Gemini Man Just Wants to Be Friends: Hidden Agenda! -

Gemini Man Just Wants to Be Friends: Hidden Agenda!

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Have you tried dating a Gemini man? Is he being friendly, or does he like you?

There are several reasons why Gemini man just wants to be friends with you. It could be because he is not ready to be in a relationship, or he is not ready to lose your friendship. 

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Is dating easy? Have you ever thought of thinking of someone to be romantically inclined with you?

It is not easy to remain friends with someone you have dated for quite some time. Likewise, being friends with someone you love is a hard one.

But being stuck in a friend zone is the last thing anyone would want. So, the friend zone was only here so you could feel better about yourself. 

If a Gemini man is not interested in a relationship with you, it does not mean he stays friends with you because he has no choice. He has his reasons. 

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You just have to know the signs of why he only wants you to stay as his friend. In that manner, you will quickly move on and value your friendship even more. 

A Gemini man can be just as flirty and charming as a girl. Of course, these characteristics can cause misunderstandings, but looking for these indicators will help you realize that he only wants to be friends.

Here are the reasons why Gemini man just wants to be friends with you:

  1. He is not sure about your feelings towards him. 

A Gemini man is a notorious sign of all the zodiac signs. So, he might think that you are the one who is not interested in a relationship. 

So instead of taking your relationship to the next level, he will just hide his feelings and save your friendship. It may seem the best way to protect your friendship, even if his mind asks for more. 

It is not easy to hold your emotions while being just friends with someone you have a crush on. So, you just have to input it in your head that a Gemini man is holding his emotions, and so you are. 

  1. He gets along with women and enjoys their company. 

Because a Gemini man spends his time with you a lot, he might think that you are appealing. For him, dating will just be a waste of time.

He prefers to have a small group of close female friends around him. He thinks you can be reliable when he needs advice and a companion who is not romantically involved with anyone else. 

He will just spend his time with his female friends rather than enjoy the company of his male friends. It indicates that he just wants to be friends with you and has no intention of being romantically attached to you. 

It is difficult to tell whether a Gemini man wants to be friends with you or not. But if you pay attention, you will eventually know his intention.

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  1. He is very active and impulsive.

A Gemini man usually has plenty of friends, and he always wants to have a new one. But he should be careful about who they get involved with romantically. 

A Gemini man does not enjoy a romantic relationship if he has no freedom and you are controlling. But when it comes to feelings, he becomes scared and insecure. 

He may be fears commitment, or he may have trauma from his past relationship. On the other hand, he may have seen you as a romantic partner but will not take risks. Maybe it's time to say goodbye to a Gemini man.

  1. He is very self-conscious.

A Gemini man is usually intelligent, but he can sometimes be insecure. So, if he notices something about you that he does not understand, he will be afraid and leave.

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  1. A Gemini man is very realistic and self-aware. 

A Gemini man is actually very good at being aware of the things around him. However, he can be a little bit cold and calculating regarding his feelings. 

It is one of his flaws when it comes to relationships. He will leave before anything happens if they detect something undesirable in you.

Meanwhile, several solid indicators could let you know why a Gemini man doesn't seek anything more than friends:

  1. Instead of girls his age, he spends much of his time with other guys.
  2. Never did he ask you for a date.
  1. He will not hold your hand and kiss your lips.
  1. When you try to arrange something, he always has an explanation.

Signs a Gemini just wants to be friends

It could be confusing why a Gemini man wants to be friends with you. So here are the clear different signs that he just only wants to be friends with you:

  1. He does not make any moves. 

You might have your long-term Gemini friend and are still confused about your status. If he does not make any moves, then it means that he is not into you and is done with you

A Gemini man is a physical being. In other words, he is actually not interested in anything more than friendship. 

Therefore, if he has not contacted you, he likely wants to avoid engaging in a romantic or sexual connection with you.

  1. He has plenty of female friends. 

A Gemini man loves to be around girls. So, he gets along with his female friends rather than male. 

If he is around many girls, it means that he is not yet ready for a relationship. So, the friendlier he is to you, the more likely he does not feel romantic involvement with you.

  1. He talks about another woman all the time. 

A Gemini man loves talking about the opposite sex. But you will know he only wants to be friends with you if he talks on and on about the qualities of another woman he likes.

He has a hard time contemplating his thoughts and deciding what he wants. One of the ways to figure it out is to talk about them. 

If he continues to talk about another girl around you, you might wonder if he is trying to figure out his feeling for you or if he is making you jealous. 

  1. He does not display jealousy when you talk about other men. 

If a Gemini does not show jealousy, it is a vital sign that he never wants anything rather than to be a friend with you. 

A Gemini man is exceptionally open. But if he shows jealousy, it could signify that he is into you. 

  1. He does not flirt with you. 

He does not flirt with you, which is the following sign that a Gemini man only wants to be your buddy.

He might try to engage you in conversation and enquire about your life, but he is unlikely to make revolutionary advances toward you. He might even come out as a little shy.

However, it would be best not to mistake timidity for indifference. They are two separate things; most likely, none will result in a romantic relationship.

  1. He does not get close to you physically. 

If a Gemini man does not get close to you physically, it indicates he does not want any romantic relationship with you. But on the other hand, he is friendly, energetic, and fun.

He probably prefers to keep things “safe” and “friendly.” This is why he never gets close to you physically. 

  1. When he treats you like a bro.

If a Gemini man does not treat you like a woman, it is because he only wants to be friends with you. However, many astrologers agree that a Gemini man can be friends with you since he enjoys the companionship that friendship brings.

  1. You always hang out in a group.

If a Gemini man always hangs out with you in a group, he does not want to be your particular person. So, if he brings around his friends when you are hanging out, it is probably because he plans to be just friends with you.

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  1. He ignores your appearance. 

A Gemini man is only interested in being just friends with you if he is not paying much attention to your appearance. He does not care about how you look and what you wear. 

A Gemini man compliments appearance if he likes someone or is romantically involved.

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