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8 Things That You Should Do to Make A Cancer Man Miss You

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Is your Cancer guy not texting you more often like he used to? Make him miss you using our detailed guide below!

Cancers can be difficult to understand sometimes. They don't open up that easily and can go incognito without you knowing the reason why. Thus, it's always best to know his character to understand him and use it for your leverage.

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In dealing with a Cancer man, you will need lots of patience. When he has mood swings, he will not tell you the reason behind it. He will be silent and will not talk to you. This attitude can be very disappointing but don't whine about it to him or he will flee from you.

You need to understand that he needs both affection and space. Though it can be hard to find the balance you need to keep a harmonious relationship with a Cancer guy, you have to. You need to give it all your best if you want to keep him.

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Giving him the space he needs and showering him with affection will help him realize that it's you whom he needs.

So, without much further ado, let's dive right into the eight things that can help you make a Cancer guy miss you.

8 Things that You Should Do to Make a Cancer Man Miss You

Making a Cancer guy miss you can be challenging, especially if he is not in the mood to talk to anybody. As you already know, he is not fond of sharing the reasons behind his mood swings. He can be very secretive, which can hurt your feelings as a lover or a life partner.

Nonetheless, don't take it the hard way, as it's part of his Cancer nature. He will only share what he wants you to know, so you better not force him to tell you anything. He will likely get pissed off if you kept on pestering him.

Thus, consider giving him the space he needs to clear out his head and do the eight things below to make him miss you.

1. Give Him Your Full Attention

If you're together with a Cancer man, one of the best things to make him miss you is by giving him your full attention. He is a sucker for attention in the special people of his life, especially his woman. Thus, when you're with him, ensure not to be busy with your phone or he will think that you’re not interested in him.

Cancers are very sensitive in nature. If they notice that they don't have your full attention, they will likely get hurt and withdraw. So, if you're with a  cancer guy, give him all your attention, like listen to what he has to say and respond well.

Responding well to his conversations will ensure that you are really listening to him. He wants a woman that can give him the attention and affection he needs. Understanding him well is also one of the most significant factors that will make him miss you.

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So, keep in mind that you need to be understanding and affectionate with your Cancer man. Be also considerate towards his feelings and make him feel that you are always there for him. Once he realizes all that you've done for him, he will miss you like crazy, especially when you two are apart.

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2. Reaching Out to Him First

If he hasn't contacted you for a while, reaching out to him first is your best option. Either you two had some disagreements or you don't know the reason why he's not contacting you, text him first. Be honest and open about your feelings.

You don't have to worry about getting rejected if you reach out to him first when he's not in the mood to talk. Cancers are sensitive and empathetic, so your Cancer man will understand your feelings. It will only make him miss you more, especially if you two had a great bond together.

Nonetheless, if he asked you for some time alone without any communication, give him the time he needs. Although he wants to cut communication for a while, you can still drop a short message for him. Text him that you miss him and you will wait for the time when he's ready to come back.

Seeing that you are very understanding in his situation can make him feel better and even miss you. It will also help him clear his clouded mind faster and return to you with a better state of mind.

3. Make Him Feel Nostalgic

One way to ensure a Cancer man misses you is by making him feel nostalgic. If you two are apart, you can text him and remind him of what you were doing while you are still at the same place. Remind him of the sweet and fun memories while you two were together and it will likely play on his active mind.

Making him remember what you both did before will appeal to his memory, making him miss you even more.

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4. Never Ignore Him

If your Cancer man is ignoring you, never ignore him back. Know that he is going through something that needs your deep understanding. Although he won't tell the reason and will not talk to you, just let him be.

Giving him the space he needs will help him realize his actions towards you. Nonetheless, never resort to ignoring him back as it will make him feel bad. Yes, it can be so unfair, but if you want to keep your Cancer man and make him miss you, you need to compromise.

So, it's best to consider being considerate, affectionate, and understanding towards him. Once he realizes his actions, he will likely ask for forgiveness and try to make it up to you.

5. Send a Sweet Photo of You

Are you apart by distance? If so, sending him a sweet photo of you can be a great idea. A Cancer man is also a visual man, but he's not into nude photos. So, consider sending him a photo that's not lewd but can make him think more of you.

You can send him a photo of you wearing a two-piece swimsuit or a picture of you in your bed with your lingerie. These photos can make him miss you and wish to spend personal time with you.

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6. Don't Play Mind Games.

If you want a Cancer guy to miss you, playing mind games with him will make you lose him. Trying to make him jealous by hanging out with other men during his absence will only make him move on. He will take it like it's all over between you two and won't even try to come back.

You have to know that people under the Cancer sign are very sensitive, so you have to be considerate. Although it can be unfair that you're doing all the work during your man's mood change, it will be worth it. Once he comes back, he will ensure that he will make up for those times he is inconsiderate of your feelings.

A Cancer man isn't blind to what you are going through with him. It's just that he needs time to clear things on his mind. When he comes back, he will likely be thankful for your sacrifices and will ensure to shower you with his love.

7. Show Him Your Nurturing Side

If you want to make him miss you during your absence, ensure that you have shown him your nurturing side. Let him feel and see your love and care for him and he will likely miss you so much when you two are apart.

When you're with him, you can do simple things that make him feel special. You can cook him his food, attend to his other needs and be sweet to him. It will help him feel more comfortable and content around you, making him want to spend time with you even more.

8. Make Your Home Clean and Comfy

Cancer men like to stay at home. They love the feeling of comfort, contentment, and security a home provides. Thus, consider making your home comfy and clean, making it ready for the visit of your Cancer guy.

He will appreciate it when he is comfortable with his visit. You can also prepare his favorite food and watch movies together in the comfort of your own home. Ensure that he will have fun moments with you and he will likely even miss you more when you are apart.

Cancer men love deeply, so your Cancer man is most likely still in love with you. Do not miss the chance to get the moon in your sky back by following the advices found in Cancer Man Secrets.

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