Sunstone Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses -

Sunstone Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

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Sunstone is a serene stone that will encourage you to practice self-awareness that will benefit you and others.

It will bring back the passion of living nature that will provide you with a sense of value. It's a stone of leadership that will hone your strength and independence that might lead you closer to the higher beings. As the sun's radiance fuels up the Sunstone, it brings you power and energy from deep within the earth.

The Sunstone brings transparency to your purpose, kindness, and courage. These will help you achieve a higher consciousness and mental clarity. Sunstone energy might be your constant source of blessings that others could benefit from as well.  You will receive more opportunities t enjoy in like Sunstone reflects the qualities of light.

History Of Sunstone

The Sunstone is under the Feldspar family's wherein it got the name for its warm shades of gold, orange, reds, and browns that gleam like the sun. As you looked thoroughly at the stone from different angles, Goethite or Hematite inclusions refract light.

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You can observe it between the different crystal layers, creating an iridescent effect. Sunstone comes in a variety of colors, from clear to dark. Sunstone has a positive connotation of abundance and happiness to the wearer.

Reasons Why You Should Start Using Sunstone

  • Physical Healing

Sunstone can strike you up with its energy to bring you on the road of health and self-empowerment almost instantly. Sunstone can offer an extra dose of vitamin D. You will need this to chase away those dark days if you experience a seasonal illness, life flu during cold days. Sunstone aid you on issues regarding your digestive system when you are having a hard time when it comes to your metabolism and losing weight.

Sunstone helps calm the discomfort due to sore throats and stomach ulcer problems. Sunstone helps your body recover by treating rheumatism and bone injury. It can help with your cramps and fevers. The Sunstone's bright glow wants you to be in your prime state.

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  • Emotional Healing

Sunstone promotes a positive attitude, enhances intuition, and encourages the true self to shine brightly. It reduces anxiety, relieves stress, and boosts energy levels. Sunstone promotes self-reliance and freedom to help you get away from depressive episodes. Sunstone increases self-esteem by assuring you that you will get through this emotional distress.

  • Mental Healing

Sunstone can reassure you that you'll do an excellent task of making the right decisions in your own life. This stone will motivate you to persevere in your efforts to realize your goals. It's a stone of success that will focus more on your skills and mental fortitude to enhance awareness.

It will help you prove to yourself that you are more than what people believe you are. These people will be happily shocked by all the wonderful things you can do.

  • Manifesting Prosperity

Since ancient times, the Sunstone associate with good fortune and luck. It energizes and removes all the negativity that might attach to your auric field. It will also ease nervousness or worry and protect you from someone or something that might drain your finances or resources. Sunstone provides you with positivity and zeal to achieve your goals.

Sunstone will refocus you on exploring your desires and drives that fire in your soul. Sunstone is all about manifesting your dreams and strengthening your can-do attitude.

Sunstone carries the energies of creativity and originality. Simply keep this stone in your hands if you ever feel stuck or unproductive and if you ever feel like you can't come up with fresh and practical ideas. It is like a switch that once you tell your passion, numerous concepts can flow.

  • Relationship Healing

Sunstone is also a romantic stone if you're after something that can improve your current relationship. It can turn a turbulent relationship into one that is stronger and more caring. It will assist you in resolving your differences with your partner if you're going through a rough patch.

Sunstone strengthens your force of attraction. That is why you should always bring this stone with you.

Other people will find your energy more appealing by providing you with much more profound and compassionate energies. Sunstone is a pillar of strength for everyone in a committed relationship. It is particularly beneficial if you are emotionally dependent too heavily on your companion. It will teach you that your partner's flaws imply weakness and vulnerability.

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The Metaphysical Benefits Of Sunstone

Sunstone, as its name suggests, will help you shed some light on whatever is bothering you. The Sunstone will defend you like the sun chasing away the shadows lurking. Sunstone is a harmful energy cleanser and is always able to work on removing blockages from your chakras.

Sunstone's color corresponds to the sacral chakra, which houses your inner chi. It is the center of your life force, sensuality, and enjoyment in seeking the truth about the universe. With the help of Sunstone opening your sacral chakra, you can speak with ease, move with grace, and feel free. 

Sunstone also connects with your heart chakra. It encourages you to be more open in receiving love to develop a strong relationship. Sunstone will bond you to those who give you support and a suitable kind of energy. It helps you to put your faith in others as well.

Sunstone provides you with enough confidence that assures you in clearing your third eye chakra. It is where you house your profound wisdom and instincts. Sunstone's light forces will also defend you from more mysterious energies that could harm your psychic well-being if you approach them unprepared.


Sunstone is a stone with an infinite energy supply and seems ready to lift you into an optimistic force. Getting this stone energizes the soul, like a soft touch of the sun on your cheek. Sunstone helps you to stay focused by maintaining your energies while you overcome life's ups and downs. Sunstone will assist you in aligning your heart and your mind.

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