How to Manifest a Celebrity: Meet your Celebrity Crush!! -

How to Manifest a Celebrity: Meet your Celebrity Crush!!

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There will be a time in life when you will develop a crush on someone famous, someone you think you'll never meet in person, but have you ever thought of manifesting in meeting them?

You can manifest your celebrity crush using the law of attraction. You can manifest by going to one of their concerts, as the law of attraction knows no boundaries, you only need to focus on what you desire and that is meeting a celebrity.

You may be crushing on someone famous, such as Doja Cat, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, Or a member of a group such as BTS, EXO, etc.

Maybe you want them to meet in person, take pictures, or wave at them, and sometimes you may think that because they are so popular, you don't have any chance of meeting them.

The law of attraction knows no boundaries. You can manifest anything, including money, Love life, your celebrity crush, or even your dream partner.

According to the law of attraction, you will attract things, people, and situations that you focus on, the things that are related to your thoughts, beliefs, and energies.

So, to successfully manifest meeting your celebrity crush, you need to shift your focus on meeting them.

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Align your thoughts, beliefs, and energy to your desires.

After working on aligning things with your desires, you need to establish a strong faith and believe in yourself and the universe.

What are the steps in manifesting your celebrity crush?

Be clear on what you want and why do you want it

Write down the things you want to manifest in a journal notebook. In this step, you have to be very specific in describing.

Since you manifest a specific person, you need to write their name, age, and birthdate and describe their physical features.

Aside from that, write the things you want to happen, where you want to meet them, and how you want to meet them.

It is essential to include those things so that your manifestations will be detailed and precise. In that case, you can avoid giving mixed signals to the universe.

Reminder: it is much better to manifest one person at a time, or one boy group, as you can have more focus on them.

After that, list the reasons for your manifestations. It would be best to have a meaningful and robust reason as it will become a reminder to keep ongoing.

Manifestation is a process, and in manifesting a specific person, it usually takes weeks to months before it comes to your reality, and it still depends on your energy and beliefs.

And having a solid and inspiring reason would help a lot to avoid giving up on your manifestations. 

Aside from that, your reasons will identify whether your manifestation will attract positive or negative energy, as this is where the outcome will depend.

If your manifestations attract negative energy and your reason is filled with negative emotion, then you cannot expect that your manifestations will work.

It will only give you a negative experience, making you feel frustrated about it.

But if your manifestations are attracting positive energy, then your manifestations will come into your reality.

Visualize that you are meeting your celebrity crush

This is the essential part of manifesting, as visualization will significantly impact making your manifestations come into your reality.

You may not know it, but your thoughts are the one who creates your reality.

This part will be easy for you if you are used to visualizing yourself with your celebrity crush, as most people love to imagine things with the person they adore.

In a quiet room, relax your mind and body, and meditate if needed. Take deep breaths.

Visualize that after waiting for so long, you have already met them and are having fun with your co-fans.

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Imagine every single moment that you wrote in your journal notebook. Create a solid mental picture of your visualization.

If yes, then feel the emotion you felt, live with it for a moment, and play with it. Enjoy the feelings that you felt while visualizing.

In manifesting, the energy you are putting out is the same energy that the universe will give you.

The more you are optimistic about your manifestation, the better the outcome will be.

Continue to visualize anytime you want. You may add details and emotions as you visualize.

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Eliminate limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are the thoughts that make you feel doubt about the manifestation. This could also cause negative thoughts and can make you feel down.

In manifesting, you need to surround yourself with positive energies so that you will attract positive energy.

Limiting beliefs usually come from traumas, experiences, and judgment from other people close to you. 

Some of the examples of limiting beliefs are:

“I don't think I will be able to meet my celebrity crush.”

“I feel like I am just wasting time manifesting.”

“I don't think my manifestations will not work.”

“I don't deserve meeting them.”

“They live far away, and there's no way I am meeting them.”

These limiting beliefs should be eliminated before or while you are manifesting. 

You can try to acknowledge them one by one to know what these are and where they come from. And as you acknowledge them, you will start to observe that all of those beliefs are not true.

Recite positive affirmation

Another way to get rid of limiting beliefs is to recite a positive affirmation, as it replaces the negative energies with the positive ones.

This could also boost your self-confidence, which makes your vibration high. 

Some examples of positive affirmations are:

“Anything is possible.”

“My manifestations are working.”

“I will meet my celebrity crush.”

“I am ready to meet my celebrity crush.”

“Things will work in my favor.”

You can also search for other affirmations online, or if you want, you can make an affirmation. It would help if you recited an affirmation related to your current situation.

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You can recite this affirmation every morning, and you can also try to write it in your journal notebook. In this way, you can start your day with a positive mindset.

You can also recite some affirmation if your mind is filled with negative thoughts, as this affirmation counteracts the negative thoughts in your mind.

Let go of the outcome and let the universe lead the way

The last part of manifesting is letting go of the outcome and trusting that the universe will give you your desires.

Sometimes, people hold on to the outcome, which leads to obsession and frustrations. You need to know that to get your manifestations, it would be best if you let go of it.

Allow the universe to lead you on your manifestations, and avoid obsessing over it.

So, trust the universe and let go of the outcome of your manifestations.

It is said that the universe will give you what you want at the right time. Sometimes it comes to you when you are not expecting it the most.

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Focus on yourself

While waiting for the outcome, the best thing you can do is focus on making yourself happy and enjoying your own company.

It may sound cliché, but your manifestations will come faster if you focus on yourself. 

So, take care of yourself, and do the things that will make you happy.

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