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What Really is a Karmic Relationship? (Everything you need to know!)

Have you ever been with a person who you felt insanely and passionately attracted to even though it is toxic? Do you feel like you are repeating this cycle over and over, but you think there is still a deep connection towards that person?

Oftentimes, we meet one or more karmic partners prior to meeting a soulmate or a twin flame. We can even continue to connect with a karmic partner even if we have already met our soulmates or twin flames. It is still possible to be drawn to one or more karmic relationships even if you are already with a soulmate or twin flame.

It can really be confusing if you have already been through several karmic relationships, and you have fully healed your karma and are now connecting with your twin flame. Sometimes, there is still karma and energies left from your karmic relationships.

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To add to this, there could be a situation wherein you have fully healed from these karmic relationships, but your twin flame is still not. It is important to know what karmic relationships really are and how they work to get over these feelings and thoughts.

What is a Karmic Relationship?

The truth is we all have karmic relationships, and they are all very difficult. A karmic relationship is the type of relationship that seems like it is bound to happen that is against your better judgment and may seem like it is against all your reservations. You find yourself entering into something that does not necessarily make sense, and sometimes they are not romantic relationships.

A karmic relationship is a soul agreement in that two persons will meet to learn lessons from each other. It can be a romantic partner, a parent, a sibling, a friend, a co-worker, or even a child. When these two people connect, it is an opportunity to evolve some part of your nature, and it is also a way to improve ourselves.

You need to realize that these karmic relationships should be encountered, including all the conflicts and bad experiences. This is because eventually when you reach a point that you realize that you do not want to do it anymore, you will have a lot of life lessons that you have garnered in order to be the best version of yourself.

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Signatures of a Karmic Relationship

Some signatures of a karmic relationship may include questions like “Why am I still in this type of relationship even if I know that it is not worth it anymore?”, “Why am I still staying even if it is clear that the relationship is very toxic already?” and “Why is this relationship so difficult, but I still can’t let go of this person?”

You are asking these questions because you have lessons you need to learn from each other. It is as if you are each other’s teachers because you always have the opportunity to learn something.

 The thing wasn’t really awful at first, and it may even feel like you are in this soulmate relationship. However, things are changing in time, and you realize that this relationship is definitely not meant to last forever.

Purposes of a Karmic Relationship

In a nutshell, the purpose of a karmic relationship is to break the cycles of bad behavior and heal the traumas from past lifetimes. Some people believe that these relationships are agreements between two souls to help each other grow once they start living in this lifetime.

A karmic relationship is the complete opposite of a soulmate and a twin flame relationship because, in this type of relationship, it always feels like something is not right. You always feel good and happy in the soulmate or twin flame relationship, and there is balance.

The thing that is the most important to know is that a karmic relationship is something that your soul has chosen to learn this particular lesson to be the best version of yourself. The pain you will experience in the karmic relationship is short-term and intense, and it will eventually develop your soul.

It is also important to know that your soul may be one that provides a karmic experience for others, and you may be unaware of it. This just goes to show how sometimes we learn the lesson, but sometimes we give it.

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Ending a Karmic Relationship

The thing is a relationship is the energy you share with someone, and it is not about the person. It is actually about the dynamic with that person and ending this dynamic means that you have to let go and separate from that person. When you finally learned the lessons you need to learn, you will be equally compelled to get out.

We stay in karmic relationships because we get complaisant, insecure, and we even rationalize about staying with that person too far in. But when the moment comes that you are not learning anymore, it does become unbearable.

It feels like a massive self-betrayal to stay, and it may become very messy. You need to keep in mind that it is changing the dynamics, and we need to eventually let go of that.

With karmic relationships, we need to be incredibly patient because these are deep, profoundly demanding lessons and are destined to happen. It will only drive you crazy to make logical sense of your karmic relationships, and you need to approach them from different standpoints.

You need to undergo some self-assessment and ask yourself what you have learned from that certain relationship. You need to know whether or not you like what you had become when you finally got out of this relationship.

Read the following part of this article to know if you are in a Karmic Relationship.

Some Signs that You Are in a Karmic Relationship

  1. If you have prolonged fights with your partner, it is most probably because you are only in a karmic relationship with that person. If your partner continuously insults you when you are in a fight, you are in an unhealthy relationship, and it is not definitely something that you need to hold on to.
  2. You always blame each other if something bad happens or something did not go as planned. You both are always pointing out why you are not good for each other. Not only is this toxic, but it is also very self-degrading that will surely ruin yourself if you do not manage your emotions well.
  3. There is co-dependency in this relationship, and it seems like your happiness depends on your partner. Sometimes, it seems like the only thing that matters to you is your love life, and it can be very alarming on so many different levels.
  4. You and your partner bring out your worst fears and nightmares. If you have a fear of loss, your partner will let you feel this even more.
  5. You are in frequent silent treatment that makes your relationship very unhealthy. This is definitely something that is not very pleasing to the feeling because who wants the silent treatment?
  6. You both are too protective and critical of each other, and although it may seem like a sweet gesture at first, it is definitely a sign of a healthy relationship. This trait can be a little suffocating for both of you, which will lead to many insecurities and trust issues.
  7. There is a roller coaster of emotions by feeling a pattern of happiness one day but misery the next. It feels like if you get into one small argument, it feels like the world will be ending.
  8. The relationship is one-sided, and sometimes this can lead to a person being self-serving and the other one doing everything to keep their partner happy.

Now that you have identified that you are in a karmic relationship, what will you do now?

Leave as soon as possible if ever you are in a physically, mentally, or emotionally abusive situation. It is important to seek help from a professional therapist, a friend, or family members.

Even if this karmic relationship is not abusive, it is best to identify what lessons this relationship is trying to teach you. If you feel this relationship is starting to not serve your soul anymore, you can start making your exit plan.

Can Karmic Relationships Turn into Soulmates?

Yes, if both parties are willing to do all of the soul work that needs to be done. Karmic relationships are soulmate bonds that form a past life, and so a karmic relationship in this life can become a soulmate connection in the long run. In order to do this, both of the parties should focus on burning off karma in their lives.

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