How to Manifest your Crush: Make Them Like You Back! -

How to Manifest your Crush: Make Them Like You Back!

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Do you have someone on your mind that you like? Did you ever wish someone to like you back? Do you have a crush, and you want to manifest him?

You can manifest your crush through the law of attraction, as the law of attraction knows no boundaries, you only need to align your thoughts, beliefs, and energies with your manifestation to make it work.

Everyone has been there, the intense feeling of heavily liking someone, that even though you are not talking, you still feel these feelings for them.

They can make your day happy with a single stare or simple interactions.

One person that could make you feel butterflies in the stomach, the one that can make you stutter, and that person that when you see, you will be like, “wow, I like this person.”

Sometimes because you like a particular person, you hope that someday they will notice you, that they will look at you the way you look at them.

And that you imagine things that you could do with your crush even though they do not know you personally or that you are not close to each other.

Guess what? You can turn these imaginations and hopes into your reality. You need to learn the art of manifestations.

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Manifesting love is a simple thing that you only need to trust the universe that one day they will give you your perfect match.

However, manifesting your crush, your dream partner, or any specific person is different. As each people are entitled to free will.

This means that your manifestations cannot overpower other people's free will regardless if your manifestations are made consciously or subconsciously.

But that does not make your manifestations impossible. You have to do some hard work to influence their free will.

And by using the law of attraction in manifesting, you can manifest your crush to like you back.

The primary key to manifestation is feeling the energy of what you want to happen. The universe will give back what you are putting out to them.

It would help if you gave out positive energies in manifesting and those negative energies and emotions do not surround you.

Your manifestations will most likely become your reality if you have a high vibrational energy and the energies you put out are positive.

What are The Steps in Manifesting Your Crush?

Clarify what you want and why you want to manifest your crush

The first thing you need to do is to know what you want, and since you are manifesting your crush, you have to describe them and, if you want, write their characteristics in a journal.

Write their full name, age, height, and anything that will describe the physical features of your crush. And then write what qualities your crush has that you like the most.

You have to be specific in this step, as you need to avoid giving mixed signals to the universe. If that happens, the universe may send something that may not be favorable on your side.

After you describe your crush, you have to be clear about why you want to manifest him.

This part will have a significant role in manifesting anything, including your crush. This will determine whether your manifestations are attracting negative or positive energy.

If you manifest with negative reasons such as loneliness, envy, and jealousy, you have to stop manifesting. 

Manifesting with this kind of reason will only give out negative energies, and your manifestations will not come into your reality.

It will only make you more desperate and frustrated.

But if your manifestation is backed with positive reasons filled with happiness, love, and joy, you are doing the right thing.

Your manifestations will be more likely to become your reality.

Keeping a positive emotion 

Keeping a positive emotion is an essential step in manifesting.

As mentioned above, the universe will give the same energy you are giving. So, it would help if you were only giving positive energies. 

It may be hard to keep a positive emotion every time, as most people will likely feel doubt and fear, but you have to fight it.

Visualize how it feels when your manifestations become your reality

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Visualizing is the most used technique in manifesting, and this could also help you keep positive emotions.

Thoughts are powerful. You can get whatever you manifest just by visualizing it.

Generally, you tend to imagine things with the person you like. You are daydreaming about events you want to happen with your crush.

And because you are used to imagining things about your crush, this step will be easy for you to do. 

Visualizing what you want to happen will help a lot in the law of attraction, which states that whatever you focus on is what will come into your reality.

Now, start to visualize things with your crush. Finally, they notice you, that they are always talking to you. That you have a mutual understanding.

Imagine that you are having a good time and spending time together. And that you are happy with each other.

Always focus when visualizing, and avoid being disturbed while doing this. And then, while visualizing, feel the energy that you are feeling.

This is the vital part of visualizing. Always recall how you feel while imagining those things with your crush.

If this visualization brings an excellent feeling to you, it makes you feel happy and inspired, then always feel this kind of emotion. 

Always recall how it feels while doing this, then live with that feeling. By that, you are giving a positive vibe to the universe.

However, you are doing something wrong if you feel negative emotions while visualizing your crush. Take note that the emotion that you should feel is always positive.

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State Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements that you can say to yourself repeatedly until it becomes your reality.

While manifesting, you may not avoid having doubts, that sometimes you may feel down, and you may question why your manifestations take time, which you should not do.

And stating this positive affirmation will help you overcome those doubts and negative emotions you have in your mind.

This could help you bring happiness to yourself and let go of all the worries and doubts you have in your mind.

You can create your affirmation since you need to state affirmations applicable to your situation, or you can search for some of them online.

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Do not give up

Some people tend to give up as they feel that their manifestations will not come into their reality. That they lose patience while waiting for it.

And this should be avoided if you are manifesting. Some manifestations take time, and you need to have a lot of patience while doing this.

To avoid giving up, you need to have a lot of patience and trust the universe. It would help if you had faith that it would come to your reality at the right time.

The universe cannot deliver whatever you desire if you do not believe it will come to you.

And the more that you believe in the universe, the quicker your manifestation will come to you.

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Taking a positive action

Now, the goal in this step is to create a good impression, a positive picture of who you are, in the subconscious mind of your crush.

This could be anything that could help you get noticed by your crush, even in the simplest ways. If you are in the same school, then join school activities.

It would help a lot if you start socializing and meeting new people in your life. The more you do such things, the faster your manifestation will come to reality.

Detaching yourself from the outcome

This will be quite hard, but it would help a lot if you let go of the outcome and let the universe do the work.

This step is easier said than done, as most people hold on to how the outcome would be, especially if it talks about the person they like.

They tend to hold on tight to the outcome, and sometimes they become aggressive, which makes them impatient, have doubts, and worry.

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But holding on could also be a reason why your manifestations take time. You have to let go of your expectations and trust that the universe is working on them.

You need to trust that the universe will give you what you desire at the right time.

And while waiting, you can do such things that can make you happy and be a better person. Taking care and making yourself happy will help you in manifesting.

You have to take care of yourself. You can start by eating healthy foods, having a good enough sleep, keeping yourself hydrated, and doing skincare.

You can also enjoy yourself by doing the things that will bring joy into your life—listening to your favorite bands, watching your favorite series, going to happy places, etc.

Focus on yourself while waiting, and make yourself better. So, when the time comes and the universe finally gives you what you desire, you will be ready.

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What are the things you need to avoid when manifesting your crush?

There are some things that you need to avoid to manifest something. These things may cause blockage to your manifestations.


You have to avoid rushing when it comes to manifestations. Manifesting requires a lot of patience, and you mustn't be in a rush while doing it.

It is said that the more you rush into something, the more it will take time to come to your reality. And that your manifestations will come when you are least expecting them.


Doubts, worries, and feeling down can be the cause why your manifestations are not coming into your reality.

You need to stop questioning if your manifestations will come into your reality or not. Again, believing in yourself and the universe will help you get your manifestations quicker.

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