, he will know you are paying attention to him. 

When he tries to initiate a conversation, he always complies with it. It means he is interested in you. Do not try to neglect him, and it will make him lose all of his interest in you. 

Aries men can be warm when it comes to the girl they like but can be cold too if they feel neglected. So constantly give attention to your Aries guy since it is their way of making you feel loved. 

Although Aries men want too much attention, they still give him some personal space. They also do not like when someone is too clingy to them. 

Do not demand too much of your time; you can have personal space and will not quickly lose interest. 

Be yourself 

No one wants someone that is too fake. So be natural, and do you. 

Everyone has their unique way of making someone interested in them. You do not have to fake yourself, your personality, or your lifestyle to keep someone interested. 

Aries men like someone they think is cute in their way, not the one that is faking it. You do not realize it, but you are adorable in your way. 

It might look awkward if you keep pretending to be someone you are not. It is pretty unhealthy to create a persona for an Aries man.

Make yourself look neat, and try to pick up the cutest dress you have in your closet. Then, you can try things to make you look proper and cute.

You do not have to worry about not looking fine. Your Aries man is interested in you and will always find you cute whatever you do. 

Be yourself, and you got it! 

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Be supportive 

Support his decision, and take his side. They like when you accept his side and agree with their sentiments.

An Aries man is the type of man that doesn't like it when you try to oppose their opinion. So always try to support his decision even though it opposes yours. They do not like the thought of their opinion getting neglected. 

If you want to disagree with him, try to explain your side and make him understand the point you are saying. Do it gently, and not like you are trying to pick a fight with him. 

Opposing one's opinion does not mean you are arguing with them. It doesn't have to be that always. Even though you disagree with him, make him feel like you are on the same side still, and mind your tone and attitude when explaining. 

Aries men understand when it comes to disagreeing opinions, but be gentle when doing it. But always try to understand his side too, and support his decision-making. 

Aries men are careful in decision making, and if they tell you their decision, they are sure about it already. Therefore, you do not have to worry about Aries men making decisions because they know what they are doing. 

Chill out, be understanding, and support you, Aries man. 

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