Ascension Symptoms That You Really Need to Know! -

Ascension Symptoms That You Really Need to Know!

Before we start talking about Ascension, we must know the concept of Light Quotient or LQ. We are very familiar with Intelligence Quotient or IQ. You might have heard of EQ too, or Emotional Quotient. Well, there is another quotient” that is equally relevant.

Light Quotient or LQ is the amount of light that a persons body can house or absorb. Although there are no proven ways to test or measure our LQ, some signs that a person has a high LQ include the following:

  • You seek for truth. While some are busy trying to please other people, you are occupied with self-contemplation. You are continuously getting to know yourself and the world. You believe that there is a lot more to this matrix, and you are eager to find whats beyond it.
  • You have pure intentions for whatever you do. You know that people have different beliefs and principles, and you respect that. You always see the good in people and give the wronged ones the benefit of the doubt.
  • You can control your emotions. This takes a lot of skills to do. Even at stormy seas, you manage to stay calm and stay in tune. You deal with loneliness very well.
  • You deal with materialism like a pro. This does not mean that you do not appreciate the nice things in life. You do. Its just that you can see what is useful and not. You do not let material things define who you are.

People with these characteristics do not mean they are the only ones who can ascend. We can also build our LQ up like that of our IQ and EQ. It is essential to know that building your LQ means you can house or absorb more light into your body down to your cells.

Light is a crucial attribute of Spirit. That is why we call people who have anchored light to their consciousness as enlightened ones. And light quotient is salient in the Path of Initiation.

Initiation simply means an expansion of consciousness. The higher your level of expansion is, the more expanded your consciousness will be. This path of initiation is intimately connected with the Path of Ascension. This concept is important to keep in mind so you can understand the content of this article better.

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Now on to the heart of this article…

What Is Ascension?

Ascension is a major shift in consciousness. This can happen collectively or individually. Both will be discussed as you read further. During the Ascension process, we raise our vibrations in order to captivate more light into our bodies. There is an awakening process where we release the things that no longer serve us.

Ascension feels like youre stepping into a completely different realm. You might be very confused about what is happening right now. It feels like you are undergoing some sort of an identity crisis, and you do not have any idea of what is going on. The fact that you stumbled upon this article means that you are questioning everything already, and you are seeking answers.

There are a lot of misconceptions of Ascension, though. Some may think of it as a chance” to do good to save themselves from a catastrophe. Some places may have been undergoing a collective ascension these times, and many people may interpret it as a warning from the end of the world. And just to make things clear, Ascension is nowhere of these things.

The Phases of Ascension

The Trigger

Many people starting in the Path of Ascension may have experienced a life-altering event that led them to find a way to escape reality. It may be a death of a loved one, a divorce, a breakup, or a diagnosis of an illness. Most people undergo these life-changing crises as triggers to Ascension.

The Release

We have touched on the topic of LQ earlier and learned that it is how much light a person can house. Now, in order for you to absorb light, you should release some sort of density from your body.

This density may include your karma, trauma, and fear. These things must be released in order for new light to enter your body. This is essentially a cleaning process that goes down into your cells to take on more light.

The LQ Increase

The more you clean, the more light comes in. This is basically what happens in the third phase of Ascension. This is a way to get you ready to embrace a new reality. This new reality is an entirely different one. This is a reality of more love, more unity, and more positivity. Basically, a reality that most people cannot properly imagine.

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Some Major Ascension Symptoms

As you might have read earlier, Ascension can happen individually and collectively. They will be discussed separately in this article. Lets start with the individual symptoms.

A. Individual Ascension


When you sit and observe your surroundings, you may feel like there is an urge to disassociate yourself from it. You start to see the systems of the old paradigm while being aware of the new one. You are realizing that there is a lot of injustice in this matrix, and you feel a growing dissonance from it.

Disconnection happens because your energy system is unplugging from the energy grid you are used to. Eventually, it will plug into a new one. With this, you may lose a lot of friends that may no longer serve you.


During your Ascension phase, you may feel exhausted a lot of times. You may feel like you are physically, emotionally, and mentally drained because of this paradigm shift. This can be due to the powerful emissions of the sun coming into you. But these are actually positive frequencies that help you lessen the density of your physical bodies.

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You may also feel weary because you are disconnecting from the current realm. Letting go of relationships, friends, and old habits can be draining and frightening at the same time. When you are an empath, you can experience even greater exhaustion.


A massive shift is happening in your life, so it is expected that the situation will confuse you. You tend to have a hard time deciding for yourself. You might feel like you are not grounded in your usual self.

Disorientation may cause you to feel like you’re floating between your old identity and a new one that is about to come in. You can also feel how uncomfortable you are now in the world. At times, you feel like you are lost in the world.

Physical Issues

The most obvious signs that you experience are some physical issues. The two organ systems that are the most impacted are the nervous system and the immune system. The nervous system is the mediator of the physical and metaphysical worlds. Hence, it becomes more sensitive when it translates the quantum world into the metaphysical world.

The immune system is also heavily impacted because of how our body has to undergo purging. This system, as usual, has to do so much work in order for us to remain healthy and balanced.

Some physical issues that you might be experiencing include:

  • Difficulty in breathing – Because your heart is taking in a greater capacity for life, you may experience sporadic shortness of breath. You can manage this by practicing deep breathing.
  • Sore neck and shoulders – If you are new to learning about Ascension and spirituality, you might have a hard time accepting new information. With this, you may experience stiffness in the neck and shoulders.
  • Upper back pain – During Ascension, you open up your etheric wings. This can cause tightness in the upper back area or in between your shoulder blades.
  • Lower back pain – Your time for Ascension may not the same time as others. And so, you may feel like no one understands and supports you. With this, you can manifest lower back issues.
  • Increased sneezing – This happens because you are slowly opening your third eye that is located near the sinuses. You may be experiencing sneezing fits and your nose itchy.
  • Sore muscles and joints – The release phase of Ascension allows old and toxic energy to go out of your cells. This can cause soreness in the muscles and joints.
  • Inflamed or irritated eyes – As your third eye develops, inner sight expands, and telepathy grows, your eyes can be affected. These events can cause blurry eyes, sore eyes, or eye ticks.
  • Heart palpitations – Heart chakra expansion happens when you undergo Ascension. This is due to the fact that the heart chakra engulfs the rest of the chakras. As a result, it can impact your physical heart. Some say they can feel their heart.
  • Headaches – Because you are tapping into a new reality, your brain creates new neural pathways. 

B. Collective Ascension


During a collective ascension, people that are part of this collective can undergo Shadow Work. When put simply, Shadow Work basically means exploring our negative issues then acknowledging and befriending them. And so, a collective may be unstable during these times since Shadow Work is not an easy job. It allows us to live authentically and discover our life purpose. 


We have discussed how being confused is one of the symptoms of Ascension. It causes polarization in the collective. Polarization has to do with our tendency to categorize people or things. Consciously or unconsciously, we tend to judge and create divisions.

These symptoms may be very draining. And so, if you do not know how to manage them, you can have a really hard time. The next part of this article gives you tips and tricks on how to work with Ascension. It will show you how to manage your symptoms somehow.

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How to Work with Ascension?


Grounding can also be called an earthing.” This is a technique that will electrically help you reconnect to the Earth. This involves different activities done literally on the ground.

We can consider Earth as a huge battery containing electrical charges. Like how we charge our phones, grounding helps us recharge ourselves. Here are some of the different types of grounding you may consider doing:

  • Walking barefoot – Walking barefoot on the ground helps absorb negative charge from the Earth to our body. This enables us to make connections with the Earths energies.
  • Drumming – This activity is considered the oldest form of meditation. This allows you to ground yourself at the moment firmly.
  • Meditating – There are a lot of ways to meditate. All of them require you to focus on breathing and release all fears and doubts with each breath.
  • Using your voice – Repeatedly say a mantra, chant, or a positive affirmation. 

  Heart Work

Since your heart chakra plays a significant role in your path of Ascension, it is crucial to practice one or some of the following:

  • HoOponopono – This is a Hawaiian prayer that works best with people who struggle with forgiveness. To put it simply, HoOponopono means cause things to move back in balance”. Saying this prayer repeatedly is a powerful way to cleanse the body of bad feelings and negative thoughts.

This prayer consists of 4 steps: (1) Repentance – Say Im Sorry”; (2) Ask Forgiveness – Say Please Forgive Me”; (3) Give Thanks – Say Thank You”; and 

(4) Love – Say I Love You”.

  • Heart Coherence Meditation – This meditation allows your brain to synchronize with your hearts coherent rhythm. This will enable us to cultivate appreciation and compassion within ourselves. You can practice this meditation by breathing five to six times per minute. You can also bring appreciation and compassion into your awareness. 
  • Compassion Meditation – This is a meditation that strengthens feelings of concern for the suffering of others. There are different ways to do it depending on whom you want your compassion to strengthen. They differ in the chants to be recited. If you are interested in practicing Compassion Meditation, you can look it up on the Center for Healthy Minds or CHM website.
  • Heart-Centered Meditation – The symptoms cause a lot of confusion, frustration, and stress in your head. With heart-centered meditation, you get to escape from your mind and focus on your heart. This meditation allows you to open yourself to a greater sense of love and compassion. This incorporates heart-focused breathing and inquiry.

Take Care of You

With everything going on, your body can easily be exhausted. It is important to know how to take care of it during these times. Below are some tips that you can consider doing.

  • Treat your body with respect. We can easily judge ourselves when we look at the mirror. Most of us tend to think of our bodies as too skinny or too fat. But the truth of the matter is, our body does a lot for us, and we should respect and thank it.

Respecting your body is sleeping when youre tired, eating when youre hungry, drinking when youre thirsty, and exercising when you feel like it. It is about knowing the limits of your body and treating it with kindness and love.

  • Detox your body, your emotions, and your environment. It is important to know that you do not just take a job to pay rent and buy things that you do not need when you ascend. You realize how free you are and how you can manifest anything and everything you desire.

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Detoxing is cleaning old habits and beliefs. This requires a lot of discipline to do the work. Detoxing can also be done in your environment. This can be done by assessing relationships and cutting off toxic people. This may be your friends, family members, co-workers, or other people.

  • Raise your vibrations. You can raise your vibrations by watching what you eat. You should be eating a healthy and well-balanced meal every time. This does not necessarily mean that you need to eat vegetables and fruits purely. You do not want to restrict yourself from eating meat if you are on a regular diet. However, it is advisable to stay away from meat as much as possible.

Another way to raise your vibration is to do something that you love. If you like singing, sing. If you like painting, paint. It is essential to keep doing the things you 

love because this shows that you allow yourself to enjoy.

  • Learn to do things on your own. Allow yourself to enjoy the moment without the company of friends. Find out how you can enjoy your own company. This will allow you to connect with spirit guides. Realize that you are responsible to fill your own cup first before you fill the cup of others. 

There are a lot of scientifically proven benefits of isolating yourself from the crowd. 

One is, it increases your empathy. We, as humans, have the tendency to categorize people and things. And if you belong to a certain group, there will be a “we are better than you” mentality towards other friend groups. Without the presence of your friend group, however, you will become more passionate towards the people around you.

Being around people also kills productivity. In order to avoid this, learn to work independently. Creativity and productivity flow better when you are in your element. You tend to perform better when you have privacy.

Have you ever thought of planning your life and where you want to go? We are too busy planning outfits for events, or where we want to go on the weekends. But have we sat down and plant out our life for the next 10 years? It is important to live in the moment but thinking about your goals and reflecting on your progress and changes you made are equally relevant. And being alone gives us this opportunity.

We can look at ourselves as mosaics of the influences of other people. But sometimes we do not realize that. Being alone gives you the opportunity to learn things about yourself. One way to get to know yourself is to identify the people that influenced the habits you have. 

Discover where you stand on certain social and ethical issues. Discover what your principles and beliefs are. Prepare to be amazed at yourself. You are interesting enough to get to know yourself!

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