Male Twin Flame Feelings: Everything about the Masculine Twin! -

Male Twin Flame Feelings: Everything about the Masculine Twin!

In twin flame relationships, there will always be a divine masculine and a divine feminine. That statement is always true. However, what’s not always true is that a divine masculine is always biologically male.

There are times when the divine masculine is biologically female, and the divine feminine is biologically male. The instances when twin flame biological nature is opposite to their divine nature are scarce, but the fact is that they exist.

Having said that, what is a divine masculine? How would they be differentiated from a divine feminine? How do you know that his/her divine nature is that of a divine masculine? What do divine masculine individuals feel? This article will answer all of those questions and more, so keep on reading, ladies and gents.

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What Is the Divine Masculine?

The divine masculine is the manifestation of the traits that are ideal to the spiritual male. The loftiest spiritual ideals of masculinity are manifested through the beliefs, thoughts, and actions.

However, as said earlier, the divine masculine in the twin flame relationship may not be biologically male. The vast majority of those who manifest the divine masculine is also masculine, but females can also embody the divine masculine.

There are aspects and traits of the divine masculine that are present in every person. For example, the divine masculine is supposed to exhibit logic and rationality, but both of those traits are present in everyone. Even if they’re not always shown due to various circumstances, everyone can demonstrate logic and rationality.

Divine masculinity is good, but sometimes there’s too much masculinity that it sometimes overpowers inherent divine feminine traits and creates an imbalanced personality.

For example, it’s good to be logical and rational, but there are times when a person forgoes emotion to make the most logical and rational decisions. It creates an imbalanced personality, turning a person into a cold being with a low emotional quotient.

A person should be balanced, whether or not he/she is the embodiment of the divine masculine or the divine feminine. There should be a good balance between reason and emotion, of strength and gentleness.

One should be reasonable but must also consider their emotions as well as of others. A balanced person is strong to the point of confidence but not to the point of arrogance.

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Listed below are traits of the divine masculine, some of which can be a universal human trait.

  • Logical

The spiritual ideal of a male is for them to be logical. Their thought processes allow them to calculate the best possible situation through the facts presented to them. They follow the logic gates and arrive at the conclusion that is appropriate for the circumstances. Logic is different from rationality, and the next topic will explain their difference.

  • Rational

People often mix up logic and rationality. Although both of them make use of the human mind, they’re two different things. Whereas logic is making use of the facts presented to conclude (hence where we get the term logical conclusion), rationality is making use of any circumstance to create reasoning. Sounds complicated? Look up the example in the next paragraph to understand things better.

Suppose you see someone holding a bloodied butcher’s knife right next to a human corpse in a slaughterhouse. If you’re a rational human being, the first thing you can think of is that that person holding the knife killed someone.

However, logic would say that there is a possibility that the knife is there because the person is a butcher. It is also possible that the blood is from some of the animals in the slaughterhouse.

Logic needs to go with rationality, but sometimes you have to balance both of them with emotions. However, the divine masculine is rational; that’s why you have gals saying that guys don’t have feelings. It’s not true, but that’s what they observed, probably due to the divine masculine’s nature that the guys did not balance.

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  • Loyal

Loyalty is treasured in any kind of relationship, be it romantic, spiritual, or anything else. The divine masculine is the embodiment of loyalty; however, even women can have this trait.

Again, just because a trait is attributed to the divine masculine doesn’t mean that that trait is exclusive to guys. Some traits can be present in everyone, and there are quite a number of guys and gals that are not loyal.

Still, the divine masculine embodies loyalty. You can unlock such a trait the further you go on with your spiritual journey, especially when you are in a twin flame relationship.

  • Adventurous

The divine masculine embodies the trait of being adventurous. It doesn’t mean that the divine masculine ideal wants guys to always go out on adventures with friends and leave their partners at home. If you look up adventurous in the dictionary, it is defined as the adjective for people willing to take risks and try something new. They’re people who innovate and are full of excitement in their lives.

The divine masculine makes things exciting and not dull. Of course, you shouldn’t get things twisted and think that women can’t make things exciting. Gals can do it too.

  • Strong

The most mainstream definition of men is that they are physically stronger than women. Biologically, that’s true, no matter how much women deny it. However, physical strength isn’t the only metric for the divine masculine.

The divine masculine must have inner strength in terms of the firmness of their decision. They have to stick with what they decided to believe in and act according to their chosen choices.

Additionally, the divine masculine must be strong in terms of grit. They have to have the will to survive any incoming problems. To unleash those strengths, they need to have another kind of inner strength, and that is confidence in themselves to be able to say they’re right and do it if they have to.

Of course, the divine masculine ideal is that they have to be firm but not stubborn. The divine masculine has to know and accept when they’re mistaken so that they can correct their way before it’s too late. Additionally, they have to be confident but not arrogant so that they can even see their mistakes. There’s a fine line between those compared traits, and the divine masculine ideal is to tread these fine lines and come up with the perfect result.

Comparison to the Divine Feminine

The divine feminine is the embodiment of traits that are different but are not necessarily opposed to those of the divine masculine. The divine masculine is logical, rational, loyal, adventurous, and strong. On the other hand, the divine feminine is emotional, intuitive, nurturing, flexible, and expressive.

Everyone has traits that are of the divine masculine and the divine feminine, and the only thing that people have to do is balance things out or make some of those traits stand out. That’s why there are guys who exhibit the traits of the divine feminine and gals who exhibit the divine masculine traits.

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Why Do Most Twin Flame Guys Run First?

The question above is one of the things that most girls hurl at guys when the comment section of one of the articles regarding twin flames becomes a heated discussion, especially about the twin flame separation stage.

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However, in most of the testimonies regarding the twin flame separation stage, it is undeniable that more guys initiate the twin flame separation stage than the gals. There are some reasons for that, ranging from biological/spiritual to actual thought processes from guys.

First, men are more active with the left hemisphere of their brains and are thus more inclined to the analytical and logical processes of the brain. On the other hand, women are more active with the right hemisphere of their brains, which are associated with emotions and spirituality. Because women are more spiritual biologically than men, they tend to stay in the relationship as the chaser twin flame.

The second and third reasons are condensed because they’re related. One reason why guys run from the relationship is that he’s trying to run away from himself. Remember that twin flames are like mirror images of one another, and because he sees himself in his twin flame, he’s trying to run away from his shame and guilt due to his weaknesses.

Additionally, the third reason is that the guy's twin flame wants to run away from his twin flame so that the latter will not be hurt further because of his weaknesses. He’s trying to protect their twin flame from himself. However, the gal twin flame isn’t going to understand that right away unless they communicate it themselves. This process creates misunderstanding and pain for both parties.

What Do Twin Flame Guys Feel During the Twin Flame Separation Stage?

If girls have it hard during the twin flame separation stage, don’t think that you are alone in that. Guys have it rough for them too. Always remember that you two twin flames come from a single soul and have a special spiritual bond that nothing’s ever going to break. If you’re feeling hurt, your twin flame is also feeling hurt.

However, the guy twin flame is not going to say that to you outright. Guys usually have their hearts closed. They don’t share what they’re truly feeling. You can attribute a lot of the blame for that kind of personality to society. Even from a young age, guys are taught that crying is for girls, so they refrain from showing signs that they are hurt.

That’s why when you ask them what’s wrong, their answer is usually nothing. Guys can’t easily open up their hearts because that’s how they’ve grown up. That’s what society has fed them all their lives. They feel lonely and confused because they can’t share what they’re feeling, and even if there’s someone with whom they can share it, they don’t know how because they’re not used to it.

As the gal twin flame, you have to be patient and understanding, especially when the guy twin flame gets all stubborn. Gently remind them that you’re there and that you’re open to any kind of communication, no matter how awkward it is for the guys to share what’s inside their hearts.

The twin flame journey is also a journey of finding the balance between the divine masculine and the divine feminine in oneself. It is a journey of finding the preferred balance by the twin flames and not just a single party of the relationship. If you can find balance, you’re one step closer to ending the twin flame separation stage.

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