How to Keep a Sagittarius Man Interested: Be His Friend  -

How to Keep a Sagittarius Man Interested: Be His Friend 

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So, you like this Sagittarius man and want to know how to keep him interested, huh? Well, there are many ways to keep a Sagittarius man interested.

To make and keep a Sagittarius man interested, you first need to establish a strong friendship with him, always have fun together, be committed and happy, always go with him, and be passionate in the bedroom.

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What are the things that you should do to make a Sagittarius man interested in you?

Establish a strong friendship with him

The first thing that you need to do to make and keep him interested in you is to build a friendship first. It will be a good start and will create a strong bond between the two of you.

Aside from having a solid bond, it is known that a Sagittarius man will make more likely to fall in love with their girl's best friends.

And if you have successfully been friending with your Sagittarius man, the next thing you need to do is to be yourself in the friendship.

Do and enjoy things with your Sagittarius man, be an active, carefree person, and make sure that he will enjoy your company.

Engage in a good conversation

Aside from being playful and carefree while in the friendship, it would also help if you would engage with a good and deep conversation with him.

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If you do not know, Sagittarius men are curious, they would always want to know about things, and they need a lot of intellectual stimulation.

And what you can do about that is to share new ideas with him, and give some opinions about the things he is interested in the most.

One thing you should remember when you are talking to a Sagittarius man is to be an open-minded woman and not be a passive listener.

If you successfully do this step, he will be more interested in you and can make him feel that he wants to know you more or to talk to you.

Do not be clingy

Most men from different zodiac signs do not want their women to be clingy, and Sagittarius men are not exempted from that.

If you are in a relationship with a Sagittarius man, even if you are married, you must remember that they need their freedom.

And that means you will give him enough space to do the things they love and understand that he might go on a solo trip and may not respond for some days.

If that happens, you need to distance yourself and avoid spamming him with calls and texts because if you do, he might put distance between you.

It is better to keep yourself busy and trust your Sagittarius man.

Go and join him

Another thing that you can do to keep your Sagittarius man interested in you is by joining him with the things that he wants to do.

Please show interest in what he wants to do and sometimes join with him.

You may think he will not like it, but I suppose you might be wrong. He may not say it, but your Sagittarius man would be happy to know that you want to come with him.

Be passionate in the bedroom

If you and your Sagittarius man are in another level of relationship, and you are doing some things inside your bedroom, this would help you.

As you know, a Sagittarius man loves everything about sex, and they have a healthy sexual appetite. As a result, they are beasts in bed and love every single part of it.

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And since they are a steamy lover, they are looking for someone who can do the same thing for them, and that is what you need to do.

If you want to blow his mind during sexual intercourse, you must be open and willing to try new things with him.

Trust your Sagittarius man when it comes to sexual intercourse, go with the flow, explore things to seduce him in the bedroom, and let him bring out the animal in you.

Be kind

We cannot deny that a pretty face would always catch everyone's attention, but still, personality will play a significant role in it.

And as you know, a Sagittarius man would always choose a woman whose kind and unselfish. So he is attracted to the woman with a big heart and always thinks about others.

You do not have to be pressured if you want to be a kind person. You are not obligated to donate your money to every charity.

Just be kind enough to others, do not judge them quickly, and do not look down on them. Also, be friendly to animals.

And in that way, your Sagittarius man will drown to you.

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How to know if a Sagittarius man is interested in you?

You might also want to know if there are signs that can tell whether a Sagittarius man is interested in you.

And these are some tips you can use to see if they like you or are inquisitive.

He wants to take you out on his adventures.

You may know by now that Sagittarius men love adventure. Therefore, they always want to go places and do some activities.

And one thing you could notice if he likes you is if he takes you out on adventures. 

It may mean something special if he always includes you in these activities. This could mean more than him being touchy with you.

He wants to learn new things with you and from you.

As mentioned above, Sagittarius men are curious and always love learning new things. Therefore, Sagittarius men are always seeking knowledge.

And one thing that can tell if they are interested in you is when they want to learn those new things from you.

He finds a way to be with you.

Generally, people would always want to be with the person they want and always find ways to be with them.

And a Sagittarius man will do the same. So he can and will find ways for you to be together. 

However, in this part, you need to calm yourself, as this was only an indication that he is interested in you, and he is not in the position that he wants a relationship yet.

This is his way of getting to know you more: what are your hobbies, likes, dislikes, personality, and anything about you?

He will stop what he is doing while talking to you.

Another thing that you could tell if he likes you is if he stops anything he is doing to talk to you. This means that he is giving you his full attention.

You can also notice that even if you are not talking, and if he sees you across the room, he will stop what he is doing to look at you and smile.

And whenever he sees you, he will always greet you and talk to you, even if your last conversation was just hours ago.

It is because he is interested in you and wants to know all the details about you.

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How to know if your Sagittarius man is no longer interested in you?

Now, you might also be wondering about the things your Sagittarius man would do if he is no longer interested in you.

And here are some tips that could help you distinguish.

But first, if you notice that he is doing most of the things mentioned here, do not be discouraged, instead, go back and read the things that you could do to make him interested again.

He will respond slowly to your texts and calls.

The first thing you can notice when a Sagittarius man is no longer interested is when he starts to respond to your texts and calls slowly.

Of course, it is expected that people might get busy sometimes and may take time to respond to you, but if he constantly does this, then he is not interested.

Especially if he is not being sorry about his slow replies.

He won't notice you and your feelings anymore.

As mentioned above, a Sagittarius man would always want to know things about you and give you his full attention.

If he starts to lose interest in you, he will be too busy to know how you are feeling or what you did for that day.

He would not be able to notice anything new about you since he would stop giving you his attention.

He will avoid you.

Of course, one of the significant signs that he is no longer interested is when he starts to avoid you and no longer wants to do things with you.

You may notice that he will do everything to be far away from you. He might also ghost you.

When you are together and looking at him, you may notice that he will also avoid eye contact with you.

Which is when a Sagittarius man likes or is interested in you. He would always want to look in your eyes.

And if that happens, you may think of a way how you can make him interested again, but do not appear as desperate.

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He will not include you in his travels, activities, and adventures.

Opposite to what was mentioned above, if he loses interest in you, he would not want to be with you and will not invite you to his adventures.

If the two of you used to do activities together, and suddenly he stops inviting you to those activities, it is a clear sign that he is no longer interested.

Even if you insist on the travel, and you choose a place where he wants to go, and still declines you? Then yes, he is also avoiding you.

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