Twin Flame Tantric Telepathy: More about Twin Flame Tantra -

Twin Flame Tantric Telepathy: More about Twin Flame Tantra

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What is Tantra?

In Sanskrit, the term “tantra” means “woven together.” It is an Indian practice dated more than 5,000 years ago.

It is a practice that brings together spirituality and sexuality. Others believe that it is about sexual pleasure, but it’s not.

It is more about the importance of intimacy during sexual experience. It is celebrating your body with heightened sensations and a state of mindfulness.

It can be experienced alone or with a partner. For twin flames, tantra can also be a sacred practice of healing your partner.

One of the goals of the twin flame journey is to connect with your Higher self. Moreover, the alignment of your chakras helps you balance your energy together.

As twin flames, what brings you closer is your self-mastery. Once you learn more about yourself and you love yourself more, you can love your twin flame better.

Tantra is about a deep understanding of the twin flame's unconditional love for each other. Through unconditional love, you can experience an extraordinarily energetic and spiritual connection.

It is through the Source or the Divine energy. As a result, you can experience and distinguish sensuality and sexuality from the mere sex act.

It is a philosophy based on life energy, which also involves total acceptance of life and being. When you practice it, you increase your physical potential.

It is the result of entirely accepting all your sensations, emotions, and desires. You feel and allow yourself to experience without denial or negative connotations.

As we learn to integrate the values of tantra, we can experience sexuality in a healthier way. You let go of any moral judgment, anxiety, fears, blame, or guilt about how we should experience such things.

You start to open up to these things and look at them as enriching rather than destructive. These could be the underlying reasons behind sexual problems.

With the help of tantra practices, sexual problems could disappear. One expert says that you must forget what society and various religions have taught you.

Forget everything that you have heard about sex; instead, focus on yourself. Commit to yourself totally by delving into yourself meditatively.

There are myths about tantric sex which others may not be aware of. There are many tantric techniques that anyone can do to increase sexual energy.

Some believe that tantric should be wild and without control of one’s body. However, it is completely the opposite and focuses on the spiritual aspect.

You can do techniques in yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation. It allows you to open up to new sensations, both mental and spiritual.

As mentioned, a misconception circulating is you need a partner to do it. Although twin flame couples can practice it together, you can do it individually.

In reality, the tantra experience doesn't require genital contact or sexual intercourse. Although it can enhance the experience, the main goal is not about orgasm or climax.

It doesn't have to be circus-like positions or strenuous poses. It is more on being close with your partner, which both of you are comfortable with.

You practice tantra to feel more connected to yourself, your mind, and your body. The overall goal is about freeing your soul and expanding your consciousness.

You and your partner can move freely or touch each other. You decide together how you move best.

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What is tantric telepathy?

As one of the twin flame spiritual gifts, tantric telepathy is integrating yourself and your twin flame even when you are not physically together. Telepathy is one of the twin flames' abilities, thanks to their soul connection.

What you focus on is the pleasure and connection through unconditional love. It is sacred for twin flames because it is the extension of their love for their counterpart.

The practice of Twin Flame Tantra telepathy is healing and connecting with one's Higher Self. It is a sacred practice that allows us to connect with our own Divine Self and our other half.

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Twin flame connection helps us to heal and release old patterns that no longer serve us. It opens up opportunities for us to learn and discover more about the world.

The purpose of Twin Flame Tantra is to reconnect the human soul with its divine twin. It is to heal the separation that has occurred between the masculine and feminine aspects of our being.

The goal is to experience your highest potential, which is found in the center of your being. You will experience the highest form of love and the deepest connection with your twin flame.

It allows you to deepen and strengthen your twin flame connection. It can aid in healing any old wounds, past lives, and old energy patterns that have been holding you back.

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How to practice tantra?

It is a way of life that explores the principles of masculine and feminine energy integration. It aims to arrive at psychological and spiritual maturity.

Tantra can be practiced using many techniques:

Meditation gives a sense of peace and balance, which is beneficial for your well-being. It benefits your emotional, mental, spiritual, and overall health.

Repetition of mantras is using or creating sounds to focus your mind on something bigger than yourself. The sounds and vibrations pave the way to deeper self-awareness.

Ritual practice is conforming to rites, sacraments, or social practices. They are sacred and customary ways of celebrating your religion or culture.

Visualization is the practice of seeing and imagining what you want to achieve. The visualization process directs your subconscious to be aware of the end goal you set your mind to.

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Yoga supports the healing process by being more centeredness and less distressed. It improves overall health through strength, balance, and flexibility.

 These techniques awaken our senses and stimulate our minds and body. We sometimes tend to fight our desires because of shame, guilt, or shame.

More likely, we assume that if we cut off our desires, it will prevent us from suffering. On the other hand, this is the opposite of what Tantra teaches.

Tantra tells us that we shouldn't fight for what we desire. It is essential to understand that our desires become our allies in our movement, action, and life.

It is vital to understand human nature and what our impulses are.

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What are the attitudes you can promote in tantric telepathy?

You free yourself from mental limitations to be able to experience pleasures fully. It is indulging in our inner desires and diving into our senses without judgment or beliefs.

When you let go of restrictions from religious, social, and moral domains, you free yourself. You become more open-minded and open-attitude with respect to sexuality.

Since you and your twin flame are sending messages through telepathy, you can enjoy it longer. You can prolong pleasure and maintain the sensation of orgasm.

It continuously connects with your twin flame and experiences ecstasy. You are giving each other total attention.

Tantric telepathy teaches us to enjoy our senses without physical presence. It increases your twin flame experience in bodily and spiritual love.

As you practice meditation regularly, it would be easier to do tantric telepathy. It contributes to the profound love you share with each other.

The erotic connection can still be produced through our five senses. It still implies the totality of your being.

As your twin flame journey continues, you achieve a better knowledge of yourself. It increases your conscience and decreases your fears.

The Twin Flame Tantra practice is about the sacred union of the two souls. More likely, it is aligned with the purpose of uniting the two bodies, hearts, minds, and spirits.

The Twin Flame Tantra is a powerful spiritual practice that is rooted in the teachings of the great mystics.

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What are the main benefits of practicing twin flame tantra?

Once you understand what is twin flame tantra is, you realize the importance of divine masculine and feminine flow. It is an integration of the yin and yang energies into my personality.

As you become aware of yourself better, you will have more love and balance in other relationships. You begin to see your with, which empowers you to improve.

You gain confidence in loving yourself and your twin flame. As a result, you can fulfill the purpose of your soul and in your twin flame journey.

When you become aware of your desires, you already have a deep connection with yourself. You recognize the natural flow of your body, mind, and spirit.

Your deep connection not only to yourself but also to the energetic fields surrounding you. The connection is within you and the Universe.

It is also a tool for transforming yourselves as you near the twin flame union. Your twin flame tantra allows you to liberate yourself from illusions and old programming.

Tantra allows you to focus on illumination, love, abundance, and heart desires. As a result, it manifests better in your reality and with your twin flame.

It also leads to spiritual growth through our sexual energy. When the two of you meet, you may have an incredible indescribable experience.

You can sense the essence of your spirit and the exchange of your energy. The moment of expansion is the time you lose all your inhibitions.

You begin to savor freedom and cherish the unique connection even more. Your love for each other in a twin flame connection gets tied up.

Being together physically or not, you learn to be completely in the moment with your partner. It can be called “distant tantra” for some people.

It resonates with the foundational energies of the Universe, and even if the world changes, you can practice it. The modern world may change, but your connection stands against time.

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