Mars Trine Mars Synastry: Can They Work On Their Fiery Energies? -

Mars Trine Mars Synastry: Can They Work On Their Fiery Energies?

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Mars Traits

As this Roman god is the lover of violence, he is also brutal and vicious. Mars is the unforgiving god of war. He will not take any transgressions lightly. So expect that he will retaliate with every wrongdoing. This bloodthirsty god does not spell good graces. People are repulsive towards him, but the military reveres him as a god because of his skills.

In astronomy, Mars is the reddish planet near Earth. This red appearance is because its soil has numerous iron, which reflects in the atmosphere. Thus, it gives the planet a reddish surface. Like the red planet and the god's red-hot fury, Mars governs wrath and belligerence in astrology. And since Mars is a personal planet, this planet is concerned with a specific aspect of our personality. In Mars' case, it rules over our character when we are mad.

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Do we say the nastiest words when we get mad? Do we let our anger bottle up inside only for it to explode soon? Mars knows the answers to this. The Red Planet knows what makes us mad and what do we do with those feelings. On its much darker side, Mars governs violence, bloodshed, and brutality. For that reason, people highly influenced by Mars can be violent when mad. They may also be brutal with their enemies. It does not mean that they kill their enemies. It's more like they destroy the people that cross them.

But Mars is not all about the negative things. The Red Planet also governs our deepest and darkest sexual desires. Mars knows how our deepest carnal desires are satisfied. How can we best enjoy sex? What do we deeply crave when we do this? It is not surprising that Mars governs over authority and dominance as well. This planet promotes taking charge and taking the wheel by yourself. For this reason, the Red Planet is all about motivation, drive, competence, and persistence.

Trine In Astrology

Unlike the dreaded opposition, a trine is the most awaited aspect of astrology. When trine influences the planetary elements, expect that there will be plenty of blessings coming your way. This aspect is the bringer of auspicious times and good fortune.

When this aspect aligns with any of the planets, that planet brings out its best qualities. Thus, when trine appears in synastry, there is a guarantee that the couple will have a harmonious relationship. But sometimes, this harmony happens only on those planetary aspects.

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With Mars trine with their partner's trine, what graces are coming their way?

Mars Trine Mars Synastry

When these people come together in a relationship, think of a power couple. This couple would work together for the betterment of themselves and the relationship. Because their Mars is in sync, these people both know their priorities. They are mindful of their goals. And these people will not take it away from each other.

This couple will cheer on each other to achieve their goals. They might not be keen on this fact, but they are in sync. Their energies blend seamlessly, and they belong to each other. Together, they can do anything. With each other's support, they can achieve anything. These people are in for playful competitions. But instead of getting overly competitive, these people will treat it as a game. They bond over these little things. This couple will challenge each other in achieving their goals, and the couple both welcomes the challenge.

Because this couple both like to take charge, they constantly fight. But these fights are not meant to push each other away. On the contrary, their arguments make their bond stay stronger. They address the issues communicated in their fights. With this couple, they can conquer anything, even the foulest disagreements that come their way.

This couple will work together as a team. If the couple ever decides to venture into a business together, these people will make it grow. They have the same goals on that business, and both of them will work impeccably to achieve such goals. Whenever these people work together, they seem to have telepathy. Both of them think of the same plans; they know how to execute those plans best.

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Similar to Mars-Jupiter aspects, this couple will do physical activities. They may run together, cycle together, jog together. They enjoy doing things together, and they seem never to get tired of each other. When it comes to sex, this couple will enjoy satisfying each other. This couple both understands each other's deepest desires. They will work together to achieve them. Their sexual energies merge effortlessly. They do not need to work hard to please each other.

There's not a tedious day with Mars trine Mars synastry. These people will have fun even if they are sitting down.

Indeed, the couple feels this connection deep in their bones. But their Mars does not let them become emotional and appreciative with each other. This relationship is not the tender, affectionate, and gentle one. Try to give affection once in a while, appreciate your partner and the relationship.

Mars Trine Mars Friendship

The Mars-Mars aspect is an excellent dynamic in friendships. Like in a relationship, these friends will enjoy doing things together. For example, they may be physically active together, running together, cycling, or working out. These friends will surely root for each other. They give each additional support and confidence in achieving their goals. These friends give each other strength in overcoming terrifying circumstances. Similar to the romantic relationship, there is a powerful combination with this friendship dynamic.

You cannot expect that this friendship is a loving and heartfelt one. You acknowledge this friend's support in you, but you cannot seem to be vocal with your feelings. For this reason, you might find it hard to come to this friend when you need advice in your relationship. But you can surely come for advice when it comes to your career and business plans.

When this friend is a co-worker, both of you have a good work dynamic. You will both work on each other's duties well and cheer each other on the complex workloads. You may both admire each other's work ethic and develop a sincere adoration for each other.

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