North Node in 12th House: The House of Dreams and the Subconscious -

North Node in 12th House: The House of Dreams and the Subconscious

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What is our life purpose? This is the eternal question that we often ask to find direction and meaning in our life. 

The north node in the twelfth house shows your quest deep down to your psyche . Your actions and choices depend on the zodiac sign of your twelfth house. 

Read on and dive deeper into your soul.

Your birth time, place, and location will tell you which house you are in. North node houses represent different areas of your life.

Twelfth House and Sixth House Nodal Axis

The north node 12th and 6th south node axis imply the struggle between spiritual life and everyday responsibilities, imagination and reason, and between your subconscious mind and your analytical, rational mind.

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Because of the south node in the sixth house, your past karma revolves around workaholism, perfectionism, and your need to control and manipulate every detail of the physical world. Your lesson is to step down once in a while from your daily life demands and practice self-care.

Your Soul Mission

The north node in the 12th house represents the spiritual aspect of your life. It is your quest to find who you are at the core and expand yourself at the spiritual level.

Your soul aspires to connect to the higher self. You are learning to explore the divine.

Because the north node in the 12th house symbolizes a quest for spirituality, you are asked to focus inward into your inner self

Asking more profound questions, contemplation, and solitude empowers you to understand yourself more.

Life Themes

The North Node in the 12th house centers on spirituality, the subconscious, and the divine. It speaks of all things hidden and mysterious. 

It is the realm of our dreams, gifts, and imagination. This is the place where our mind goes during our reflection and contemplation.

  • Spirituality and The Divine

The north node in the 12th house is the house of spirituality. It includes healing, religion, psychic abilities, dreamwork, and all things mystical and esoteric. 

Your north node in the twelfth house teaches you to open your heart and embrace the divine.

  • Solitude

Solitude and contemplation connect you to the deeper part of your soul. A period of self-reflection and introspection allows you to understand yourself more and your place in the cosmos. 

For your spiritual advancement, self-knowledge is the key. Places of isolation and seclusion such as the monastery, hospitals, prisons, mental asylums, and institutions are associated with this house.

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  • Compassion and Unconditional Love

With the north node in the twelfth house, you embody compassion and conditional love for humanity. In this lifetime, you are learning the value of forgiveness, harmony, and faith.

  • Fantasy and Imagination

You are too involved with everyday reality. The twelfth north node asks you to break free from the usual and the familiar. Embrace your imagination and go tripping in the world of dreams and fantasy. 

Meet your creative self and establish a relationship with it.

It is also critical to find a balance between fantasy and reality. Too much escapism may never get you out of your fantasies.

  • The Collective Unconscious

You are here to realize that the universe resides within you. The true treasure is found in spirituality, deep within your soul. 

Shared consciousnesses and human connection are essential in your journey.


The north node twelfth house's shadows include perfection and obsession with the finest detail of the external world. Health issues due to mental and physical burnout are also present in your life. 

These are the life issues you need to acknowledge and overcome throughout your lifetime.

  • Health Problems

Sickness and health issues may occur because of physical and mental exhaustion. If you have a strong north node in 12th house placement, you are most likely to overwork. 

Your tendency to control the world around you can have a negative impact on your mental well-being.

  • Perfectionism

In your karmic past, you are constantly criticizing and analyzing every detail of the physical world. You tend to judge yourself and others for imperfection. 

When you don't perform well, you feel guilty. You are constantly plagued with your fear of failure and your fear of being not enough.

  • Over-responsibility and Sense of Duty

Your past is associated with taking on too much. You are carrying a lot of responsibilities at work and for those who depend on you.

Overworking and over-responsibility are detrimental to your health. You must learn to value your body. Maintain mind-body wellness to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

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Journeying Through This Lifetime with the North Node in Twelfth House

By engaging yourself in self-reflection and contemplation, you are living your life mission. Your purpose is to embrace the spiritual side of life and find a connection to divinity. 

  • From the material World to Spiritual World

Similar to people with north node in the 8th house, the struggle between the material and the spiritual is always present in your life. You are absorbed with worldly responsibilities and everyday reality. 

With the south node in the 6th house in your chart, your shadows revolve around an obsession with details and work, intolerance of failure and imperfection, and health issues.

Now your north node in the twelfth house asks you to step down a little from your worldly cares and concerns. It encourages you to pause, enjoy a moment of solitude, and get to know yourself more.

If you belong to the north node in the twelfth house placement, you may encounter more difficulties in your spiritual growth journey. This is because you are asked to spend a lot of time with yourself without the influence and distraction of other people.

  • The Art of Solitude

Solitude is a medium to know yourself more as a person. It is necessary for our well-being and personal growth. 

Society has often confused solitude with “being lonely,” but that is not the case in the north node in the twelfth house.

People who find comfort in solitude can enjoy the benefit of improved mental well-being. Not only spending alone with yourself can make you happier, but it also boosts your creativity. 

So, take a break, reflect, meditate if you must, give yourself the time you deserve to be closer to your source of being.

The Karmic Pull of the South Node in Sixth House

The north node in the sixth house may pull you back to your everyday duties and obligations.

But the north node in the twelfth house will always move you to the right path. It will always try to balance the rational and the imaginative, between thinking and feeling, and between the conscious and the subconscious.

Hear Your Call

With the north node in the twelfth house, your life direction is always of spiritual nature. In this lifetime, you learn the value of faith, love, solitude, and connection to the higher self. 

Release your worries, go with the flow, and live your life with deep understanding.

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