Mercury Trine Venus Synastry: Will The Energies Blend Seamlessly? -

Mercury Trine Venus Synastry: Will The Energies Blend Seamlessly?

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Venus will find harmony and balance in this relationship. For this reason, they will want to maintain the serenity of this relationship. 

With the Mercury-Venus aspects in synastry, the relationship will last for a long time. When it comes to friendships, this synastry is something that you want to keep. 

This friendship dynamic is positive and will be full of support. There would be a genuine and sincere friendship when it comes to Mercury trine Venus synastry.

One of my readers, Elmer, shared his insights regarding this topic. When this is your partner’s aspect, this can be pretty powerful, since it can focus on making healthy communication a priority in modern society.

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Mercury Traits

Mercury is prevalent in Roman mythology for being the messenger of the gods. Known for his agility and swiftness, Mercury is also the icon of thieves and merchants. 

His winged sandals aid him in carrying his duties as a messenger. Mercury is also the god's mediator and conciliator. 

Like the god's rapid movement, the planet Mercury is also the fastest planet to revolve around the Sun.

Mercury concerns itself with communication and delivery. The smallest planet in the Solar System concerns itself with the way that we air our thoughts. 

Are we confident in our delivery? Do we filter our thoughts first before finally saying it? 

Mercury knows why we talk this way and why we prefer to talk this way.

Are we talkative even to the people that we meet? Are we the reserved types of people? 

Because the planet is all about quick movements, this planet represents short trips as well. Weekend getaways and trips to nearby towns fall under the planet's dominion. 

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Physical activities fall under this planet's rule too.

Mercury concerns itself with our thought processes too. What do we do when we gain new information? 

Mercury encourages us to be expressive. It promotes being curious and thirsty for knowledge. 

Venus Traits

Venus, like Mercury, is one of the famous characters in Roman mythology. Being the goddess of beauty, she has an alluring charm that gods and mortals find hard to resist. 

This goddess also favors passionate love and couples. She has a sophisticated taste in fashion and decorations. 

Because Venus is also about relationships, it knows how we act in a relationship. Do we tend to shower our partners with affection? 

Would we rather shower our partners with gifts and encouragement instead? Venus knows our love language and what kinds of people are compatible with our love language.

Venus rules over the lovely things as well. Venus governs the arts and everything that it encompasses. Above all, Venus values harmony and balance. 

The bright planet dislikes conflict and challenges. The planet views these things as the destroyers of peace.

Mercury Trine Venus Synastry

With Mercury trine, Venus, expect that the couple will have a prosperous relationship. The two will enjoy each other's company. 

You may feel like you are a match made in heaven. True enough, with the trine's influence, the relationship will surely be an enjoyable ride.

The relationship will have a good blending of energies because these people are in sync. They both have the same tastes in style and decoration. 

Mercury trine Venus synastry has the same perception in family, background, and relationships. For this reason, their relationship will be smooth-sailing overall.

Furthermore, this couple quickly worms their way out of conflicts. Mercury encourages their Venus to be expressive. And when the Venus partner expresses their feelings, Mercury listens attentively instead of judging Venus for their feelings. 

Venus then encourages their Mercury to loosen up. Venus calms the storm of Mercury's fast-paced thinking.

These people love to talk to each other about different things. Venus's partner would talk about the things that make them happy. 

And Mercury will wholeheartedly listen. Mercury will happily talk about technicalities and their analyses. 

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And Venus would stare at them listening intently to what their partner is saying.

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