Can Sunstone Go in Water?: Cleansing and Charging Tips! -

Can Sunstone Go in Water?: Cleansing and Charging Tips!

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If you own a sunstone, you may wonder how to take care of it properly. You may also want to know if it is safe with water.

To answer the question, yes, the sunstone is safe with water. Sunstone is water-friendly.

Scoring 6.5 to 7.2 on the Mohs Scale, the sunstone is hard enough to withstand water. You can use water to cleanse without worrying if the sunstone gets ruined.

Since cleansing is vital for every crystal, including the sunstone, many cleansing methods are introduced.

It is recommended to use water rather than another harsh cleaning chemical for your sunstones.

Water is very convenient and easy to use as it can be found everywhere. However, not all crystals have the same reactions with water.

Fortunately, the sunstone does not belong to the group of crystals that reacts with water. But it would be best if you still were careful in using water as a cleansing tool.

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It is not recommended to soak your sunstone in the water for a more extended period. It can allow algae and contaminants to penetrate the stone.

These contaminants can cause issues with the sunstone and can make it look not very interesting.

This article will explain further about the sunstone in different variants of water.

Can Sunstone Go in Running Water?

In cleansing your crystals, one of the efficient and practical tools is running water. It can cleanse your crystal by removing negative energies.

To do so, hold your sunstone under the running tap water. You can also use mild soap for cleaning.

Rinse the sunstone thoroughly and let it dry using a soft cloth.

You can also try to soak your sunstone in a bowl with running water. And leave your sunstone there for a few hours or one day.

Can Sunstone Go in Lukewarm Water?

You can also use lukewarm water for cleansing. You can soak it there for a few hours.

You can also try to wash it together with mild soap. Just ensure that the soap does not contain chemicals that can harm the sunstone.

It is advised not to use hot water in any crystal. Your sunstone may experience thermal shock when it gets put in hot water.

Can Sunstone Go in Stream Water?

Stream water is a natural water resource. It is said that natural water resource is an excellent tool to cleanse crystals.

It contains energies that come directly from nature. It is good to charge your sunstone with the energy from nature.

Since the sunstone is safe with water, it can go well in stream water. The stream water will not cause any damage to the sunstone.

You can dip your sunstone in the stream water for a few minutes.

If you want to immerse your sunstone in stream water for a long time, you can fill a bowl and let your sunstone sit there for a few hours.

Make sure that you let it dry using a soft cloth and fresh air.

Can Sunstone Go in Rain Water?

Rainwater is also a natural water resource. It is also good to wash your sunstone under the rain.

It also gives energies that come from nature. It can recharge and cleanse your sunstone using nature's energy.

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You can let the raindrop fall on your sunstone while raining. You can also wear your sunstone outside in the rain.

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And lastly, you can also try to collect rainwater in a container and let your sunstone soak in there for a few hours.

Just ensure to dry your sunstone every after the water cleansing.

Can Sunstone Go in Salt Water?

Saltwater is a good cleansing and charging tool for some crystals. It gives powerful healing energies that can renew the energy of the crystal.

But not all crystals are safe with salt. Some contain components that react with salt and can cause harmful effects on the stone.

However, the sunstone does not have that component that reacts with saltwater. Sunstone can go safely in saltwater.

To do this method, fill the bowl with fresh water and sprinkle some salt. Place your sunstone in the bowl.

Leave it there for one day or a few hours. After that, rinse off the sunstone with running water.

Make sure that all salt particles are removed, and then let it dry using a soft cloth.

You can also use ocean water for cleansing and charging your sunstone. It can also go safely in ocean water.

You can dip it under the ocean water for a few hours. Or you can collect some ocean water and use it for later.

Can Sunstone Go in Moon Water?

Moon is known to provide extraordinary energies to the crystals. It is best to consider moon water baths every once a month.

It can remove the negative energies from the crystal and, at the same time, charge and renew the stone's energy.

Since sunstone is a water-friendly crystal, it can go in moon water.

Get a bowl and fill it with fresh water to perform this method. Put your sunstone in freshwater.

Leave it outside through the entire night. Make sure that the rays of the moon are visible.

After that, dry your sunstone with a soft cloth.

However, if you do not want to use water baths for your sunstone, your sunstone can still experience the moon's energy.

You can try to cleanse and charge your sunstone under the moonlight without the water. Put your sunstone in a safe place so that the moon's rays are visible.

Leave it there overnight.

It is best to charge your sunstone during the full moon because its energy is at its peak.

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It is also advised not to charge and cleanse any of your crystals under the eclipse.

Can Sunstone Go in Bath Water?

Taking a bath with crystals can give you healing benefits that are good for your mind, body, and health.

Every crystal provides different types of healing. It depends on the crystal that you will use while taking a bath.

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Because sunstone is a hard crystal, it can go in bathwater. It will give you a relaxing time bathing.

And it will make the environment calm.

Place your sunstone in your bathtub, and enjoy your bathing time with your sunstone. Ensure that the products that you will use are crystal friendly.

Avoid using products that contain harsh chemicals that can ruin the sunstone.

After taking a bath, rinse your sunstone well, make sure that there will be no residue left in the stone.

If you do not want to immerse your sunstone in bathwater, you can try to put it in the corners of the bathroom.

Make sure that it is safe and it will not fall.

What are the other techniques to cleanse and charge the sunstone?

If you do not wish to put sunstone in water, you may want to know other ways to cleanse it. Here are some tips.

Using rice to cleanse and charge the sunstone

Fill the bowl with the suitable rice, and bury your sunstone there. Let it sit in the rice for one day or more.

In that way, the rice can remove the negative energies that your sunstone has.

It is not recommended to use the rice after the cleansing. It already contains negative energies.

It is also best to use brown rice to cleanse your sunstone.

Use sage to cleanse and charge the sunstone

Sage is the safest and easiest way to cleanse and charge the crystals. It is considered a sacred plant because of its healing benefits.

To perform this method, light up the tip of the sage. Let the smoke roam around your sunstone for a few minutes.

Rotate your sunstone every time so that the other side can also be cleansed.

It is best to do this method in an open area. If you plan to do this inside the house, ensure that the windows are open.

The smoke and the negative energies will disperse in the air.

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