Dealing With Twin Flame Rejection: Ways To Handle It -

Dealing With Twin Flame Rejection: Ways To Handle It

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A lot of articles about twin flames that are floating around are assuming that twin flames get together after the searching stage. However, not a lot of articles tackle the situation where one of the twin flames outright rejects the other party. That’s understandable because it might even beg the question that is it even possible for one twin flame to reject their other half?

The reality is that it happens, and it has already happened. It might even have happened to you. If it did, then this article is dedicated to you. If it didn’t, well, congratulations, you have dodged a rare bullet. Or have you?

In this article, you can find ways to handle twin flame rejection as well as other possible scenarios for twin flame rejection.

Can your twin flame reject you?

There are no two twin flame journeys that are the same. There are twin flame journeys that end up in true twin flame union, and there are twin flame journeys that are over before they even begin. That situation happens when your twin flame rejects you right away after meeting each other. Yes, your twin flame can reject you, and wow, it feels awful.

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However, does that rejection always end up in failure to reach true twin flame union? The answer is no, it doesn’t always mean failure. There are a lot of reasons as to why your twin flame would reject you on your first meeting, and you will learn it in the next subtopic.

Back to the question in the intro: did you really dodge a bullet by not getting rejected in your first meeting? The answer is yes, you dodged a bullet, but you’re not out of the woods yet. That means you may not have been rejected then and there, but rejection doesn’t only happen at the beginning of the journey.

What does rejection mean? In layman's terms, if someone rejects another, they are pushing them away. Pushing away sounds familiar to avid readers of twin flame articles. That’s because if you push someone away, you create separation between you and that person. That’s right, you can still get rejected by your twin flame when they initiate the twin flame separation stage.

That means rejection can happen to you even if you’re past the awakening stage of the twin flame journey. This is when you and your twin flame have already met up the first time and even accepted each other as partners. If your twin flame finds reasons to push you away or to run away from you, thereby causing separation, then that means they’ve rejected you.

Rejection doesn’t always happen in the first stage of the twin flame journey. It can also happen even to twin flame partners who have already been together for quite a time. As long as you and your twin flame haven’t reached the true twin flame union yet, there will always be a possibility for you to be rejected by your twin flame.

Twin flame separation stage

To those uninformed, here is what the twin flame separation stage is. It is a stage in the twin flame journey where the twin flames physically distance themselves from each other. It means that they will halt the relationship for a while, with the possibility of continuing it or completely shutting it down.

The twin flame separation stage has two main performers: the runner twin flame and the chaser twin flame. It is the runner twin flame that initiates the twin flame separation stage and thus is the one rejecting the chaser twin flame. Of course, that means that the chaser twin flame is the rejected twin flame, and the one who stays in the relationship until the runner twin flame comes running back. This categorization is still applicable even if the twin flames never really got into a relationship, as the runner twin flame is still the one who rejected and the chaser twin flame is still the one who got rejected.

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Why would your twin flame reject you?

First things first, you should know that your relationship is not like any other relationship out there. When you talk about intense, there are a lot of words that come into your mind. Just think of twin flame relationships as something equal to the top ten most intense things you have on top of your mind. That’s how intense twin flame relationships are.

Taking that point into consideration, your twin flame relationship is going to be full of intense moments. If you’ve been into your twin flame relationship, you know that that statement is a fact. Just remember the first time you’ve met your twin flame or the first time you’ve touched or kissed. Your emotions just got ultra-charged there, much more charged than the supercharged emotions you’ve ever had in your life.

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Even if you haven’t experienced your twin flame relationship before you got rejected, remember the feeling you had when you first met your twin flame. That should give you enough of an answer to tell you how supercharged your emotions were and how intense a twin flame relationship is. If the starting point is already that intense, how much more intense will the other stages of the relationship be?

With all that in mind, you shouldn’t wonder why there are runner twin flames. Listed below are some of the reasons why they run.


With all the intensity that a twin flame relationship bears, it is not surprising that some of the twin flames become overwhelmed with the sheer intensity of the relationship. They get scared of the intense emotions that come to them once they meet you, especially if they’re already dating someone, or even worse, married to someone else. With the culture that the world has right now and the weight that marriage is given, it’s no surprise that if they’re given intense emotions, they’re going to run.

This is true even for twin flames who have already been together, and it’s probably even more relevant to them. Twin flames who are already in a relationship will keep getting bombarded with the same intense emotions that are given during the awakening stage, and it gets even more intense as the journey goes on. It’s no surprise that runner twin flames run after getting shocked so many times in their soul with that kind of intensity.

For the runner twin flames, they run from the overwhelming intensity so that they have the time and space to recoup. They want to be ready for the next time they face those intense emotions, and so they run. That’s why the twin flame separation stage ends when the runner twin flame becomes ready to handle the next step in the twin flame journey.

Flustered by the negatives

Twin flames are very unique pairs in the sense that they are very similar to each other. Instead of soulmates who usually follow the more scientific rule of electromagnetism where opposites attract, the rule followed by twin flames is that similar people attract each other. However, there are times when that rule backfires on them because that would mean that similar people would have similar weaknesses.

Both twin flames would have similar personalities. That’s why if you are a hot-headed twin flame, it’s only a matter of time before your relationship with your twin flame implodes. You also have to factor in the intensity of the relationship between twin flames. It would be like trying to douse a forest fire with an infinite well of octane fuel.

The example above is why it’s no wonder that one or both of the twin flames will distance themselves from each other. They need to have the time and the space to work on their tempers or any other negative traits that they have. If they can’t work on those, they know they’re going to have a rough time.

Working on karmic bonds

Everyone has their own story to tell. They’ve been living for a while in this world now. They have their own experiences, like how they handled that big business deal that would massively help their company, or perhaps how they treated that old man down the lane, begging for alms. People have a lot of experiences that come with them before they get into the twin flame journey.

Those experiences and choices carry with them karmic bonds, and they require you to fulfill those bonds before you can move on with your next step. Your twin flame may have to fulfill some of those bonds before he/she becomes ready to enter into a twin flame journey with you, and they may need to fulfill it before the actual twin flame journey.

However, what makes everything more complicated is that this our body is just a vessel and our souls have lived and reincarnated for many lifetimes. They have existed for a long time, and they have been in a constant cycle. There have been souls whose lives were cut short before they were able to fulfill those karmic bonds. Perhaps the Universe wants the karmic bonds that were unfulfilled from the previous life to be fulfilled in the current life. That’s why you and your twin flame still can’t be together because those bonds have to be fulfilled.

If you try to push through with the relationship, you’ll find out that it’ll be very difficult for you and your twin flame to continue with your twin flame journey. It might even prevent you two from ever getting true twin flame union.

How to handle twin flame rejection?

Rejection always sucks if you are the one being rejected. Sometimes, it will outright capsize the ship that you are sailing with your twin flame with. It’s difficult, and you have every right to express the emotions that you are feeling.

You should look for a safe place where you won’t hurt yourself but at the same time, it should be somewhere that you can express yourself. Once you do, pour out as much of the anguish that you feel. If you feel like you haven’t poured out as much as you think is needed to make you feel like you can make sound judgment again, pause for a while and come back when you can. Then you repeat the process. Once you’re done with that step, you get some rest.

You then think about what went wrong in the relationship. Or if you haven’t been into a relationship with your twin flame and got outright rejected, try asking yourself what could’ve gone wrong. You can try to introspect and look for reasons why you got rejected, outside of the ones listed in the subsection above. Try looking for weaknesses that you can fix, or maybe something you can improve.

Once you find those things, proceed to work on your improvement. The unquestioned number one answer from many different sources in dealing with rejection and the twin flame separation stage is working on self-improvement. That’s not a surprise, because once you work on yourself, you also work on your twin flame relationship. The main reason why twin flame separation stages happen is that both twin flames aren’t ready.

So if you become ready, the twin flame separation stage would get closer to ending. It won’t end immediately because your twin flame might not be ready themselves. But at the very least, you’ll be able to welcome them back to the fold if you’re ready. Even if they’re not coming back, at the very least you’re ready to enter another stage in your life or even be happy with another relationship.

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